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  1. Hi, We have previously successfully claimed one lot of charges from Lloyds including the interest, and after doing this started a claim on another account with them. At the time, we had written the letters to Lloyds threatening Court action etc, but as the Courts had then started putting the cases on hold due to test case we never lodged it with the Court, and it has been on hold with Lloyds waiting for the outcome of the test case. We have now received a letter from Lloyds stating: "I promised to keep you up to date about any developments that affected your complaint about unplanned overdraft charges. Your complaint has been on hold while we and some of the other major UK banks have been in legal proceedings with the OFT about the level, fairness or lawfulness of these charges. These legal proceedings came to a conclusion on the 25th November 2009 when the Supreme Court decided that, as long as they are clearly set out, the level of unplanned overdraft charges cannot be assessed for fairness under the consumer fairness legislation known as the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations. We understand your complaint is that the charges we made are penalties and/or are unfair because you believe they are too high. The outcome of the legal proceedings means that the bank charges you've complained about are not penalties and the Supreme Court has also decided that the consumer fairness legislation means that the level of charges is not a reason for finding them to be unfair. As a result of these rulings we will not be upholding your complaint or be providing a refund of the bank charges that you complained about. We hope this answers the points you raised with us about your bank charges complaint and you feel that there is no need to reply to this letter. If you come back to us and we cannot come to an agreement, I'll give you details of the Financial Ombudsman Service in case you want them to consider your complaint independently. If there's anything other than the level of charges that you're concerned about, or if there is anything else we can do to help, please contact us. If I haven't heard from you by the 9th March I will close your file. Yours sincerely." What I am asking is, is there any point in replying to this letter and/or continuing with the claim, and if I don't reply by 9th March would this then prevent us from taking any action in the future? Does anybody know if there have been any successful claims from Lloyds, other than hardship ones, since the outcome of the test case? Thanks
  2. just wanted to say thanks demon - gardenlaw is fab!!
  3. yes I did check it out but couldn't post my question, I've tried again this morning and it has now let me. Thanks.
  4. thanks but I've already done all that, and the letting agent can't serve notice without the permission of the Landlord, which the Landlord won't do until Environmental Health say there's a problem which is all in hand. The thing I'm querying at the moment is that the lady who we bought the house off has blatantly lied on the sellers property information form, so we are looking at claiming compensation for misrepresentation.
  5. I have, this morning, received a copy of the sellers property information form from our solicitor who handled the purchase. The vendor stated that there were no issues with any neighbouring property - which we know to be a lie, but we are going to struggle proving it as we only have the word of the other next door neighbour and the vendor herself (after the purchase had gone through) that there was ever a problem. We are going to struggle with legal fees to pursue this - is anybody aware of any companies that operate at no win no fee scheme for this type of thing?
  6. Thanks very much for your replies, will carry on looking into it. Cheers!
  7. I wonder if anyone can help me with this. We bought our house in March 2007 and moved in quite happily. Within a matter of weeks we were suffering from noise nuisance and anti-social behaviour from our neighbours who rent the house via a local letting agent. We have been completing diaries and currently have noise monitoring equipment installed by Environmental Health. But my query is, we were talking to the person who we bought the house off the other week and she said that she had put up with this for months and used to go to work and leave her stereo on all day in retaliation for all the noise she put up with at night, and they were the only reason she moved house! None of this was disclosed to us before the sale - is there any law that says that this must be disclosed? In addition, the letting agent who manages the house next door is the same person who sold our house to us and she was fully aware of the complaints that the previous owner had made - surely she must have been under obligation to advise us of this when we were buying the house?
  8. Hi jubaxt, with the interest mine was just over £5600.
  9. Hi, mine took about a week from rejecting the offer because it had conditions attached. Congratulations on your win.
  10. I'm sure you'll get it within the next few days
  11. Hi S1gar, have you checked your bank account? Mine was paid in yesterday in full !!
  12. Hi S1gar, I've done the same, fingers crossed!
  13. Hi, sorry for hijacking your thread but I got the same letters yesterday, and I'm in the same dilemma. It seems that they pay out more quickly if you reject the conditions attached to the offer but I'm not sure which way to approach it. I don't know whether to accept the conditions, then just close my account as I have got another account I can use or leave it open and refuse. I'm going on holiday in a few weeks so the money would be useful before then
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