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  1. I asked my employer (an independent school) to reduce my working hours as 45 - 48 hours per week in September would cause me childcare problems. I have been in this job 2 years. They basically said no and are putting pressure on me to hand in my notice next week, even though they know I haven't got another job. My contract says I have to give 1 month so effectively I don't need to resign until August 7th. What's more they have advertised my job and the closing date is early June. Where do I stand??
  2. I started a claim against Nationwide Credit Card and got to the LBA stage in August 2007. For one reason and another I didn't complete the claim. I would like to finish it now now, but where do I start - from the beginning??
  3. Thanks for the reply. The letter is now winging its way to them. Does anyone have any idea how I get them all to talk to each other and sort this mess out? I am paying the debt off through CCCS to Moorcroft who Littlewoods sent the debt to, but Littlewoods now say they have no record of that and keep adding charges. Moorcroft accept they are receiving money for that account but refuse to contact Littlewoods again. Shall I stop the payment to Moorcroft and hope they then contact Littlewoods to settle it between them?????
  4. I have had a DMP with CCCS for 2 years. All was well. Recently Littlewoods have been phoning me every 2 hours for money. This debt is being paid to Moorcroft Debt Recovery through CCCS. Moorcroft acknowledge they are collecting the money and tell me they have written to Littlewoods and are awaiting their reply. I have spoken to Littlewoods and they say that they have not been paid for 8 months and they have no record of the debt being transferred to Moorcroft. Littlewoods refuse to call Moorcroft and Vice Versa. CCCS just say tell them they cannot call and tell them that, I have done that and they still call every 2 hours. I have caller display and so I know its them, yesterday they called after 9.00 pm. I am continuing to pay to CCCS - and have written to them to clear up the matter. They are not offering a solution. PLEASE HELP they are driving me to distraction.
  5. Anyone help with next step please?
  6. Claim deemed served on 5 July 2007. Cap One have until 19 July to reply. My local court has made an order of its own and transferred the hearing to another court for "A PROPER OFFICIER HEARING" further away?
  7. Sent SAR request for my husband. 29 June 2007 - Received a letter from Nationwide Credit Card saying hopefully someone could deal with the request by 2 July 2007?? 2 July 2007 - Received the statements etc that were asked for and also a letter saying they have completed their investigations and go on to explain that while he felt the charges were unfair, their terms and conditions etc were agreed. They go on to offer the difference between some of the charges and go state about the "fair" OFT £12.00 limit. It goes on for 2 pages!! WHILE THIS IS ALL VERY PROMPT - I ONLY ASKED FOR THE STATEMENTS?? They have offered to refund £109.00 -- Of course a fraction of the real amount and a really different response than from Nationwide itself. I will decline their offer --continue with my list of charges and then send them a REQUEST FOR PAYMENT.
  8. Thanks for reply MTM. On the ball as usual. My local court told me to ring Eversheds and ask them to send me the paperwork!! Eversheds letter tome says: " We are instructed by Nationwide Building Society to act for them in respect of recent claims made against them for refunds of bank charges. Our client has advised that you recently issued a claim against them (ref.........) in the Northampton County Court. We have been notified that you do not wish to proceed with the claim. Our client has informed us that they have refunded directly to your account the following sum as refund payment: Charges..........Interest..............Costs....................... In view of this please confirm that you no longer intend to proceed with the claim. Please sign and return at the bottom of this letter and return one copy in the enclosed pre-paid envelope. Thank you for your co-operation. Yours etc" AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LETTER THEY WANT ME TO SIGN: "I have received payment in respect of the claim (case ref xxxxxxxx) and no longer wish to proceed." Just needs signing and dating. This seems okay to me as it refers only to this claim? (Although they have got the court location wrong) Am I right - is it okay to send it back? I don't want to jeapodise my Nationwide Credit Card claim as you say. Any help appreciated - thanks.
  9. 28/6/07 Still no defence or paperwork from court. Rang court and they gave me Eversheds number as they had no contact or defence filed. Rang them and they asked what I wanted!! Told them I need to let them and the court know I was happy with settlement received and to close the matter at court. They have now sent me some paperwork to sign and return. They really were not on the ball on this one!! They have also got some of the details wrong on the letter they sent me - they said my claim was from Northampton County Court. This isn't anywhere near my local court - I guess they just assumed? They must be extremely busy!!
  10. 29/06/07 No more correspondence or offers so filed in local court. Waiting begins!!!
  11. Thanks for all replies. Will be spending some of the winnings on holiday in Florida next month!!! I just followed carefully all the great threads and information on this site. Next on my list is Nationwide Credit Card!! Capital One are already in my sights!!
  12. LBA and rejection letter recieved by them on 11.06.07 (recorded delivery). File claim in court on 25.06.07 if no satisfactory response.
  13. Just to update my situation: Nationwide have paid £9884.13 into my account which I now have gained access to!!!!!!!!!! That is all my charges -- plus interest -- plus court fee of £250.00 -- plus £10.00 DPA request!!!! Although the refunds started going in the account on 8 June 2007 I still have not heard anything from the court/Nationwide or Eversheds??? Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way especially when I started worrying. :lol:
  14. Money started going into account on 8 June - 2 payments, then 9 June - 9 payments - :-o totalling £9884.13 :D Not heard anything from court or Nationwide. Luckily decided to try to gain access to account we thought was closed - went into branch. Need to wait till tomorrow for it to be reactivated and then we can get to the money. THANKS TO ALL FOR YOUR HELP AND ESPECIALLY TO THIS SITE FOR ITS INVALUABLE INFORMATION. Donation on its way!!!
  15. Thanks MilkTrayMan you have been a helping hand along the way! I know I shouldn't assume - perhaps it was just hope running out --lol. .......................But I have my money and one more debt paid off --HOORAY.
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