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  1. Did you actually calculate the interest they levied upon the charges ? Or are you just claiming for the charges plus the 8% ?
  2. What you can do, although it does become quite complicated, is calculate the interest the bank has charged you on the charges (on the presumption that you were overdrawn at the time since I believe you cannot claim for loss of interest on a positive balance) Then you can also add the 8% later if(or when) it reaches court... Most people don't actually worry about this calculation as the likelihood is that the cost-benefit ratio doesn't make it worth it...
  3. dinghy

    Dinghy v FD

    Still not there So phoned Deborah D'Aubney to see what was happening, and hit her voice mail... Would appear she is on holiday 'til 5th June so guess won't see the money 'til after then.
  4. dinghy

    Dinghy v MBNA

    TBH I was a little surprised when he immediately offered full amount... I thought they would at least play the game with a couple more letters before they capitulated !
  5. dinghy

    Dinghy v MBNA

    And a big thank you to SS for his help....
  6. dinghy

    Dinghy v MBNA

    PS Little wave to Gareth if he's watching... Thanks
  7. dinghy

    Dinghy v MBNA

    Hey SS how you doing... Not posted yet this morning as was waiting to see what arrived in the post... drum roll.... Absolutely nothing ! Although in fairness he did say it was going out in last nights post... So dropped email to Gareth asking him to give me a call (better than me paying for phone call !) and let me know what the figure was and the gist of the letter was... Long story short... Total of £495 (Bit disapointed really!) but will be checking figures when they turn up... Gareth had to get copy of letter I sent (fantastic he hadn't actually read it !) to Stuart and on the spot offered me £200 with all the usual MBNA don't agree with OFT, no admission of liability, don't want costs of going to court etc etc etc To which I laughed ! He then said I take it you won't be accepting that (I paraphrase to some extent) at which point I said I understood it that this needed to be challenged in the courts at some point and whilst I don't particularly want to go to court if that's what it would take to get the whole amount... He almost immediately offered full £495 which would be in post in the next 7-10 days... Thats full settlements on 2 different accounts on consecutive days ! Once this money starts actually hitting my account that's another hefty donation coming to the site !
  8. Welcome to the site... You really do need to take a good read across the boards especially at the FAQ's... Once you've taken time to look around, if you still have questions create a thread in the relevant bank part of the forum and someone will try to assist... This is not the place to come if you want someone to do the work for you... But we will assist where possible with advice and just a place to come and scream about the actions about the banks !
  9. This seems to be going dangerously OT into the realms of the Bear Garden... The sooner whizzy gets his report in here the better I think !
  10. dinghy

    Worzel v MBNA

    I dunno... When I spoke to them yesterday they just seemed resigned to it all... Seem to have got over the stress of the last few weeks... Although that could have just been Gareth... Not spoken to/had reply from Stuart for a while...
  11. Is it just me or are all the times up the spout again ? If they are be warned it could lead to posts being out of sync again and confusion about order of the conversation(?)
  12. I think that this rests on how much you want to jump through their hoops for an easy life and how much you want to stick it to them and be as awkward as possible... For the reasons given above I can't believe that they could win if they refused to supply the information because of this... However you may just be inclined to fill in the form to get your info asap and pander to their obtusity... Personally didn't have this problem as they just sent statements out and didn't give me all this trouble over this form...
  13. I feel like a naughty schoolboy being chastised ! I'm sure that hundreds of thousands of Spurs supporters would disagree with you... Especially the 35000 that chant it every other Saturday in an attempt at taking the abusive power of the word away from the bigots and racists of the world, in the same way that hip-hop and rap-music has reclaimed the n-word and in the same way that we should reclaim the Union Jack and the St Georges Cross back from the thugs of the far right... But I digress... I do not want to fall out with anyone on this board and I certainly did not have any intention of offending anyone... In jol we trust COYS
  14. Sorry Janet I think you are slightly mistaken here... They are entitled to ensure that they are reasonably certain of your identity... IMHO a secure-mail sent through their own secure-mail more than fulfils this criteria. If they suggest that this is not enough to reasonably satisfy them of ones identity that is tantamount to saying that their e-banking service is not secure... eggs whole business structure rests upon the security of it's website... This would be a bigger PR disaster than Gerald Ratner claiming Ratners jewellery was ...
  15. I presume you're not into football then ? The term you obviously found offensive is one which Spurs supporters (granted a supposedly jewish club) use to describe themselves and other Spurs supporters irregardless of race, colour or creed.
  16. That just defeats the entire purpose then though... You may as well not pay them anything at all, because they will only refuse on any claim if you do that...
  17. Was there anything to suggest I hadn't read that ? I was just ensuring that you didn't forget that you had said that once the money cleared... (or something !) Have an e-pint...
  18. I'm sure they'll blink yet... And when it all works itself out the extra £1200 will taste all the sweeter...
  19. Data Protection Act request... They are just trying to distract you... If the 14 days you gave them in the prelim letter are up, then send the LBA... I wouldn't worry too much about acknowledging their letter. Certainly if you're not completely confident with our arguments then written is the best way to keep it... Most people here generally advocate keeping it to letters anyway as then you have a record of exactly what has been discussed. It's a common newbie mistake... It clearly demonstrates that you haven't read widely enough around the site !!!!!
  20. Looking at this again... Firstly to clear up any confusion BW I presume from installsparks post that it was previously being advertised @ £317.70 for both 100 weeks terms & instant purchase whilst now it seems to only be the 100 weeks terms @ that price Secondly... Anyone that pays £569 for that up front would have to be stupid ! Without too much searching I've found it for £383 (including P&P on cameras2u.com if you are interested...) Their T&C's quite cleverly (these companies must eventually be catching on !) state and Thus... installspark they could claim that they can no-longer source the camera and legally(ish) refund you the money... However it is possible that you could attempt to demonstrate this to be a sham and claim damages for breach of contract using term 5 although they would almost certainly be able to use term 2 to show there is no enforceable contract... As I said above... The email that jol [edited] recieved is just a confirmation of receipt of order and is certainly not enforceable. Though (possibly) importantly they cannot, if they realise their error, take the full amount as you have offered only £317... MOD: EASY ON THIS TYPE OF COMMENTS, PLEASE, THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO NEED FOR THAT.
  21. Offered to settle the full amount (including interest & court fees) in letter this morning...
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