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  1. I've attached a couple of images of the site that I've obtained from Google street view (dated May 2019). The signage on the entrance to the car park is very high, and at a distance where if I were close enough to read it in the car, I would not actually be able to see it. Cheers!
  2. Cool - yeah that sounds logical, I'll get on to the garage today. "stupid f them to say that as there must be an alternative method to pay." Do you mean that there must legally be an alternative method to pay than the pay by phone?
  3. It specifically states 'as the vehicle was in breach of the following terms and conditions; The vehicle was parked without a valid Pay by Phone transaction There is no reference to the terms of parking, there is no evidence of the signage or what it states, or anything else. "How did you pay for the food?" It was paid for on my credit card, its on my bank statement.
  4. Hi all, I've just received the referenced notice to keeper. To keep the story short, I stopped at this service station after finishing a job down south and driving back up North. I remember seeing no signs at all, and then was pretty shocked to receive the NTK. It claims I was stopped here for 1 hour, 1 minute - during this time I stopped for fuel and food, then sat in my car for maybe the remaining 30 minutes (I've just bought a house, and just had contracts exchange and had a million people calling!) Thanks in advance! 1 Date of the infringement 20/08/2019
  5. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  6. Yep, brilliant. Thanks for your help. The link is dead though, but is no matter I guess. I've already calculated everything - so will hopefully be able to start the ball rolling tomorrow!
  7. Hey all, thanks in advance for looking/answering. I know when I did my last claim (three or four years ago), it used to be that when we were initially contacting our bank to formally request they refund our charges, we were not allowed to mention claiming contractual interest on those charges (at either 8% or the contractual rate) and this would jeopardise receiving anything at all. We could only claim the actual charges, and the interest that they had actually charged us on those charges. I've seen though a few people mention something about contractual interest now being perfe
  8. Ahhh, rubbish, didn't think about the whole paying interest on interest thing Ah well, too late now! It's not a huge amount though (mostly offset by moving the entire balance to a cheaper rate) so I can live with it I guess Thanks for the advice Dx, it's pretty much confirmed what I first thought and gave me a bit of peace of mind to get started on the claim. I don't have any defaults on the account etc, just a few late payment comments, and they were my own fault (kind of, Tesco failed to set up a DD on the account three times when requested, which led to my manual payments bein
  9. Oh, and finally, I've just moved the entire balance to a flexiloan (due to the APR recently going up to 23%!) so the card is now empty! I realise I could have left it and gone the whole checking they have a proper credit agreement etc way, but I have no issues with paying what I owe, just with paying what I don't owe!
  10. Hey all, thanks for viewing, Just a few quick simple initial questions that I'm hoping I can get the answers for if possible! I've successfully done a few (three ish) claims in the past, so I know roughly what Im doing, but: How has the recent OFT trial fail affected claiming back credit card charges? I realise in theory it shouldn't do at all, but has it made it any harder/longer? Are more credit card companies dragging claims out because of this? Has the process changed at all in the last three years? I'm sure I still have all my template letters somewhere... but if not, does
  11. Even if that is true, 7% is still 7% more than it should be. And, I sincerely doubt the truth in that. People tend to lie and cover up speed being a factor in their accidents, because they're worried about being done for speeding, to try and avoid insurance claims that would obviously put them at fault because of this, etc. And, how much worse were those accidents because of the increased speed? How many people were badly injured, or killed, when they otherwise wouldn't have been because of this? Clue: More people than there should have been. I'm also sort of at a loss,
  12. OMG, you have to be joking. (EDIT) I can't believe for second you couldn't afford £5 a week. Offering £1 a week was a plain insult and I'd have done the same. You must have been speeding by a fair old chunk to have been hit with a £100 fine. Maybe you should try driving at a legal and sensible speed, and you'll find that you will probably save the £5 a week just in petrol costs. Edit: Crikey, just read that back, and don't think I was anywhere near harsh enough on you. You should be discouraged from speeding because its wrong, wreckless, results in more accidents/injur
  13. Could do with knowing the exact same thing. Preston have stayed my Barclaycard claim awaiting the outcome of the OFT test case. The wording for the stay blatantly refers to putting a stay on 'bank accounts' and mentions nothing about credit accounts.
  14. let me know how it goes, Preston court has also put a stay on my Barclaycard claim (right as they were cashing the cheque for £100 for the allocation questionnaire!)
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