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  1. Thanks DX. Have sent SAR requests to both, but Santander ignore specific questions and just send out pages of drivel, and AXA want me to tell them the policy numbers, but until Santander answer that question asked three times now we just go round in circles. The obstructiveness and lack of proper replies is why I thought about getting the ICO involved. How to formulate claims is other issue? I know some months actuals from sample of statements either that Santander have sent me from an archive system or that I have retained, but for rest I just have total amounts - c£1,800 in each case over life of card less the actuals of course. Is it a case of make a reasonable estimations of the months where actuals are not know and fill in the relevant excel sheet from here and let them try to pick holes in it? Thanks
  2. Santander being obstructive, but have let slip c £1800 PPI paid on each of 2 store cards, but not given up the monthly breakdown as yet, so am unable to do normal calcs. Have tried chasing Genworth/AXA but they say they need policy numbers and guess what - Santander haven't divulged that crucial bit of information. Should I just whack in a complaint to each and cc the ICO for good measure, or is there a trick to getting these nice folks to cough up the required data??? Frustrated ex-cardholder
  3. About all I have from Santy are some final figures for settlement approx 10 yrs ago now, and a smattering of statements - mostly ones that i kept, but that's all. Not even sure I have opening dates of the 2 cards. However, the really frustrating thing is Santy do have the data - they sent me some later statements from their archive systems in reply to a SAR, and checking the net I know they migrated to new systems and there will be archives/ backups, just no one there can be ar5sed to look properly, and the DPA doesn't allow me to doorstep them with some forensic IT tools. So, they carefully say what little they say and get away with it .... perhaps. My middle name isn't baldrick for nothing!
  4. Sorry to chime in, but how did you get Genworth to cough? I have Santy (Debs) references, but Genworth say they can't locate anything and Santy are, well just Santy - slippery as a slippery snake. Thanks
  5. Much appreciated. Now for a FOS sheet and "signed for" postage tomorrow. Will keep you posted.
  6. Sorry DX, not sure if that's a "yes" or not. Let me try again. I have 12 statements from 1996 with total PPI on them of £60, hence my average of £5. I have 10 from 2000 with PPI on, and the PPI on those 10 totals £150, hence the earlier £15 average.. I then have 2 more end of 2000 when no PPI was applied at all, as account was defaulted or similar. Interest continued to be applied until close in mid 2001. In total therefore, where PPI was charged, the total I can evidence is £210 and that is over a total of 22 statements. I do have a further 2 statements with no PPI on them (just for completeness, no it wasn't cancelled by me at that point). So, let us say for simplicity that card taken out in 1 Jan 1995, and closed (paid off entirely) 30 June 2001. On those fugures above, (obviously suitable disgiused) what do I show on the FOCintsheet please which asks for each monthly payment? Thanks
  7. Thanks DX. So, I have 12 @ avarege say £5 pm from 1996, and 10 @ avge £15 from 2000 (last 2 statements are ppost assumed default when no PPI charged, but interest carried on etc etc). So, I can show clearly a total of £210 PPI paid in those 22 months. Are you saying that I take the average of £9.55 (being £210/22) and apply that to each month?
  8. After a couple of successes where I had irrefutable paperwork (Loan docs etc), I'm now turning to the harder cases. NB More details of wins to follow when other issues outstanding with that provider resolved. This is on a card account, commenced in say 1995 (details obscured for obvious reasons). Have a run of say 12 statements in 1996 showing PPI each month. Balance was never cleared - modest / minimum payments made. Core balance c £500 say. Have a further run of statements from 2000 (similar number). However, by then the balance has more than trebled and core of £1,600, PPI shown each time until it appears account defaulted late 2000 when PPI stops but interest continues and don't use card notes appear on statement. At this time still making modest / minimum payments. Account was settled in full with the aid of a consol loan from another provider in 2001 - and can prove final amount paid. SAR has revealed virtually nothing bar account opening date, total number and value of purchases, total of interest charged etc. My question is how to present a claim, what I can claim. An account reconstruction is out - and I'm also uncertain of total PPI charges levied due to lack of info. I'm happy that mis-selling reasons are valid. It is solely the mechanics I'm interested in. Thanks
  9. Hi Who is the insurer please? My OH has been getting the major runaround from Santy - doing everything possible to delay the inevitable. Will make a separate complaint about their poor conduct later.
