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  1. folks, I just created a facebook group to spread the fight against this a bit further. I hope you don't mind that I linked back to this thread from there?... I am going to be well out of pocket because of this... VERY VERY unfair! NEW HBOS OVERDRAFT FEES ARE UNFAIR!!! - FIGHT BACK!! | Facebook
  2. HI folks, looking for some advice on what to do with MBNA (virgin and A&L cards). I have claimed £883, including interest. They sent me a letter today offering £330 (£130 to A&L card and £200 to Virgin) Saying that this is a gesture of goodwill and that they have credited my accounts. Now here's the killer... I am on reduced payment plans with both cards and interest and late fees etc are suppressed they say through "this coutesy arrangement" Can they cancel this agreement at anytime? Should i push for the full amount and hope for the best? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks
  3. man..... how's that for timing. Just checked my account..... theres a lovely little credit there for £777. Which was charges with interest plus court cost. Now for HBOS!!! Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi Folks, I have a claim going against LTSB and it has gone to sheriff court stage. They responded on Friday with an "intention to attend". What do I need to take to court with me and do I need to say anything?... Scared now!!! Thanks PS Court date is Fri 8th June
  5. Hi folks, chased them up today and said I should receive an answer by the 18th May. That is 8 weeks from the actual claim letter. SO I will wait until then and see what the outcome is. Hopefully its good news!
  6. Hi Sarahmoon, thanks for the reply. I'm not holding out too much hope that they'll settle without taking it to FOS, or court. But i will wait another week or so. Cheers
  7. Hi folks, with reference to the BOS claim for myself. I still haven't received the "final response". Do I really need this to get the ball rolling with the FOS?? Thanks
  8. hi mate, i just lodged my papers yesterday at paisley sheriff court against LTSB also. Used exactly that text and the clerk checked it all over and it was fine. I didn't put the actual interest calculation on it as you ask for it in the "form of decree" bit on the first page of your claim form anyway (The Pursuer claims from the defender the sum of £xxx with interest on that sum at the rate of 8% annually from the date of service for each charge (together with the expenses of bringing this action) , so it should be added when you win! Good luck... Gerry
  9. Hi mate, not had that one from BOS yet. They just seem to be all over the place. I've tried to get through to them on the phone to tell them i'm taking it to court etc and pretty much just get to speak to someone there., but 3 attempts at 35 mins each in the queue.... is slightly annoying. I might claim telephone calls from them too ;-) Will hold off sending that one to the Ombudsman then for a few days. Thanks for your help, will keep the progress posted. Need to report BOS to Info commisioner now for my girlfriend as they are about 25 days over their 40 day limit. God I hate them!
  10. Hi there, yes i got the form from the FOS website. Had final letters from LTSB for both myself and partner, it says pretty much we think the charges are fair, if you are happy then we will close the case. If not happy you can contact the Financial ombudsman.... etc etc" The letter I have had from BOS says that they are sorry i have not yet received a full response, we are still investigating and you will get a response before may 23rd...I started all this in Feb, and it just seems that they are dragging it out a bit much. Should I wait for the BOS to complete their "investigation"??
  11. Cool, I have contacted the Ombudsman service, have got all copies of my letters to the bank, and their limited responses together and posted off. Just can't help thinking that if I ignored the bank, and delayed them like this then they'd have sheriff officers beating down my door!....time for payback!!!
  12. hi mate, i'm at exactly the same stage as yourself I reckon. Does anyone have a copy of the text they used in the FOS complaint form? I've been trying to find the right words to put down, but not sure what to say on it. Thanks
  13. Hi there, I have an appointment on Fri morning with a solicitor to see how much it would be for Ordinary Cause and other options. The banks just keep ignoring me, even when sent "signed for" delivery. And they keep sending the standard, "you signed up for this, you knew what the charges were" letters. Should I try the ombudsman first do you reckon? Cheers
  14. Hi folks, my partner and I are claiming the following amounts from the banks... £732 - LTSB (mine) £2239 - Bank of Scotland (mine) £3314 - LTSB (Partner) and an unknown amount from BOS for partner as they are late with the statements for her. We have gone to the final stage and threatened court action, and now it's stalemate. I went to Paisley Sheriff court yesterday and they said that all the money has to be gained in one claim...ie it goes against the multiple claims of £750 under small claims and £1500 of Summary Cause. What do you guys think is the best option?.. Are there solicitors that have got the whole lot in one go?... Is the Paisley Sheriff Court just trying to save some work, as the guy said they have had thousands of cases... Any help is much appreciated. Ger
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