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  1. This is a scenario i heard about a while ago and I have been discussing this with some friends. A couple have a loan that they have not been able to make the payments on. They made arrangements with the company to make token payments. This was in 2004. A default was never issued against this account and payment are still being made in 2010. On checking their credit file, this account is still marked as open and the payments are all being marked as late payments. I would argue that as the agreement was breached by the customer, the account should be marked as closed as of
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew of a table showing which banks are associated with others with regards to the right to offset. I saw this on the financial ombudsman site, but would liek some clarification. Is the 'Firm' in question here the named company on the account or could this be an organisation that has a number of banks. I know this is a poor example as they are registered companies and may be treated differently, but as a general example: You have an account with Halifax in arrears and savings in a Lloyds account. Could Halifax as part of the Lloyds group offest f
  3. I know i shouldn't crosspost, but getting really concerned about this. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/259461-ccas-transferred-debts.html In short, someone was considering bankruptcy. They were advised that they may be able to go down the unenforcability route. Some of the debt is on accounts opened after 6th April 2007 and an overdraft. This is where it gets messy. They have been advised that they may be able to transfer this debt to an older credit card then after a few months, check the enforcability of that card. I believe the Fraud Act 2006 would
  4. A friend of mine was considering bankruptcy but wanted to ask me about the possibility of using the CCA unenforcability argument. A fair chunk of their debt is on newer cards so o said this would probably not work, but they asked if they could transfer the funds from the newer cards to old accounts that they have and then CCA these old accounts. I'm not too sure about this - they would probably keep making payments for a while before lookng into the enforcability of the accounts but i was wondering: Can you actually do this? Would it be considered deception or fraud? If th
  5. Not sure if there is a guide on here for filling in a N244 form. Any ideas guys? You say you've emigrated to Canada. Does this mean that you wouldn't be able to attend any hearing? I find it a little surprising that there were no credit agreements issued to you when you did the SAR's. It may be a case of mistaken identity, but if so, this is a helluva balls up.
  6. Ah, so a photo may have been used to show that a parking ticket was issued or to show the offence if he had never actually received a ticket. Wasn't sure what photos were used for with regards parking offences. I'll tell him to pay it before it doubles and that he should get out of bed quicker in the mornings. Amny thanks Green & Mean
  7. Issued by a Parking Attendant (Edinburgh Council) He says he can't remember if it was placed on the car or if she handed it to him. Photos are available to view from the council website - you input the PCN number and can see the photo associated with the ticket. I checked and he said the violation was "Parking in a restricted street during the restricted hours". There is no ticket on the car in the photo, but i don't know if that matters nowadays.
  8. A colleague of mine was wondering if it is possible to appeal a parking ticket he got in Edinburgh (Scotland). The picture of the car doesn't have the ticket on it. I had heard that there was a change to the rules in April 2008, but don't know what they were and whether he can contest the ticket or not. As it is Edinburgh, it would be a civil rather than criminal matter i believe. Can anyone advise?
  9. I did wonder about the phrase Could this be misconstrued as 'blacklisting' ?? From the way that letter reads, i don't think that can be misconstrued at all. They are pooling your 'account conduct' information with other parties and by the way this is worded, it is not just entries of missed payments on your credit file. I would like to see what legislation allows them to do this and how any future creditor would access the information - and what that information is.
  10. Really sorry to hear this EOTR. Had hoped you would be able to get a good result from this. Have you contacted Watchdog or any programs to highlight the obvious shortcomings of FOS and the bank? With the number of reposessions increasing it is definately a hot topic. Hope you and hubby come out of this alright. George
  11. First and last bump. Just wondering if this person should be taking court action and if anyone can advise what they should be doing. thanks.
  12. DCA = debt collection agency. As long as it's partially on the same subject, knock yourself out.
  13. So should L&G have paid interest for making them wait 2 years, or can they enter a seperate claim for compenssation for this? Will they need to take either party to court themselves rather than wait and see if FOS ever do anything about this?
  14. Still with the OC as far as i am aware. He had a default issued but pretty sure it's still with the bank.
  15. Sorry if i shouldn't be doing this but it seems they've been pulled from pillar to post and still getting messed about after all this time. Just wondered if anyone on the legal board could offer advice or suggestions to this post on the Barclays board. An Insurance claim which has been going on for over 3 years, possibly a business account used to pay a balance on another account (didn't know they could do that with business accounts) and after all that time still unsure if they can claim interest or compensation for the messing about they've had to go through. http://www.consumer
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