  10. Well, just received the response ignoring all my hard work, and quoting a number about 2/3rds of what I had with no (proper) explanations. Letter already drafted to post tomorow saying in effect "show me your numbers". How can I consider an offer when they make only bland statements about approach etc, and ignore the 20 pages sent to them!!!! If I'm wrong, then I'm man enough to learn if they can point out why etc, but to pluck a number out of the air and say "sign here" is barmy.
  11. Re selling the premises, have you got an agent lined up to market it / sell on your behalf? Any lender will want to see that you are acting seriously, and likely want progress reports etc if they do go along with this. Be prepared to have to back up everything with copy letters / e-mails etc. Without committing yourself to any expense, if you can get two or three agents to give you their opinions on its value, realistic timescale for sale and local market conditions at the moment. If possible get all that in writing (effectively you are asking them to pitch for an assignnment, and need a formal proposal from them). Make sure they know and accept that the letter etc they submit may be shown to your bank etc. Re payment to the agent who is appointed (if the bank go along with this), this should be no sale, no payment, except perhaps something modest up front for marketing costs. You might pay slightly more this way for a successful sale, but you don't need more debts right now. Most likely you'll be dealing with a banker in some far flung place who knows nothing of your local high street etc, and who really has one task - to get the money back for the bank. If you can show you have a good agent who understands his local market you might have a chance of getting a run at this.
  12. I'm no expert, but here are some suggestions. I'd send a letter ASAP recorded delivery (or other signed for) to the named person stating the delay in receipt and that you'll get back within 14 days of actual receipt (assuming you feel OK doing that). Have you contacted an agent to see what the prospects for sale are? How long will this likely take? If you can get written confirmation of thi sso much the better, as it will give you some firm data to give to the bank. Appointing an agent to handle a sale may be required, and you'll need to have lawyers to deal with the conveyancing aspects. You'll need an income and expenditure statement to see what can be afforded towards a c£55K shortfall assuming you are allowed to handle the sale. Is the rate of repayment going to be quick enough? What was the original term and how does the repayment now compare? You mention debts to suppliers - they may need to take a cut/wait for more money as they will be unsecured most likely and lower priority. As it is a secured loan, a token offer is unlikely to be accepted. The bank may have power to appoint an LPA Receiver, which is something you want to avoid as under that route you would have the bank's agent forced on you straight away, who will likely bleed you dry in terms of their fees and do no better at selling as they've no real incentive to sell. If things are as serious as they seem, you might want to have an initial chat with an Insolvency Practitioner, who will advise you on whether a formal process might serve you better (sounds scary, but might be better in the medium term) rather than informal arrangements where you are constantly under pressure. Most reputable ones will do an initial 30 min or 1 hr meeting free. If you have time, and can face it, try a couple to see if there are different points of view. Re CAB can you attend in person - you may get a "drop-in" initial appointment, and if you have CAB help with the budget planner etc, that ought to assist in some small way in terms of credibility. Not sure whether CAB can help with business debts (may be able to do if it was a partnership / sole trade, but almsot certainly not if it was a limited company). Finally, do you bank with the lender involved? If yes, beware of them exercising set-off. Despite BCOBS, they may do it and argue the toss later. NB The above is offered without liability - if in any doubt seek paid professional advice.
  13. Could try this person - listed on FSA Register as responsible for complaints at Nationwide BS. http://www.fsa.gov.uk/register/firmContact.do?sid=77684
  14. Have they really destroyed the data - and provided evidence etc - or have they just said as it was over 6 years old their policy is to destroy etc. The latter has lots and lots of wriggle room in it for a slippery banker. I'd be tempted to push for an answer to the direct question in your SAR - have you got my data and if not show me proof of destruction? It might just remind them to look in the right places!
  15. Never having used a claims company I cannot be certain, but surely they provided a written document and got you to sign a copy (you have kept your copy of this?) which set out what they would do on your behalf and what they would seek to charge and what that charge was for etc. As far as "the average claim" etc goes, that likely has nothing to do with your situation, and is most likely them trying to talk up their chances, and get you thinking they are due a big fat fee. If they had done the work they would be able to produce it and Clydesdale wouldn't have dealt direct with you.
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