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  1. In my case I did send in a letter requesting a hearing if stay was requested. So they did "ise". But I hear you and agree with you.
  2. I did realise very quickly that I was "peeing into the wind". I have an offer of all charges, no court fee and no interest. So going to take it. Some you win, some you draw and some you lose.
  3. They sent in a letter. I did ask where is the Application Notice and fee. Got told by the Judge that was not needed. Stay granted. I understand the Judge reasons. If he continued they would appeal and would waste of everyones time. But Judges need to apply CPR first and then common sense. The rules are the rules and must be adhere to by both parties.
  4. HSBCNightmares. Did the HSBC Barrister say anything in your trial. He did not say a word, so guess the Judge had either heard it all before or told him previously to be quiet.
  5. Forgot to mention. Judge did say he understands the frustation and we had put a lot of work into our case.
  6. Mine was Court 4. I understand peoples frustation because it is a postcode lottery. Some stay, some win. I did laugh about Sh(abbey) as about 50% of the cases were theres.
  7. Judges argument was because of the OFT Case, if he did anything but stay the case, HSBC would appeal. Therefore better in the interest of our time and court time to stay pending OFT. Some you win, some you lose. I see his point of view and he did allow us to argue our points. So a "good" judge. The funniest moment was when we thanked the Judge and thanked HSBC Barrister. The look on the HSBC Barrister face was a picture. I think my offer from HSBC is still open and will therefore take it (charges but no interest or costs). But will be back fighting Egg, Halifax and Nationwide soon. Watch this space. Won 1 Drawn 1 3 more games to play.
  8. Right. I have had a few drinks and feel I can write a report. Turned up at 9:30 for a 10:00 hearing and was laughing at the number of bank charge cases up for this morning. Must have been around 30. HSBC Guy came up and told us he would be applying for a stay. Wait until 11:20 for case. Judge informed us of the OFT case. Already got the impression this was going to be stayed as the six previous cases got stayed. We requested "defense struck out". No because of OFT case. Asked whether HSBC had file a Application Notice for Stay. Told they did not need to. Asked why they did not file documents and argued that a company of this size with a potential loss of hundred of million must have developed a defense and why was this not submitted. Told they did not need to do so. Asked why they did not bother to enter into dialogue so that this did not waste the courts time (this hearing). Told they did not need to do so. Asked for cost because of HSBC behaviour - not replying to letter or calls, could have filed Stay weeks ago, etc. No. One positive things was he did not award an indefinitive stay. Case stayed until 31 March 2008. Summary It seemed quite clear to me that the Judge had already made up this mind or had his hands tied by OFT case. So a waste of the court time, Judge time, HSBC time and our time. Personally it would have been better for all parties if the Judge had stayed the case a week ago. But I have no regret and feeling positive. Have decided to log my new claims with the banks and await court case in Jan 08.
  9. Called Bromley and case is listed for tomorrow. We will have our day in court. Asked what is the chance of it being stayed this afternoon and told small. Whether we win, lose or it gets stayed, this has been a lovely journey and thank you for everyone help. I'll update you tomorrow.
  10. On the phone for 30 mins waiting and finally got through for someone to put the phone down on me. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH.
  11. Sky - I am taking N244 Removal of Stay, AGE letter about "strike out" and cost request. I am also including a history of events so I can clearly explain this to the Judge.
  12. Just called DG - There client has instructed them to make no more offers. On the phone to Bromley County Court.
  13. They are not ignoring compliants just putting the bank charges compliants on hold.
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