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  1. This was a renewal, the insurance ran out on 3rd November I told them that I would not be renewing and got a new insurance on 11th November. I am happy to pay the 8 days
  2. Elephant had not been at risk, as I was insured with another company. I have tried talking to them about this but they have now given this account to a debt collection agency who have said that they will be taking me to court for £70
  3. Yes I did, does this make difference Regards Lorn250
  4. I cancelled my car insurance with Elephant on 11th November, phoned them and said I was cancelling. They said as the policy was for both my husband and myself it would be better to write in and cancel and send back the policy. This I did and took out insurance with someone else. Then in December I got a letter from them saying that they were cancelling my policy and I owed them £50. I replied stating that I had cancelled the insurance in writing and by phone on the 11th of November and as I was within 21 days (it was actually 7 days) that I owed them nothing. I then sent them a copy of the letter sent and the new policy with another insurance to show that I had taken out a policy with someone else. I heard nothing until this week when suddenly I have received a bill from a debt collector for £70 and been threatened with court action. What can I do, I don't owe them this money and I don't see why I should pay it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Lorn250
  5. I don't know why I owe them £50 they just say that I do. Iam going to write and ask for an explanation.
  6. I had my car insurance with Elephant which I paid annually, when the renewal came in I said that I would not be renewing as I could get the same insurance for £100 less, they said fine just put it in writing and that will be okay. This I did, now I have had a nasty letter saying that I owe them £50 (the yearly price was £197) and if I don't pay they will send round a debt collector. What can I do, I wrote and cancelled and returned the policy document just as they asked me to. Lorn250
  7. At the end of June 07 I put in my court papers against abbey at Plymouth County court. I had Abbey's defence and then a letter from Abbey stating that they were going to ask for a stay until the outcome of the OPFT case. Plymouth County Courts has placed a stay on all bank charge cases until the outcome of the OFT case. As this could take a year or even longer, is it worth trying to apply to have the stay lifted. I have been trying to get this money back since January and therefore feel that the bank had loads of time to deal with my case. What I don't want to do is annoy the judge who might just throw my case out Any help would be appreciated. Lorn 250
  8. Now that the court have awarded a stay on my case does this mean that I will have to wait until the court case with the OFT is finished. Somebody help
  9. Case stayed by Plymouth Courts, it appears that they are staying all cases until outcome of of OFT case Lorn250
  10. Got a letter from the court yesterday, telling me that they are staying my case until the outcome of the banks court case. I am going to send in the letter asking them to lift the stay. I am so fed up Abbey have had most of this year to sort this out.
  11. I got the same letter today. I just hope the judge throws it out Lorn
  12. I've had a letter from the Abbey stating that they are asking the court to put a stay on my case until the courts have made a decision of bank charges, I am not happy with this as they have had almost nine months to sort this out. Is there anything I can do. Lorn
  13. Thanks Icy what would I do without you Lorn
  14. Update, today received abbey defence, usual gumph, ie you were in breach of contract when you went overdrawn. Do I wait to hear from the courts and do I need to start my court bundle. Any help is gratefully received. Lorn250
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