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  1. Yeah, I know, just wanted to check it was right (without the spaces). OK, email sent. Subject line 'Barclays Leaflet - Requested by BankFodder' There are 6 pages; relevant info is on page 5, at the bottom of column 1.
  2. Yes, I thought so too. I should point out that its a relatively recent leaflet, referring to changes that will 'come into effect on 30 October 2009'. I don't know if that makes it more interesting or less. It's a standard leaflet, sent to many, I would imagine. This would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, I had a claim pending with Barclays just before the court case started. They offered me £970 to settle, but I turned it down as it seemed like a kick in the teeth at the time. I wish I'd accepted now! Having read the current advice on this site, it seems we only have a case now if we can show that the bank called the charges something other than what they now claim them to be, i.e. proportionate to their costs, but reviewing my correspondence with Barclays (I don’t have my original T&C from 1997 but I have almost everything else) they seem to have always been very careful only to say that the charges/fees were 'legal, fair and transparent'. I have been through every statement and letter, but the only thing I have which I thought might be relevant is a leaflet titled 'Changes to your agreement with us' in which they state the following under the heading 'Changes to our charges': To me, this implies that the charges are directly related to the cost of the activity to Barclays, not a means of making profit, which clearly is not what they have said in the high court. I feel that this is evidence that Barclays have misrepresented their charges, and I am considering using this to further pursue my claim. I am asking for feedback and comments from all of you regarding whether you think I have a case or not. Thanks in advance for your advice and opinion. Fingers crossed!
  4. Thanks for the links, but this only states what employers should do, it doesn't help me in my particular situation as it doesn't explicitly say that an employer cannot refuse me work based on my son previously having Swine Flu. Currently my employer won't let me work without a note from my doctor and my doctor refuses to provide one. He has given me a letter telling my employer that they won't give me a letter and directing them to the government advice, and also pointing out that the request is diverting resources away from patient care! Somehow I don't think this will placate my boss! Surely it is unfair to stop me working simply because my son was ill? I should say that I don't get paid if I don't work, and so this is seriously affecting the household budget. Can someone help?
  5. I work part time as a waitress and I only work 2 shifts a week. A couple of weeks ago my 5 year old son got Swine Flu. I called my employer and we agreed that I would not come in for my two shifts that week but I asked that they rota me as usual the following week. The following week I called again and my employer decided that I should not attend, despite not having any symptoms myself. Now it is the third week. My son has returned to school and no other family members have become ill. I have called my employer to check I am on the rota to work this week, but I am not. Having spoken to my manager I am being told that I cannot return to work without providing a doctors note to them confirming that I am well. My GP will not provide such a note. Can my employer make this demand of me? I have not been ill or signed off work. I feel that I am in an impossible position and that I have effectively been sacked. What can I do? Please help!
  6. Hi Saintly. Zoots post states that But as the judge was only looking at current T&C's, this is only true for these T&C's, right? I was under the impression that the older T&Cs were very specific that this was a breach, especially Barclays. This has been touched on in this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/oft-test-case-updates/139905-oft-wins-bank-charges-20.html Can you, or Zoot, or another expert clarify this point?
  7. I may have this wrong, but didn't the judge conclude that there was no breach of contract within the current T&C's only? Some of the older T&C's are very explicit about this being a breach of contract.
  8. BBC NEWS | Politics | Discs with 15m bank details lost So can the 15 million victims of this breach of the Data Protection act now claim compensation? ;-)
  9. Pages 28 and 33 are missing from the document. Missing Annex G1 and G2. Also missing the individual responses to banks, referred to as schedule 1-8 in sections 1.1-1.8. Wonder what's in the missing parts? For the most part, what is there sounds good to me. Edit: Looks like the two missing pages have now been added. Still missing the other parts though.
  10. Yup, pretty sure I did. The emails are from the same domain though, so I hope they didn't filter it because of this. It'll probably come through in a while. It's tragic that the red arrows petition has more than three times the signatures this one has.
  11. Actually, you do get an email as you need to click the link in it to confirm your signature. It tells you this when you sign. I just got an email for myself (but still not for my partner), and my name is now on the list.
  12. How long does it take to get the email after signing? I just added myself and my partner, but so far no email.
  13. Thanks for all the responses. I have faxed it now and have a transmission slip. It probably won't matter, as the letter was a cheeky one asking them to up their good will offer, which they will probably ignore anyway!
