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  1. I was claiming about £6,500 from A&L and got an offer from them via FOS for £4770. Chickened out and accepted the offer, as too much money for me not to accept. Told FOS it's still below the amount they've taken from me in charges so hopefully they might ask A&L to cough up the difference too. Sent off the acceptence on 11th July, but still no money in the bank
  2. Well surprise surprise - after asking A&L to justify how they got a figure, they sent a letter saying that they weren't going to refund me any charges. Next day though, I got a letter from FOS saying that A&L were willing to settle for £4773.50. It's still about £2,000 less than I originally asked for. I've accepted the offer and told FOS it's still less than they've charged me. Too scared not to accept incase I ended up with nothing. Accepted the offer on 11th July and still waiting on payment. Anybody know how long it's taking to receive money???
  3. Thanks for your support, it's re-assuring. I had sent to A&L asking how they arrived at their figure but they sent back today saying they wouldn't and that they still think their charges are acceptable. I dont think FOS have contacted them yet. I'm on holiday for a couple of weeks so maybe I'll have good news when I get back, then again thats perhaps a bit optimistic. Thanks again
  4. I received the same letter about 3 weeks ago from them and kindly declined their offer which was about £5k less than I'm claiming for!! They've since written back saying they're sticking to their guns and that their charges are fair blah blah blah. I've taken my complaint against them to FOS, and they are aware of this, but it doesn't seem to be making any difference and they're still dragging their heels. Bit worried now that I'll end up with nothing Has anybody recently been awarded back any charges from A&L????
  5. I'm now at the panicing stage!! I've put my claim for around £6,500 into FOS, but have received another letter from A&L saying they're not going to budge on their decision and they feel their charges are fair blah blah blah. Worried now that they're not scared by the FOS investigation, FOS rule in their favour and I end up with nothing . Anyone else experienced this???
  6. Hi there, Thanks very much for your help - again!! A&L closed my account back in Jan this year and I had to clear my overdraft then, so if I get any money back from them, I'm not due them any of it. That's good to know that I can say I'm using the money for repairs to property, cos that's what I'm going to do with the money - should I ever get it back from A&L?!? Thanks again.
  7. Oops made a bit of an ar$e of that Was the loan and credit card you had with BOS or another company? I'm claiming against A&L for bank charges, and also have a trust deed, but A&L were not one of my creditors. Would they be able to keep the money for my trust deed if I get an offer from them??
  8. Hi, I'm at the same stage. Got a letter form A&L offering me a piddley £1553 when I'm claiming for £6831. Refused their generous offer and got a final letter from A&L saying I'd have to take it to FOS if I wasn't happy. All info has been sent to FOS so i now await an outcome. Fingers crossed!!
  9. Hi Maryhillgull, Thanks for the reply. Really starting to get worried about it now but you've put my mind at ease a bit. I've sent off a letter to A&L asking them to explain how they got the figure of £1553, and I'll write to FOS tonight too detailing the latest corr I've had from A&L. Fingers crossed for a hasty reply with an offer from both Cheers
  10. Where do I start for help now :? Got a letter back from A&L offering my £1553 as a settlement for my £6831 + 8% interest. They say this is the difference between what they charged and the OFT recommended £12 charge, and I had until 21/06/07 to accept. Declined their generous? offer saying that I would only accept £6831 + the interest. Got a letter back from them with a polite 'nae chance' and that I could contact the FOS if I wasn't happy with their decision. I've recalculated the charges, using the OFT recommended £12, and I've came out with a figure of £2841, for all unpaid and paid charges. Going to send this off to A&L and ask them how to explain how they got their figure of £1553. I've already sent my complaint into the FOS, but I'm now starting to worry in case the FOS agree with the bank I end up with nothing??? Tempted now just to accept their offer :-?
  11. Cheers S, I'll start going down the FSO route tonight. Don't know if you've checked out BBC News yet? Not looking too hopeful for everyone now?? BBC NEWS | Business | Bank's overdraft charges upheld
  12. Been reading through other threads, and since I received the letter from A&L on 3rd May, should i get in touch with FSO anyway and let them deal with the bank, or shoud i hold out just now and wait and see what bank says????
