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  1. Hi all, sorry I have taken so long to reply Uk I've been very busy lately. Yeah I worked out your question and they are refunding £8 from the 26 charges they applied to my account. But in their reply to my LBA they say that the Financial regulations require them to advise me that a refund of £2008 is their final response in relation to this matter. My claim is for £504, interest £163.86. I know this is a silly question but do I accept the mistake that they have made, cos £2008 sounds better than £504. Can someone please advise me on this one.
  2. Hi all, the amount I'm claiming is £504 and interest will be £163.86, but there is no mention of this in the letter I recieved yesterday, it only talks about credit balance. This why I'm confused.
  3. Hi all, I sent Cap 1 a prelim letter on the 8th June '07 they replied with goodwill fob off letter on the 13th June '07. I then sent them the LBA yesterday, and today I recieved a letter about credit balance that I haven't mentioned. It also goes on to say I will recieve a cheque within 14 to 21 working days. I'm confused can anyone help please.
  4. Hi all, sorry MTM should have been abit clearer in my last post, I recieved my £50 on the same day I recieved the defence from the court. So I'm happy, I thought it was a great birthday present. Capital One next. hehehe Thanx again.
  5. Hi everyone, just recieved nationwide's defence from the court, saying its been paid. What a bunch of jokers. Anyway thats the end of that. Its been fun. Thank you for all those who helped me with my claim especially MilkTrayMan, thanx for helping reclaim what is rightfully mine.
  6. I have just dug up some old terms and conditions for flexaccounts '97 & 2000. If anybody needs them let me know.
  7. Thanx Buzby, I'll tell him to sort that out now!
  8. I have just recieved a reply to my acceptance of partial settlement from nationwide its the same fob off letter I recieved for the prelim and LBA, what are they on? Still no defence or allocation questionaire.
  9. Hi all, Thanx MTM I do'nt know what I would do if you were not here to help me. I called Croydon County Court first thing this morning, and the nice lady I spoke to told me that they put in there defence last friday, so I should recieve the paperwork, either this morning or tomorrow (postie has'nt arrived yet).
  10. Hi all, Thank you Buzby for replying. He has'nt used the contract sim, since he said he cancelled it, but 3 put him on incoming calls only anyway, and he has'nt used the pay as u go.
  11. No I have'nt been sent any of those forms, the last thing I recieved from the court was Notice that Acknowledgement of service has been served. Claim issued on 11/05/07 Sent by Court to Nationwide on 17/05/07 Deemed Served on 20/05/07 Acknowledgement of Service on 25/05/07
  12. Hi MTM, I have'nt been sent an allocation questionaire.
  13. I forgot to write that Scottish Power have sent this case to the debt collectors now they have sent three letters that I know about, two of them are from last year. This years letter does'nt have his name on it, just MR OCCUPIER. This outrageous!! Can he take them to court for this because this and a problem with 3 phone network as they have slowly messed with his credit rating.
  14. Hi all, My other half has been living at his current address for about 5 years. In all that time he has been recieving gas and electricity from British gas. He noticed the Scottish Power envelopes on the floor when he entered the hallway,( as he lives in a house that has been converted into flats) but none of these letters had his name on. Well now they do!! He had a conversation with somebody there around the 4th May '06 or maybe before, and he told them to remove his name from this account as they are not his supplier, they replied in a letter saying they were his suppliers and have been s
  15. Hi all, I gave other half the info, but he said when he wanted to cancel the account and get his PAC he told them to forget that and send him a pay as u go sim card, which he recieved but hasn't used due to the problems with them. Refering to my previous post he did pay the lower amount, which he thought was his last bill. So you can only imagine his surprise when they started sending letters demanding payment. His case has now been transfered to solisters on behalf of 3. What can he do now?
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