  14. Hi, I have a letter that must reach Barclays by 7th October. I have sent it today by special delivery to this address: BARCLAYS BANK PLC 1 CHURCHILL PLACE LONDON E14 5HP However, due to postal strike, they can't guarantee delivery before Wednesday! I want to cover myself as much as possible, so I want to fax the letter today. The only fax number I have is this one, found in http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/208-email-contact-details-barclays.html#post545557: Barclays Legal & Compliance Litigation & Disputes Level 29 One Churchill Place London E14 5HP Tel: 020 7116 4753 Fax: 01452 638 359 Is this OK, or does anyone have a better number? I know Barclays will probably deny receiving the fax, but at least I've tried!
  15. OK, so no info coming out today. The banks are still due to file their defences tomorrow. Will we get to see these? Or will we have to wait until the test case is over?
  16. Bump. Can anyone confirm that GE Money are within their rights?
  17. OK, a bit more info: I signed the loan agreement on 11/05/2005. The funds were received 20/05/2005. First payment was due (and made) on 01/06/2005. I guess this means that GE Money can charge me 6 months interest as an ERF since I signed the agreement before 31/05/2005. Can anyone confirm this? Interestingly, the loan amount was actually only £10,000 with over £4K in fees added up front. The settlement figure they want now (2 years on) is £17,555! Can anyone advise me?
  18. Hi, I took out a secured loan with GE Money for £14,000 (+£2,500 fees) a couple of years back and now want to redeem the loan. GE Money want 6 months interest as an Early Redemption Fee. This is in the Terms & Conditions. I have read on here that this is not allowed under the 1974 CCA. Is this right? The loan may be pre-31/05/2005, so the Consumer Credit Act may not apply. If so, can GE Money do this? Any help – i.e linking to a thread with more info – much appreciated as I’m not clear on this one.
  19. I think that the banks said they would honor offers which the claimants hadn't already rejected, so you might be out of luck there if you already rejected the offer. Don't panic. Wait and see what develops on this site over the next few days.
  20. Sounds reasonable to me. Even if we did this and lost, wouldn't we still be able to bring a claim based on the UTCCR once the test case is over (assuming the banks loose)?
  21. Credit Cards are not affected by the test case. You can claim as usual.
  22. slugger - who filed their claim at court first, you or Barclays? If it was you then your defense should be that a prior claim exists which has placed this account in dispute and this claim should be set aside until the prior claim is resolved (which may be some time now). If it was Barclays, or it's a different account, your defense should be that Barclays have failed to supply you with a true copy of a signed credit agreement within the prescribed 12 working days, and that the debt is therefore unenforceable until such time as the agreement is produced. Remember though that Barclays can produce the CCA at a later date (if they have it), and you would then have to pay the debt back. You should use the search facility near the top of the page (the one in the blue bar, not the internet one) to search for 'Consumer Credit Agreement' and then do some reading to make sure you understand the details and legalities. You may even find a thread where someone has gone through a similar experience. This might be a good place to start: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt/83035-guidelines-requests-original-agreement.html I am not an expert, so please do lots of research for yourself and make sure you understand the relivant sections of the Consumer Credit Act.
  23. Just a question on this, if you go to court having agreed a settlement but not received funds, and the Bank's representative states that a settlement has been agreed, aren't the bank then breaching the confidentiality of the 'Without Prejudice' they put on their own letters? Even more so if your acceptance states 'Without Prejudice' too?
  24. I was paying £100 per month to BG, but they wrote to me in May to say payment was increasing to £256 per month. At the time, there was an arrears of £256 on my account, so I called to query the change. Was told its all done automatically and they couldn't change it. I then asked how much gas I used over the last 12 months? £890 (ish) so I said fine, 890 + 256 = 1146, so new payment should be less than £100 per month. Sorry, cant change it, it will stay at that for 12 months. So I cancelled my DD. Got a letter confirming that I was now paying my bills normally then a letter stating that I still hadn't paid £256. Didn't do anything as I was waiting for bill. Bill came for new gas (£150 for quarter) + £256 = £416 balance at the end on June. Figured I'd pay half at end of July and half at end of August, but now they are threatening court action for outstanding £256! All because I didn't want to pay them £2000 more than they were due! Talk about retaliation...
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