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  1. Here is a draft of my second Data Protection Act, doe sit look ok?
  2. Thanks again for ur input T4FF, Well just to update: Went ahead and sent 14-day LBA letter for original amount (no CI included). Waiting to hear back from BoS. Will post again when I do.
  3. Well got my first six years of statements from RBS, as per my first DPA request. And about to send second DPA. I intend to include a request for transactions/charges over +6 years (as mentioned above), and also a request for ALL transactions/charges on my RBS VISA card. As always(!!) I have a few questions - My understanding is that this is ok (including 2 accounts in 1 SAR). Am I right on this? Both these accounts have gone in to default. Is there any other info it would be useful to have further down the line given this, and is possible to request in my SAR? In particular, the
  4. Hi there all, This is my second thread, and about my claim against BoS. It regards my current current account with BoS (I do have a parachute a/c in case). I've decided to start with this one first as... -It's the smallest claim ££-wise; small enough as to have no problems with the Scottish £750 small-claims limit. -I already had all my statements -The account is still open, as opposed to 'closed w/letters from debt collection agencies'. So far I've sent my first claim letter. Got the usual "we're dealing with it, it'll take us up to 8 weeks as per Banking Code etc" l
  5. Thanks for your reply T4FF, Unfortunately, the letter I sent was not the template from this site (I only joined last night) - but an amalgam of DPA letters from various other sites, and requests statements from the last 6 years (I was under the misconception stated in your post!). If I have to send a further DPA (which may be the case), would you advise I just use the CAG template? Is there anything I should add to it, as a 'pre-emptive rebutal' to any refusal on their part to send the 6yrs+ info? Basically, a less-crude version of "and don't bother wasting my time with [inser
  6. Thanks Rooster I will give them a phone just incase...then send an additional letter if that gets me nowhere. Only a couple extra years of info to get, but if my recollections are correct, it should be worth the extra £10. The annoying thing is I remember having statements #s 1-100 in date order in a polyfile. I think I threw them out !! lol
  7. Hey there all, I'm aiming to claim back charges from RBS, relating to a now closed (by them) Student Royalties Account. The reason for it closing was....can u guess? Yup, Hundereds and hundereds of £s of charges. I put my head in the sand, ignored letters from them (and debit collection agencies), and moved on. I figured, "if they want to take me to court, let them". But as you can imagine, or may know, I always had that nagging sense that it had to be sorted out some day. Well, when I heard about reclaiming bank charges I fugured now is the time. At the moment, I have one kin
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