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  1. Excellent Scooby thanks mate. Money you dont need worry about the FOS as you are already in the court system. You need to show that the charge isnt in fact a legal fee and demonstrate it is a penalty for defaulting. Should be too difficult as they havent actually taken any legal action against you. Sounds to me like they have bunged your genuine enquiry about a particular charge with the bank charge reclaim fees letter and sent the standard templates back....very shoddy. I'd carry on and go to the CMC, they may pay up before hand. The CMC is just to decide how to take the case forwards, what issues are involved etc. Does seem odd they are going to court for £50.
  2. I think its a great idea to have an option before entering the room, I also thought about flashing up the basic rules for use but honestly doubt they'd be read. I'm not sure is flashchat is able to offer an option before entering, but there are other software programs around which could be used. I don't think its a huge problem to be honest most of the regulars do go off topic if things get carried away, and the majority just need a little nudge to remind them to pop downstairs.
  3. Well having lost use of a car I'm now going to come on the train, with my backpack and three little'uns so if anyone fancies picking me up from a station it would be much appreciated. Dunno what station yet either tho.... Flying might be too much effort .... being thick and unworldly do i need a passport to fly ?????
  4. Hey Money What actions did you take prior to MCOL - did you write asking what the charge was for etc ? DO you have copies of these letters ? The concern is that legal fees are not penalties in the same definition of bank charges so as you have claimed under the disproportionate penalty arguments I dont think you have a huge case. This would though indicate legal proceedings had been commenced against you...you have no recollection of this ? If you can paste letters sent and received re this charge prior the the MCOL we should be able to better assess. I'm not saying pull out, but you may be at risk of wasted costs awarded against you. We need to look at it more. Let me know, dates of letters etc too. Did you get the CCA you requested ? And can you copy what the statement says where the legal charge is shown, if it was added by HFC or by Westcots. Thanks Karne xxx
  5. hey skeggs Yes give it a couple days before leaping for default judgement...give the court a call thursday see if anythings been submitted if it doesnt show on MCOL. Then let us know and we can talk about what to go next. Okay Karne xx
  6. The one sent to me is exactly the sam e except i have a extra paragraph my extra para graph which is para 2 reads The Particulars of Claim are summary in nature. Accordingly, this defence is summary in nature and the defenda nt reserves the right to ammend this Statement of Case in due course. sorry bit rushed be back a little later ok xxx We may need to amend somewhat but the statement take priority. Doesnt seem to be a strike out thread so your okay at the moment. be back in a while.
  7. cool thanks alan xxxxxxxxxx Hmmmm if PJ is molesting I'm deffo coming roflmao
  8. Change your claim to include a declaration
  9. again eh happy YEY ! Two excuses for a party.... I was gonna try and speak yorkshire but all my accents sound like norfolk so i wont bother.
  10. 9th June ? ( Do I look too keen now )
  11. 20th July sounds rather far away...cant we have a party tonight ? I feel the need to get trashed... ahh Daughters birthday on 21st so probably not the best for me... but I am yet one.
  12. YEY ! Yoda's coming too. This is a definate on my calender then
  13. What deadline does it give them ? and does it mention any action you can take if they dont meet it ?
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