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    Egg Charging Order

    Hello folks This is one of those "I wish I'd found this site earlier' situations. I got into financial difficulties as the result of an injury sustained in an accident. I approached the CCCS and set up a DMP. I have a number of creditors including Egg, all of whom have accepted the payments offered by the CCCS. Egg, however, want to gain a charging order on my property. I've seen this mentioned in another thread but just wondered if anyone can answer my queries. OK. When I got the County Court Claim Form through I returned my CCCS DMP breakdown etc The Judgment came back stating that Egg had objected to the payments offered and the Court had set repayments at 15 times (!) the level of the payments offered by the CCCS. Obviously I've asked for a re-determination. First query. Egg accepted the repayments offered via the CCCS before putting in a CC claim and froze the debt, interest and charges. I have this in writing. They then reject the same payments when I offer them through the court. At the very least isn't this deceiptful? And arn't they actually being fraudulant and lying to the court? I've now received a letter saying that they object (again!) to the repayments laid down in the judgment and that they have asked for a re-detemination. The hearing date is months away. There seems to be an obvious tactic here. They can't get a charging order unless I default on a CCJ payment, but in objecting to the payments offered, even though they've accepted them, they are banking on me defaulting before the hearing date because of the high levels of repayment set. Second query. In using this tactic they are forcing my hand. I don't want to default so am borrowing money off my parents in order to satisfy the CCJ repayments. Does this go against any OFT rules? Would this be harrassment? Any advice would be gratefully received. I'm amazed they can get away with this.
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