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  1. Thanks for your quick reply blitz. The tv has about 5-6 black pixels, one being about 1" down from the top centre and the others, some of them are in what looks like pairs in two other places near the corners top right and bottom right about an inch from the frame so judging by that info you gave me the tv should be eligable for replacement or repair.
  2. Hello, I hope someone will help me with this potential issue. I purchased a 22" alba lcd tv from argos in November 2009, Just recently the tv has developed dead or stuck pixels at the top centre and in some of the coners of the screen and as it is still under the manufacures waranty (3 months left) so i decided to firstly ring Argos customers services to see if i could get it fixed or replaced. They asked me a few questions and asked where the faulty pixels were in the screen and i explained where they were to which they replied "unfortunatly thats the problem with modern lcd tv's of today they develop dead pixels and unless the dead pixels are in the centre of the screen Argos policy states they will not replace the tv or send an engineer to fix it! They advised me to pop into my local argos store and ask them to see if they could do anything for me but it was at the descrection of the store if they replace or repair it. I have'nt been into the store yet as i thought i would see if there is anything anyone could advise me on before visiting my store and what to say. Also is this within their legal rights to do this or are they trying to pull a swift one? Thanks in advance.
  3. Great stuff, Thankyou Gary. I will get this off asap and await, hopefully a positive response.
  4. Hi JGJ. I see you are in the same boat as me. Just wondered what you actualy wrote to the courts for an extension of the stay? Im clueless what to write. Thanks Doz
  5. Hi Gary. Thanks for you reply. Is there a template to request for a exstension of stay or do i just write to Lloyds sols in my own words requesting this? Im not that clued up and not really sure what i should write so if you could kindly advise me or point me in the right direction i would be greatfull. Thankyou.
  6. Hi. Its been quite some time since i last posted on the CAG forum but i now have a question that i would like someone to help me with please. This claim is for my mum & dad which was started way back in july 2007. This letter recieved from the courts dated 8th Oct 2007. I am unsure what i should do next so if someone could help me i would very much appreciate it thanks. Here's the letter from the courts below:
  7. Hi. I appologise in advance as this post may be a little long winded. I have recieved a letter today from Natwest informing me i will be charged £28 for "Maintenance Charge" for going over my overdraft by 35p! I gave them a call this morning to see if they would waiver this charge as i have done so in the past of which they have refunded charges before but they are digging there heels in with this one as they have told me that i have already been over my limit 3 times in the last 4 months of which all 3 was there fault due to a banking error. The lady i spoke to was having none of it as i asked her to prove how much it costs to process this charge of which she would not answer me. I got so wound up i threatened to pay my overdraft off, shut my account down and start reclaiming the charges back but then i thought i had read something on the GAG website before about the banks not being allowed to take monies from someone claiming Child Tax Credits. I dont work but my partner does but we both have sepreate Natwest accounts.The only money that goes into my account is Child Tax Credits (weekly) and my partners Working Tax Credits (monthly) so i have 2 questions if someone would kindly answer these for me please: 1: Are they allowed to take bank charges from my account which has Tax credits paid into it? 2: Is there a template letter that i can send or hand into the bank to stop them doing this? Thanks in advance Doz.
  8. Hi and thanks for you reply wino. Regarding your question about owing Cap One this money is yes and no. Some of the amount is charges and the other is an outstanding debt. I owed Cap One £559 of which £356 were charges. Cap One refunded £114 (goodwill gesture) so if my maths are correct £242 in unclaimed charges are still due to me which i did not file a court claim for. I'll get the letter printed off and get one sent first thing and let you know what response i recieve. Thanks for taking the time to help me on this matter.
  9. Anyone please? Im now getting 4-5 phone calls a day. Whats the best course of action to take now?
  10. Hi, its been some time since i last posted on the CAG website due to the OFT case and 2 of my other claims have been stayed. So to cut a long short on 11th Aug 2007 I sent a prelim to cap one for £356 and then 2 weeks later sent a response to settlement letter after they refunded £114. For some silly reason which i can't remember i didn't file a court case against cap one for the remaining amount and have now "yesterday" had a phone call from Robinson Way Solicitors asking for £425 of which cap one have asked them to recover for them. Robinson Way Sols did offer to reduce the settlement figure to £350 if i could pay this off over 6 months but due to my current financial situation i cannot afford to pay. So what would be the best course of action to take from here? Any advice is most appreciated thanks.
  11. Hello all. I just thought i post this up for others to see. I checked my Natwest account this morning to find i had a charge of £35 called "GTEE CARD PYMT FEE" Annoyed i rang Natwest straight away to find out why i had been charged this. They explained that it was card misuse, I firmly explained to them that i had only ever gone over my limit once by 9p which was last weekand have never misused my card and have ran my account in accordance with there T&C's and also explained that the money they had taken from my account was benefit money. After he checked my account over he realised that they had made a "mistake" and the charge should of never been applied in the first place! So now they will refund the £35 on Monday which will hit my account on Tuesday. Good that they will refund the £35 charge by just making a phone call but that being said it has left me short for cash now over the weekend!
  12. Thanks for you reply elsinore. You have cleared that up quite nicely for me. Thankyou. I can confirm that it is a personal joint account, yes. I'm not sure if i can appeal for the stay to be lifted, but my parents are now living abroard and are living off thier pensions so i don,t know if that would be a valid reason for an application for lift the stay?
  13. Hello again & thanks to everyone who has helped me to as far as i have of which it would not of been possible. I now have another question relating to the reply i have recieved from my local court which says: DISTRICT JUDGE SANGHERA orders that this claim is stayed until 31 December 2007 Date 16 October 2007 On the other page it reads: IT IS ORDERED that: 1. The claim is stayed until further order to await the final determination including (for avoidance of doubt) any appeal of the claim between the Office of fait trading and eight defendant banks issued in the High Court of Justice on the 27th July 2007 Number 2007 Folio 1186. 2. Either party may apply upon not less than 7 days written notice to lift the stay. 3. The case shall stand struck out if an application to lift or extend the stay is not recieved by 4:00pm on 31st December 2008. I gather the claim has been stayed until the test case is resolved but could someone please explain what this letter is actualy stating??? Thanks in advance.
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