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  1. Hi unmoderatetheNet Hope this thread is still open! Do you really believe these schmucks really pay any fines imposed or settle for a cosy lunch in leafy Surbiton? Van
  2. Please subscribe me to this thread as I need to study it in detail and am a bit preoccupied as living alone whilst wife has been returned to hospital due to negligence of local council and NHS. Yes, have commenced legal action against NHS using household legal expenses insurance:D for funding. Vandermerwe
  3. New approach today "It's ****** here from HSBC, can you confirm the first line of your address?" Impersonating a banker - whatever next! Van
  4. Ja Surfer there's lots of ous there with our lekker name, and we don't much take to skeeming Poms when they try to crook you like that DAS mob! I've been arguing with them for a couple of months now over their choice of solicitor (which appears on the 'Solicitors from Hell' website - well worth Googling). The legal firm has now shot themselves in the foot by putting a paralegal on the case who has stated, on the firm's letterhead, "I am a solicitor'. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (a.k.a The Law Society) seem to find this a bit naughty and tell me it is a criminal offence to impersonate a solicitor and they always prosecute such incidents:D Vrystaat!!! Van
  5. I thought Experian was a reputable company, but they have debited my account a couple of days after subscribing to their "free" (heavily advertised on TV) credit report. Have Googled 'creditexpert [problem]' and it seems I have been conned and shall be charged every month now. I know....mea culpa, caveat emptor et al but any idea how to stop these [problematic] short of changing my bank? Vandermerwe
  6. 97 Ewell Road, Surbiton KT6 6AH..Phone: 020 n8339 6363. Also use 0870 770 6642. Now trying it on with HSBC Company registration 2267884 Vandermerwe
  7. Hello friends Yes, it's me again! First posting on the Bear Garden 'cos I've not only had a bad day but also a bad year. Until tonight, that is when I found PD's last contribution and thought she might be able yo help. Although I still get e-mail messages and can locate the site I am told I am not registered and cannot post. Have any of you an idea how to get back? I don't think I have done anything naughty, I really don't. It will be interesting to see if this message is accepted. Upset and hurt Van.
  8. Good morning mooreda I've been an enthusiastic Cagger for some time now but came upon this thread courtesy of Google. My case relates to medical negligence for which I had excellent help from AVMA (avma.org.uk) a registered charity who referred us to a specialist solicitor a one hour drive away. They appeared ideal with one of the partners having specialist medical knowledge substantive to the case. Upon contacting them one of the first questions asked was whether we had any insurance. I responded with 'household legal expenses cover' Several weeks later I have been advised DAS will 'consider' the case and the appointment of a 'panel solicitor'. The case involves a lack of duty of care by the NHS and relates to my wife (now paralysed). I have no confidence in DAS. With the help of two medical professionals (our son and daughter) and a legal professional (or other son) we have prepared a robust submission but appear unable to proceed beyond the insurance obstacle which we never knew existed. Any help/comments greatly appreciated. Vandermerwe .
  9. Hi Endymion I want to take action aganst the NHS for financial compensation due to lack of care. I have a specific solicitor in mind who first asked whether I had any assurance to cover the costs involved. I mentioned my 'legal expenses' cover which turned out to be DAS who insist on using one of their panel solicitors. Hope this answers your question. Regards. Van
  10. Hi andyford 200 I have been lumbered with DAS for a complicated medical negligence claim with my chosen solicitor refused "until proceedings commence". This is based on their interpretation of an ECJ decision of last September. Am just waiting to see which two bit barrack room lawyer they suggest. I've done so much research into the medical and legal issues involved I think I shall be a match for them and would willingly share my legal sources with you if you wish. Goodluck! Vandermerwe P.S. Both my solicitor and barrister son used the same word to describe DAS - b******s.
  11. Hi jafoole I've been referred by AvMA to an allegedly fine firm of medical negligence solicitors but haven't got past arguing over whether or not they will take on our case. Obviously I am giving it my best go, but to me the situation is one without defence: 1. The NHS has a duty of care to patients; 2. That duty of care (in the case of my wife) was to provide specific treatment in accordance with NICE protocol; 3. It failed to so provide over a weekend as the required medical professionals were not (or ever were) available during the period between 17.30 hours on a Friday and 08.30 the following Monday; 4. I am now left with a highly intelligent and literate, but semi-paralysed, wife. What does this wretched health service of ours want? For her to waste away and die? Regretably - according to our son who, thanks to our upbring and support, was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons at the age of 27 - had to agree 'yes'. Sorry this is of no help to you in your situation and all I can do is include you in my prayers - as I do for others in similar situations. Van
  12. Good morning Eivad5. Just a thought -- is your solicitor on AvMA's approved list? You can find out from their website and I believe it might be worth getting a second opinion:confused:. My wife is in a similar situation having obtained her notes only to find some missing. The ones, in fact, that show negligence and poor care! I have a feeling this is all too common. She has just submitted details to AVMA to commence litigation. Too early to get a response, but the hospital wants to be paid for the notes now so we'll agree once they are complete. Regards. Van
  13. Lucky Pete? I hope so. Rather depends on whether the Court follows the rules and regs. I love the solicitors' names:p Personally, I would go for the old established firm of Messrs. Sue, Grabbit & Runne. Will await next instalment. As ever. Van
  14. Good morning Frankieg So very sorry to hear about your dad's appalling treatment. I got my wife's notes reasonably quickly from one hospital (plus an invoice for £38.00:mad:) after the initial request was "lost"! Almost entirely written by hand and containing some material omissions and untruths. Have been marking time until I could get legal advice and picked up a contact from a thread on this site - avma.org - but won't comment further as it might be considered touting. Suffice it to say I ran it past our son who practises at the Criminal Bar and who said "go for it", adding he was anti in principle to the type of solicitor required, but agreed that as avma was a registered charity they should be taken seriously. His view was that the NHS has deep pockets and that they will pay out to avoid bad publicity. We are not looking for damages: just sufficient compensation to cover the cost of treatment we know exists in this country and which, so far, the NHS has refused to fund. Our (my wife is home now but deteriorating due to lack of home care) problem is in completing the sequence of events in the manner suggested by Van minor i.e. without elaborating unnecessarily, making personal observations, or confusing any details regarding previous strokes. My wife is giving me the facts as she recalls them; I am ensuring nothing stated is so related (fortunately we have an independent witness to many events) and - with luck - the form will be submitted by the week's end. I did say above I would start another thread, as suggested by Eivads, but decided this would be non-productive in view of my December 2007 thread entitled Re: Legal action against the NHS (suggest you read it) which contained some serious advice together with what I considered to be vituperative and vicious comments by people of a certain ilk. I'll now wind up that thread and, if Eivads has no objection, continue here. Obviously all subject to the site moderators' approval. I am always available if you feel a pm is required. Good luck and best regards. Van
  15. Morning Pete. Just a quickie to say alles van die beste. Awaiting next post:D Van
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