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  1. If you have found any more information on this aspect i would love to know. Although my situation isn't brought on by an overpayment. I am stuck in their que and to e quiet honest if they don't sort out finance very soon then I will have to quit the course this year
  2. If they take you to court for it and you then counterclaim for charges they will ask for a stay. I am still waiting to hear if my case is stayed.
  3. Hello just wondered how you are getting on? I have no news ass yet.
  4. Nationwide let you take out £300 a day at their machines..my husbands flex account does anyway. Not that it matters now fingers crossed the refund will be there soon
  5. The only route you can go down is start the ball rolling to reclaim and include the default notice removal in your claim. If you want it removing before the stay is lifted your best bet is to post it up and hope theres something there to make it illegal.
  6. I don't think you add the 8% on to the figure, in my counterclaim I just added the penalties charged and interest they had put on the account together.
  7. You need to speak to your bank about doing a charge back under the direct debit guarentee then. Have you any proof you told your bank to cancel the direct debit to RBS?
  8. If is a direct debit then you can definately do a charge ack under the Direct Debit guarentee. If it is your debit card details they have on file, I would write in asking to see where you signed to state they can take money out of your account as and when they feel like it. Even with debit card payments I am certain there's rules in place to stop companies using them for more than you have allowed. So if you made one payment to them it would be illegal for them to use the details again iyswim.
  9. I think the next step is to put a complaint in with the information commisioner. Have a search around the forum for others that have had the same thing and see what they do. They haven't fully complied with my SAR but I at least got a copy of all the statements. As mine is at court I have included the complaint in the counterclaim, which you obviously can not do. If you need it quickly, maybe send Nationwide a stern letter and a copy of the complaint you have sent to the informations commisioner. Might just give them a kick up the backside.
  10. No they haven't sent you a full Subject Access Request. Did you state you just wanted the charges in your original letter?
  11. Thank you I will keep that in mind I am sure I will be a bag of nerves on the inside, just hope I can keep calm on the outside lol...I have a gut feeling a date will be a long way off yet though.
  12. Court papers went in on Friday, it is now just a waiting game!
  13. It doesn't have to mean they have no CCA, I would send them a CCA request anyway. It just means the slip they get you to sign so every branch has your signiture isn't there.
  14. Letter Bryan Carter will recieve tomorrow
  15. Well my Aq will not be going to the court today or tomorrow. After a phonecall to them today I have concluded they are all children lol. I requested for them to concent to me amending my defence and adding a counterclaim (as I said I would in the original defence). They point blank refused. So now they will get a very nice letter informing them I will go ahead anyway
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