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  1. Hi just returned from Trafford Magistrates court courtesy of a Requisition inforced by DVLA to answer the charge of failure to notify. The vehicle in question was sold 2yrs ago DVLA contacted me 6mths ago.... long story short took advice from the site told their legal eagle i wasn't legally bound to chase up and do their work for them.......... Victory
  2. Thanks everyone so much. If I do reject there terms what will happen? xxx
  3. Hi all.. Its been a while and life's been a bit up and down but thats life and a tale for another day.... Anyway the date for the bank to return my bank charges came and passed and to be honest I lost my nerve and then for some reason I got back on the case and filed the details through small claims court on the net. The Lloyds had until the 25th of July to respond.... Guess What??? Got two letters this morning off Lloyds solicitors, one saying they were gonna fight me :o and the second saying they're gonna pay me in full providing I be a good girl and sit down with Mr Manager for a cosy chat and review my account so know more issues arrise Have I WON?????? x
  4. :o Oh oh.....tomorrows the day
  5. I Heard the the court case news...... It would be Lloyds TSB ...just my luck
  6. Thanks Curlychic and Barty for your input, Ive sent my reply and so they've got until the 25th.... To Pay UP or else lol. Fruitella xxx
  7. I've now done my response stating my intentions to go to court, but i'm a little confused to where I send this letter as my first letter went to the London address but Lloyds reply came from Debbie Gilbert in Andover Hampshire? Help
  8. Hi everyone Seems like an age since I was last on but i've just received a letter from a Debbie Gilbert who basicaly says 'thanks for your letter but sod off and that we are right and your wrong little person' And so on to the next stage of the plan. Fruitella x
  9. yep with the schedule enclosed
  10. Letter to ask for my charges back complete and off to the post box.
  11. Thanks again And yes I will start a thread as soon as I get the feel for the site again. I did try to access the charges spreadsheet but it wouldn't open, could this be due to me being on aol? Fruitella x
  12. Thanks for your support and i've already dug out the bank statements i received from Lloydstsb so i'm gonna start trawling over them tonight over a glass of wine or two. Cheers
  13. Hi to everyone been here before probably about 10mths ago but lost my nerve so have re-invented myself lol and gonna carry it through this time. Fruitella.
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