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  1. Im back! Took a while to find my log in details and Hello to anyone who remembers me! Well in light of the new overdraft charges that Barclays are introducing in June I am back in fighting mode! I didn't receive a penny from Barclays after the OFT challenged the banks in court which left me with an overdraft just over 2K. I now have to sort this out as my fees are going to treble. After a meeting with my 'Personal Banker' (useless) I am phoning the Financial Services department tomorrow for more advice ... I wonder if they will be interested in the fact that the overdraft is all bank charges and I have not used the account since 2007 and have actually paid them in fees and interest over 3K .... will update
  2. I sent this email request to my ccc and they did send me the information Dear Sir.Madam, Under the general requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I would be grateful if you would provide the following information in relation to ----------------(name of road) and in particular the section between ,,,,,, and .......... Dates of all safety inspections undertaken on the carriageway in the two years preceding 20 January 2010 Details of all carriageway defects identified during safety inspections in the two years preceding 20 January 2010 Details of how carriageway safety inspections are undertaken, including whether walked or driven, the speed of the inspection vehicle and the number of persons in the vehicle. The intended frequency of carriageway safety inspections. Details of all complaints and/or enquiries relating to the carriageway, received in the two years preceding 20 January 2010 The hierarchy classification. The road/section number. The defect intervention criteria adopted in relation to the identification of all categories of carriageway potholes The time period(s) adopted between identification and repair (temporary and permanent) of all categories of carriageway defects. Whether or not the authority has formally adopted all or part of the standards contained within the national code of practice for highways maintenance management. Please forward the information to:
  3. Hi MB, Like you, I've not heard anything from either the court or Barclays and was also considering sending Barclays a letter, with some sort of reasoning as to why they might wish to settle or pay back the difference between the old charges and the new rate of £8..... ?
  4. thanks blinky... and like you, the council have now filled in the potholes!
  5. Hi, I'm just about to fill in a claim form from Cardiff Council as I encountered potholes last week resulting in the destruction of two wheels & tyres and suspension damage .. new shocks needed over £400 in total. I informed the police, council and the local newspaper took photos of me and rpublished the story. So I wish you well with your claim and if you have any tips for claiming please pass them on to me! I found this website that looks quite useful Potholes.co.uk - Home Page
  6. Thanks Slick for the update, will keep on watching and waiting . I've not yet received any communication from Barclays but time will tell.
  7. Hi MB, me and Olden (or Olden and I !) are wondering what course of action to take next. Do we wait for the template letters (if any) or should we be contacting the court... and saying what? But having lost my enthusiam on the whole thing I'm feeling a bit defeated right now. But if we can hatch a plan I am sure I will get back into it all! Happy New Year to you too! x
  8. I need to watch this thread as no doubt my letter is on its way to me and no doubt many of us will be in the same boat!
  9. me too Val but as Barclays have reduced their fees now to £8 (I opted out of the reserve option) they are admitting that their fees were previously excessive and therefore should refund us the pro rata difference... yeah and pigs can fly!
  10. Hi Val...... just like old times!
  11. thanks guys for your warm welcome and advice . Will be pulling out my files tomorrow and getting my brain out of retirement!
  12. Hello everyone! Here I am 2 years on with a few more grey hairs due to the outcome yesterday and not looking forward to the prospect of locating all my files, court proceedings, stay notifications etc., which made their way to the attic to find out what I actually put in my particulars.... anyhow, good to be back and presume we wait now for a few days for directions from the fantastic team of advisors on what the next course of action is that needs to be taken?
  13. That brought a big smile to my face! My claim is also for the same amount.... 48k would make my dreams come true... but in reality, will OFT not set an acceptable rate for charges and therefore we will only get a pro rata refund (one day) ?
  14. oh yes, still plenty of fight left in me....just wish I was more knowledgeable to help others like you and ff do so well xxx
  15. Hi, but of a break through on this, my sister got in touch with Bradford cc today, and was told that it had been put before Judge again today and he has ruled that her house cannot be sold and has agreed to the £5 per month payment! Think he realised that court has made a mistake in hearing the case as it was supposed to have been moved to Lancaster. Anyway, my sister should receive this in writing.... so fingers crossed that this happens. I have told her to still write into the court and get her side of the story in writing and on record. Ultimately she still has the charge on her house, but at least now she will have a manageable repayment scheme for the foreseeable future. And yes, she knows that she cannot default on any of the monthly payments!!! So much thanks to you all and especially ff - you are a star:D
  16. My sister thanks you very much for all your help and will be ringing the court tomorrow to pursue the redetermination hearing and attempt to ask the judge to accept the £5 per month.... and also point out to them again that it was their fault that the hearing went ahead when she was told on the phone that it was being transferred to Lancaster. with regard to the income and expenditure form, she did list all her other debts and the amounts that they were accepting (£1 - £2) and even the CAB advised that £3.50 would be the maximum that she could afford to Arrow - but she up't this to £5 as a gesture of goodwill! will post the response she gets from Bradford cc tomorrow. Thanks again
  17. .... when my sister got the cc summons 28 may it said to send back to Eversheds, this she did, filling in the income and expenditure part and offered the £5 per month and filled in the omission form N9A. Judgement for the claimant after determination 18 June from court arrived - the claimant has objected to the rate of payment you offered, the court has therefore decided the rate of payment you must pay the full amount forthwith - also note that said if you object, you must reply within 16 days. My sister did this - sent redetermination form, but whilst waiting for reply from court on that, she got an interium charging order on 5 july, which set the date for the final charging order hearing of 7 aug. So she wrote to the court asking them to transfer hearing to Lancaster, didnt get wrtten reply so phoned and was told they were waiting for a reply from eversheds re the redeterination order and then today found out that the charging order went though anyway - hence the letter. So it seems that eversheds are able to ignor the redetermination order request.
  18. hi ff, thanks for your help with this... yes as far as I know (will check exactly with my sister later tonight on the details) but I remember her saying months ago that the debt had gone to Arrow - and boy did they harrass her with phone calls. I presume by her offering the £5 per month payment she has admitted liability to debt...
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