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    David - V- EGG

    Thank you, I better get cracking! Egg - Here I come p.s Sorry about the Pun
  2. david1961

    David - V- EGG

    I am about to reclaim over limit fees from egg - since they have decided to cancel my card - yes i am one of those card holders that they decided to cancel. Can anyone tell what the legal amount that they can charge for overlimit fees? They are curently charging me £16.00 David
  3. the only problem i got is i disposed of all the paperwork from them including the original contract outlining the PPI and interest
  4. Stay well clear from welcome. I purchased a car from them back in 2001 because it was a time in my life when i could not get high street loans. i went to there showroom in Wolverhampton by appointment and i did not come out untill 5 hours later. They miss sold me PPI becasue they conned me by saying no PPI no car, I was desperate for a car at the time and needed one for my job. I Realised my mistake and just wanted out so I executed my right (as per the contract) by asking them to collect the car after i paid more than half in 2005. They charged me a fortune in interest just on the PPI, as well as the loan for the car. I am now thinking of claiming back the money they robbed off me and the interest because they bullied me into taking out the PPI when i was so desperate.
  5. oh! by the way do I need to inform the court??
  6. hello everyone again Just to let you all know that LTSB have sent me the cheque now on Sat 15th march 08 for £750 - which i have banked. They do say in there letter that this payment is a gesture of goodwill and does not affect my right to take further action. Thankyou very much LTSB - heres looking forward to the remainder £2000 or so after the court case. Thank you also to elsinor who helped me in deciding to accept this offer. David
  7. Els Thanks very much for this, ive noticed you posted this quite late - it is much appreciated. I have sent letter today - will keep you posted Rgds David
  8. Hi guys Can anyone advise me as to wether to accept it and advise what exactly should I write back. David
  9. Elsinor Yes here it is Thank you for letting us know you're unhappy about the payment we made to you. I'm sorry for the delay in our reply. Before you reject it, I want you to know that this payment has been made as a gesture of goodwill. It does not affect your right to take further action, if you think it necessary. However, Lloyds TSB (along with other major UK banks) is currently involved in legal proceedings with the Office Of Fair Trading (OFT) in relation to bank charges. Until this court case has been resolved, we asked the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to suspend the normal timetable for dealing with bank charges complaints which relate to unauthorised bank charges (Or unplanned Overdraft fees as we have called them since 2 November 2007). The Financial Services Authority (FSA) agreed to this request subject to conditions which protect your rights. What will happen next will depend on the courts. We do not know how long the case will take - but we have promised to proceed as quickly as possible but inevitably given the importance and complexity of the issues being considered this may take many months to finally resolve. For now, we have registered all the details of your complaint, and updated our file with the latest correspondence from you. Once the legal proceedings with the OFT are concluded, we will resolve your entire complaint as quickly as possible. In the meantime we will keep you updated about the proceedings with the OFT on a regular basis. You can also check the latest position on our website Welcome to lloydstsb.com. We appreciate that you may have wanted to have your complaint dealt with more quickly, or felt there were circumstances which justified this, however we can assure you we will be taking steps to ensure that your complaint will not be disadvantaged whilst our legal proceedings with the OFT continue. We believe that our current account fees and charges are clear and represent a fair charge for a banking service that is valued by our customers. If at the end of the OFT case the court agrees with us, we will not reclaime this payment as we've made it to you as a gesture of goodwill. If the court finds in favour of the OFT, this payment may be deducted when we consider the rest of any complaint at that later stage. Please let me know how you want to proceed. If you do still want to reject our payment please comfirm that you want us to cancel the cheque you've returned. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely David Clarke Customer Service Recovery
  10. thanks Guidot But do i need to carfully word my letter as elsinor has suggested or do I send them your letter 1 template? Ta David
  11. elsinore thanks for your help, i would appreciate your help with putting together a response letter please. thanks david
  12. Hi elsinore, its from LTSB but it dont say without prejudice I had that letter offer the first time around 8 months ago which said without prejudice and i sent the chq back at that time. What do you think? Thanks
  13. hi all. My stayed claim is for approx £3000 I haven't been on here for ages since the court case was anounced and the birmingham county court stayed my case. But today i recieved a letter from Lloyds tsb (the first correspondence for over 6 months) They have asked me to reconcider accepting the £750 cheque that i returned to them over 8 months ago. They say in there letter that before i reject it they want me to know that the payment is an offer of goodwill, and does not affect my right to take further action if i think necessary. They also go on to say that if the court finds in favour of the OFT, this payment may be deducted when they concider the rest of any complaint at that later stage. Can anyone offer me any advise as to wether to accept the £750 or not?? Thanks David
  14. is anyone requesting to lift stays - or is it best to wait for the outcome of the test case?
  15. Yes as thought my case has been stayed by the wonderful District Judge Cooke sitting at Birmingham County Court It is ordered That: The court is aware that a test case has been issued in the hight Court between the OFT and certain banks, with a view of deternining issues of legal principle in relation to the recovery of charges made on bank current accounts and the applicability of the unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations and other legislation to such charges. Upon it appearing that the issues raised in the test case will affect this claim, the claim is stayed until further order with a view to awaiting the decision in the test case. Either party may apply at any time, by application on notice in accordance with CPR23, to lift the stay. If there is no such application by 30th Sept 2008, the court will in any event then consider whether to make a further order. Can i appeal? or is it best to wait for the test case?
  16. response to my LBA yesterday Basically, they say because of the test case they will file my complaint untill the outcome. If I go ahead with a court case then they will apply to the court for a stay. What should i do???
  17. i think they cant do that Kris - did you send out the template letters with the wording (remove default from my credit file)? I would call the credit checking company and ask for it to be removed
  18. Thanx Barty I shall give the court a ring on monday now - dont hold out too much hope tho! sorry
  19. thanx overflow, those are words of comfort and encouragement- LBA letter already sent out - let the battle begin
  20. sent substituted POCs from the templates libray. its been a few weeks now and not heard anything, does anyone know whats happening with current claims filed at court?
  21. sent my LBA letter today, but cant help thinking its going to be a waste of time. If i have to go to the next stage (File at Court) will i have to wait until the test case has been heard?
  22. I have recently recieved a reply to my first letter from the Halifax - the usuall we are not going to pay up letter. I want to know if it is still worth going to LBA letter because of the Test case or do i wait untill we know the outcome of this? Thanx
  23. thanx michael Is point 1 the charges amount not including any interest or is the total including interest?? Ta
  24. can anyone help me filling out points 18 (1) (2) & (3) of these new POCs Your help would be appreciated Thanx
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