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  1. Hi again, I still feel I am no further forward, I now have the financial Ombudsman helping me, but have got the standard letter back today re my credit card charges saying that they were deemed fair by the OFT, they still havent sent me a copy of the charges which I requested in February, but the Financial Ombudsman said to start the claim without them. Im now confused as to what to do next, any suggestions ??? Do I contact the FO again and let them know what the response was ? Many thanks
  2. I am so stupid !!!! I have just realised that its NatWest not Barclays, seem to have a real mental block lately .... sorry have been posting this in the wrong forum, think its ok now
  3. Hi Claire Looked at those letters but still couldnt decide which one is the correct one, Im wondering if its worth making a phone call as it says if you would like to discuss this offer please contact the number above, and trying to push for the full amount less the interest, think my brother would rather do this than go down the court route if at all possible.
  4. Me again ..... Just had a look through the template letters to reject the offer and cant work out which one would be the correct one as they all mention returning payment already received. The letter sent alongside the offer letter that you have to sign and send back if you accept the offer states ..... " I accept your offer in full and final settlement of my complaint £XXX.XX (advantage packaged account fees, stopped cheque fees, interest and charges refunds already applied to your account will have been excluded as appropriate.)"
  5. Oh forgot to ask this as well, NatWest obviously want to pay the refund straight into my brothers bank account, and he has an overdraft which I am assuming they will reduce swiftly to eat up any 'winnings' he gets. Are we within our rights to demand payment by cheque ? Thanks again
  6. Hi Need my hand held on this one as well as my own ! Sent LBA to Natwest on the 5th May and recieved a 2/3 offer letter dated 8th May. Obviously would like to push for the full amount requested. What letter do we need to send next ? Many Thanks
  7. Well here we go ......... Got my requested information after about 50 days Sent my Prelim request letter on Friday the 5th May Today 17th May ... received a reply as follows ..... Thank you for your recnt letter about charges incurred on your flex account Feedback from our members is absolutely invaluble blah blah blah and so the page continues saying that they realise people have financial difficulties at times etc etc then.... After careful considersation of your request we're sorry that we cant agree to your charges being refunded. We feel it would be un
  8. Getting Angry now, still waiting for stuff from SAR from Nationwide credit card since Feburary 21st, Sent a LBA on 5th May, and they replied on saturday telling me I hadnt paid my £10 fee, this was cashed by them on March 8th, Have tried to ring them all day today and cant get through, its constantly engaged. Not heard anything back re claim for my flex account, letter sent 5th May.
  9. Hi again Just putting my thoughts up here as I really would like to get my prelim letter off this week, Shall I just chance my luck and ask for half of the default charge back on top of my bank charges and add a bit to the letter explaining that I deem it unreasonable as my post above ?? Please someone help me !! Thank you
  10. Im going mad its 67 days, I was already in May for some reason, anyway its still too damn long to wait, and I can't get through on the phone, I bet the Data protection team are pulling their hair out.
  11. Hi has anyone had any joy in working out whether I can claim back the costs for Nationwide registering a default against my property with the the Land registry. I have spoken with the Financial Ombudsman and they put me onto the Law society who gave me the numbers of a couple of solicitors who didnt really give me a straight answer as it seems that it depends greatly on how much Nationwides solicitors charge per hour and what time it took, but it was suggested that I wrote just saying I deemed the £1600 (for 2 charges) high and as I was in a disadvantaged position at the time it was unreasonab
  12. Hi I recieved my Nationwide account statements on the 50th day after requesting them, they were sent to a local branch for me to collect, and arrived about a week after I got a letter saying they were there for me. My credit card statements have still not arrived I requested them on 21st February, and called them on the 13th April to say I had not yet recieved them, Janet Holden of Nationwide Data Protection Team said they were being sent that day (funnily enough) I got a letter the next day to say that yet again they would be sent to the branch for me to collect. I went in last Friday 18
  13. Hi I am the process of a Nationwide claim, just printed out the 1st letter, and am now getting so nervous and excited I thought I would try and make a claim against an old Natwest Account, but I don't have any information of the account details other than the branch where the account was held, it dates back to about 1989, but I am hoping since seeing the post re claiming back further than 6 years it would be worth a try. Can anyone help me ?, should I just send a SAR with any details that I have ? Many Thanks
  14. Hi This would be great for me as Natwest stung me and my ex for hundreds at a time that was really difficult for us, it was about 9 years ago. Only one problem I dont think I have any old account information, If I supply them with the name and address details at the time of having the account will they still be able to issue the information ? Fingers crossed here
  15. Hi again Just spoken with Nationwide Data protection team, who have strangely enough told me that my credit card information is being posted today !, think I have worked out the interest for the bank account using the calculator on motley fool. Will keep you updated with proceedings. Regarding the charges against the property it was a legal charge which was registered against the property with the Land registry ..... would really welcome advice. Thanks
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