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  1. Thanks got it now. It was what I was looking at originally. Thanks for your help. I have lots of sums to do lol
  2. Hi Slick, Thanks for your help so far. I am referring to page 10 step 5 where THIS is. Dunno if I am being thick lol. Also your direct link was to barclaycard, I am barclays bank. Should it be article 5 POC which you get after clicking THIS and scrolling down. Thanks
  3. Hi Slick, I have read all of link one but on page 10 it says 'copy and paste THIS' but when I click on THIS the next screen is blank until the bottom where there are articles. Am I meant to copy and paste the POC which is article 5 onto the N1 form? Thanks:)
  4. Hi I was wondering whether once I send off my claim to the bank and they reject it due to the FSA waiver, does that mean I am in line for refund if the court case goes in our favour? Or do I have to file a court claim after being rejected by the bank to be in the system for a refund? I mean is claiming from the bank enough. Also are people asking for interest at all? I think I am going to try claiming the proportion of overdraft interest due to charges. A question though, once received by the bank and officially in queue is the 8% statutory interest accruing or does that only start when a cou
  5. Well what do you know, esure have now relented and have not cancelled my insurance!!
  6. Cheers mate, like I said once I thought about it it made sense what he said, it's just the being lied to that annoys me! I think I may have a bit more leverage for them to allow me to transfer NCD to Hyundai. Not looking to buy a Nissan 100NX are you?
  7. Firstly thanks to my wife for letting me use her account and get this off my chest. Secondly I know I may have been a bit daft, but still very annoyed as I hope you will see! I own a Nissan 100NX with insurance valid until 22nd August 2008 with Admiral, I recently bought a Hyundai Coupe and insured it with Esure (via the website). I could not bare to part with the Nissan so kept it. Esure requested my Proof of No Claims Discount, so I sent them my documentation from the Nissan. Today (6th May 2008 ) I received a letter form Esure saying that as my policy is still valid it is no
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