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  1. Ladies & Gentleman, Just to update you got my money back many thanks to all. I got a little worried after i didnt hear anything for over a month then there was the bbc article where lloyds had succesfully contested one claim. Anyhow many thanks to all.
  2. P, Thanks for this letter getting posted and hopefully get a positive result. Will keep u guys informed. Cheers Ish
  3. Guys, Dont know if anyone can help. I have lloyds tsb islamic account i dont get charged interest and dont get paid it either. I recently got slapped with 2 charges: Un paid Direct debit £35 Un paid standing order £35 both were out by 1 day as soon as i realised i put the money back in. I have started to put together a Preliminary Approach for Repayment Letter my only concern is that they will try to justify the charges due to type of account. Has anyone else been in similar situation to myself? Many thanks
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