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  1. sure, email me at [email protected] - I'd prefer anonymity thanks.
  2. OK Great. Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.
  3. Yes it is below that. I live in Cambodia. But I haven't heard from them for years, and as far as I'm aware they haven't contacted any next of kin or references from my application forms. Should I be a good boy and make contact, or a laid back, who gives a f**k kinda boy and just forget it ?
  4. but I took my loan after 1998, in 2003. Does that still count? Can it still be statute barred ?
  5. oh sorry I thought that loans taken before 1998 could be statute barred.
  6. Thanks. My loan was taken in 2003 so I guess that means after the change...
  7. Hi, I went to theatre school, part of London University, from 2003-2006 and built up an £18,000 Student Loan debt. Between 2006 - 2009 I was unemployed and worked part time, earning was less than the 15k threshold. In January 2009 I moved abroad and have lived abroad ever since. I have had no contact with the SLC since finishing the course or since moving abroad. For two years I lived in Europe now I live in Asia. What should I do Can I forget it? I work as a low paid English teacher and am 42. Thanks for any help in advance.
  8. lol true! Actually its been pretty flippin good, bar the dvd drive. Still dont wanna pay double bubble for it tho!
  9. Look, let's stop talking about jail terms. I'm not a bank robber lol
  10. other countries in the UK ? You mean like Scotland or Wales?
  11. Cool. Thuck 'em then. Sorry about the lisp
  12. Thanks cerberusalert. Have you ever heard of Dell negotiating on a debt, or accepting a reduced offer? I may be in Vietnam from September for a year or two. Is it worth telling my creditors I've left the UK, or give them an address at all? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi Andy, I received this reply from Simon Wiggins: I must say, I was a bit shocked at his mention of 'jail time'. Is this a shock or scare tactic? I can't imagine having to go to jail for a civil matter? What do you think? I would however point out that the non-payment of debts in the UK is usually a civil matter and as such there are no issues re returning or leaving the UK with unpaid debt. You are therefore not going to have any difficulties re getting through UK airports either way. I would also comment that if this was the main reason for leaving that you have up until the point that you have lived abroad for 3 years to return to the UK and use UK insolvency law to wipe your debts out once and for all. Many hundreds of people return to London each year, apply to be made bankrupt, wipe their debt out and then fly out again back to their lives abroad but critically debt free. This is an option still open to you and would avoid you being traced and the debts sold to local firms in countries with potentially far more draconian debt remedies than the UK's some of which still include jail time. So in the vast majority of cases non payment and then moving abroad only delays matters not gets rid of any recovery action against the debtor Your choice is therefore to wait until they locate you and then either sell the debt to a local company in its entirety in which case the Italian legal system would be open to them or you deal with them under UK law which is often far easier to do. So if it was me I would use the opportunity to sort the mess out and free myself of the debt nightmare you left the UK . Raising the £510 fee though will of course pose a barrier but that’s a good swap for all that you now owe and the end to having to look over your shoulder until your traced. Finally if you choose to do this you can only proceed in the high court offices in the strand in London because of the time you have lived abroad not as per usual in a local county court.
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