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  1. Hiya, hope all is well with you. My hubby finally returned to employment early this year, at Llanwern in Newport, is doing very well, and things are gradually falling into place at last. Di X
  2. Hi everyone Hope all are well, wow this site have changed lots lol. Sorry not been on here for a little while, my lovely dad passed away last month aged 69, he is at peace now no more pain. I see this is ongoing then (the meet up)?
  3. Hi I done some chasing to Lloyds over the last few months and when contacting them by email now, I always copy the email to the Chief Executive officer (CEO), I feel this helps. When and if you email Lloyds just remember to give them your case/complaint ref number, when I email them now, they do normally get back the same day or the following day the latest. Details here: customer.care.insuranc[email protected] CEO [email protected] Good luck.
  4. Hi there I agree with Landy. We had the same with some of the reclaims with them, but what we did was email the dept here: [email protected] And copy it to the Chief Executive officer (CEO) of Lloyds [email protected] This should help shift them, remember to enclose your case/complaint number to them and that it was resolved by the FOS. Anyway, well done with your success.
  5. Hi there Hopefully this will go your way, and they do tend to request for extra time if they need to look into matters further and of course I imagine they have that many to deal with. Fingers crossed for a good outcome.;-)
  6. To process the application? This is why I assumed it was a new loan application lol. I am baffled to be honest, hopefully someone will know and post up with some advice on this one for you soon.
  7. Hi there Yes, if youv'e kept a copy, then post that off to HSBC, the FOS may just write to say they are unable to deal with it until you hear a response from the bank. Good luck with this.
  8. Hi there You done the right thing.;-) And to what I know of, you can still make a reclaim on the mis sold PPI, it does not matter I don't think if after bankruptcy. Check out this out below, good luck. And as you know always have a go yourself.;-) Can I Keep PPI Money Claimed Back Whilst In Bankruptcy? | Bankruptcy Information UK
  9. Hi there It maybe worth you requesting for a Subject Access Request (SAR), so hopefully they should send you details of all loans taken out and calculations etc. But as you have a few, I take it you have been mis sold on all of them of the PPI? You can still try to reclaim on them all, where it will be reduced by any rebate given if any. But note, if you used a broker for the first loan set up, its them you pursue on the first one, unless of course the lender also set up the loan, but then if you had a loan advance which would be the lender you then reclaim on this separately
  10. Hi Sorry if you mis understood my post as posted a few days ago above. The questionnaire are recently new and issued by the FOS so you can use to send to the loan company/bank this can be used instead of writing a letter, you give them 8 weeks to respond, sometimes they will request for extra time, but once the 8 weeks have gone by, your in your right to complain to the FOS, so its therefore useful to keep a copy of the questionnaire just in case...so they end up having a copy to enclose with a complaints form, alongside with the final response given from the bank. There is also
  11. Brilliant Landy. and good luck. I will have to get cracking then, not started the letter yet for the agreement. Di X
  12. Hi I would write to the best of your knowlegde of why you are not happy, obviously its all down to the reasons on how you were mis sold the policy. Check more info/checklist as well to make sure nothing is missed, good luck with this. Quick check: were you mis-sold? - How to tell if you've been mis-sold PPI - Your money - Which? Advice
  13. Hi, your welcome You do therefore have a good reason to reclaim, it seemed to be the case for lots in regards of the cancellation lark. And also for them to make it a condition of the loan is a good reason to make a reclaim. So I would give it a go anyway. There are templates on this website to help you through this, or complete the FOS questionnaire that was recently issued by the FOS to make a reclaim to whom set up and mis sold you the policy, you will find the PPI questionnaire on the FOS website at the bottom of their page on link below, complete and remember to save a copy.
  14. Hi Landy and thank you. Yes for a £1 it may be worth giving it a go anyway and see what happens. I think there was a gap from the very earliest one to the one after which did follow on to the recent one reclaimed. I will give it a go anyway and let you know the outcome. Again thank you.
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