  13. Don't know if anyone else has come across this, but in reply to my LBA, A&L confirmed that they are investigating my complaint. Surprised that it wasn't the standard 'sorry but no can do' letter. Hopeful now that I might not need to take my case to FSO?
  14. Hi mel9471, I've got a thread 'Claiming in Scotland against A&L', and I got some really good info about going down the FOS route if you want to have a look. Cheers deneedenee
  15. Yeh fill in the FOS form and go down that route now. I'd claim for all charges that you've had from the bank. I've heard conflicting information too about claiming back interest from FOS. Some say you can, some say you can't. I'd add on the 8% anyway and give it a go. deneedenee
  16. daver, You can go to FOS up to 6 months after receiving your last rejection letter from your bank. Think the timescales will still be the same though? I made the mistake of doing nothing after I received a final "no" from A&L, and because it's been over 6 months I've had to start again from scratch. Cheers Deneedenee x
  17. Hi there, See you're needing a bit of help going down the FOS route. I'm in exactly the same situation and got some help from Maryhillgull. Hope this helps. I've got my thread as Claiming against A&L in Scotland. Cheers Deneedenee here is a link to the word document that you have to send to F.O.S. http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.u...laint_form.doc I would fill in the complaint bit using wording from the Prelim. I would then ask about interest in the 'other details' section. THE FOS are well aware of the problem and they just write a letter to thier contact in whatever bank and say we have had a formal complaint from deneedenee asking for £xxx.xx refund of charges, what are you going to do? The bank then wait the maximum time allowed to respond and send a letter back saying o.k then we'll refund them on this occasion but only to avoid a formal F.O.S. investigation (which they have to pay for). F.O.S. then write to you and say the bank going to refund you £xx.xx is this o.k you say yes!!!!! They then write back to the bank and tell them they have x amount of time to make the refund. This is why it probably takes 12 or more weeks for you to get your money. There is a large section in the FOS website about bank charges, but it does not say anything about interest as far as I could see, but there is no harm in trying. Cheers Maryhilgull
  18. Fantastic.....thanks for the information!! Much appreciated. I'll keep you posted on the outcome. PS - my turn for the overtime today Cheers Denise
  19. Hi Maryhillgull, Sent off LBA letter today so sooner letter comes back from A&L telling me I'm getting hee haw I'll be writing to FOS. Do you know if there are any templates for letters to FOS? Denise
  20. Canny complain about the weather we're having just now .....don't envy you having to work tho Yeh it's definitely worth trying to claim back some interest so I'll do that too. Have you heard of anyone who has gone down the FOS route yet? Denise
  21. Hi Maryhillgull, Thanks for that. I've posted off the LBA letter so I'll get in touch with FOS when I get my "nae danger" letter back from A&L!! This is when you wished you lived south of the border........seems easier to claim there!?!?!?!? Denise
  22. Hi, Been reading through the threads and thought it best I start my own! I'm about to send A&L my 2nd letter - Letter Before Action. I'm claiming for £6,831 excl interest and worried now how to go about it. (Inevitable they're not going to pay up as they think they're well within their rights at what they charge in bank charges!!) Is it best to get myself a solicitor, go through FOS, or claim through English courts as A&L are registered in England?? Anyone any ideas?????
  23. cheers jansus - going to start my own thread on the claiming in scotland section cos no one's mentioned anything about claiming against A&L in Scotland. Been reading through it and it's a lot more hassle than claiming in England! Going to persevere though cos too much money to lose. Good luck!
  24. Hi Col, Pretty much in same situation as you! Trying to claim around £6,800. I've sent them the letter requesting repayment of charges and got back a big 'no chance' from them! Preparing to send LBA letter. My worry is the court action. I'm from Scotland and here we can only claim £750 a time from small claims court. Many of the courts are now refusing to accept multiple claims. Been advised to take my complaint to FOS but don't know how to go about that or how long it will take?? Know for certain next letter I receive from A&L will be another 'no chance'!!! x
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