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  1. My Wife received a call from a mobile number this morning from a person claiming to be a bank charge recovery company, she said no thanks and hung up. I dont know where they got my wife number from or if it has anything to do with the fact that Ive only just got the statements from her lloyds account. Has anyone else had these phone calls? just wanted to warn BF and the others just incase this company is going to cause problems. It mite be legite I dont know. just giving people the heads up.
  2. checked bank at lunch time, no money, checked 30 seconds ago and there it is £813!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy days, Im so glad it came now cos i phone [problem] and they said it can take upto 4weeks for the money to go in, and i was dreading starting to make up a court bundle. could a mod change my thread to won please, thank you all very much
  3. Posted the settlement letter on 7th june, Im the most impatient person in the world, whats the average number of days im dealing with until i get my claim back? and is there anything i can do to speed things up?
  4. Got settlement letter this morning from [problem]. for full amount, and on the very same day i get a hearing date from the court of the 25th sept. :Dwill wait til I have the money in my sticky little mits before i change thread to won. oh happy days
  5. And low and behold, a letter came through the letter box this morning. a letter from [problem]. offering me the full claim off to the post office right now. Happy days
  6. looks like im in the same boat, I got the exact same letter this morning, Ive already been told that it could mean that a settlement is due. I wont be waiting with baited breath though. but you can but hope. so role on the postie.
  7. thanks for the advice nicsussex, I didn't think that there was a great deal I could do. to know that a settlement USUALLY follows these letters is of sum comfort. but i know not to hold my breath in there situations.. my claim only for £800 so peanuts compared to youknowsit, congrats mate.have fun spending it. here's hoping they over pay me 2
  8. just an update on claim, Received a letter from [problem], quote In the BRENTFORD (my claim is at banbury not brentford) County court We act for lloyds tsb bank plc We have been passed a copy of the proceedings that you have issued against our client in BRENTFORD? County Court. The bank will be defending these proceedings in the following grounds 1. the fees that you seek are properly incorporated into your contract with the bank; and 2. By making payments (whether by cheque, debit card or any other means) from your account where you have unsufficiant funds to cover them, you are making a request to the bank for an increased overdraft, which the bank may meet or decline.If it meets your request you much pay the necessary charges, The issue of penalties only arises as a matter of law, where there has been a breach of contract, and there is no breach of contract here. Looking ahead, a situation which gives rise to a dispute is not one the bank wishes to continue. In view of this, you are requested, please, to make contact within the next 14 days with your local lloyds tsb branch manager, on 0845 3 000 000, to review your account. A review may be useful to consider whether your current banking arrangements are the most appropriate for your needs. we await confirmation from your bank that this action has been taken yours faithfully [problem] unquote It does make me laugh when they havent even got the right court. has anyone else has this letter and what you wrecken should i do about it. your advice would be greatly appreciated. tcw76
  9. that rejection partial letter is from the templates library. will post rejection letter tomorrow. so i guess i just sit and wait for them to actually put the money in my account.
  10. this is the main body of the rejection letter. any amendments to letter greatly appreciated. Response to settlement offer. Dear Jerry Sawyer Thank you for your letter dated 08/06/07. I respectfully decline your offer of Full and Final settlement. You may not have been aware that I commenced legal action against you for the full amount plus interest and costs on 21/05/07 and I would ask that you now refer this matter to your legal department for further instruction. I wish to stress that I do not accept your offer as Full and Final settlement and the money transfered to my account should not be viewed as my acceptance. I hereby authorise you to remove this sum accordingly. Alternatively, should you wish to settle my claim in full, then please forward the balance of the claim (£157) without further conditions and I will inform the court that the claim is settled.
  11. The only thing about the rejection letter is that its worded as if the money has gone into my account. but it hasn't with me (not yet anyway) im no good at english, is there any way of wording the letter for my circumstance?
  12. Thanks for the advice. and congrats for being the first person to reply to my thread.
  13. I dont think that they'll pay up anything as the 10 days have well and truly the 8th of june, the original date of the letter. and dont you think that it is abit odd that a letter took 14 days to get to me? sumthings not quiet right.
  14. thought its about time I started my claim thread. so here it I got a letter on the 8th of June. From Jerry Sawyer, Customer Services Recovery Center stating ( this is typed from my own fair hands so excuse any spelling mistakes) "Thank you for getting in touch with us again. I am sorry you are still un happy about your account charges. We've already explained that we believe it is fair to charge you for extra services you've requested, as long as you know about the charges in advance, When you didn't have enough in your account to cover a payment, we had to agree to make it by setting up or increasing your overdraft, or tell you we couldn't agree it. We feel its only fair to charge for our service in considering and implementing this. We've made it easy to keep a running check on how much is in your account. You can get an up to date balance at any of our cash machines, over the phone, online and by weekly text to your mobile. If you know a payment is going to take you over your agreed limit you're welcome to see if there's anything we can do. Generally we don't agree to adjust any of these charges, but i can tell you that on this occasion we are prepared to repay you £652 in full and final settlement of your complaint. We will credit this amount to your account within 10 days. We will also cancel any charges that we may have told you about but have not yet taken from your account. We will not refund any overdraft interest, standard account or service charges. I hope you now feel that I've been able to answer all the points you raised with us. Please treat this letter as our final response. This means that if you are still unhappy, you can ask the Financial Ombudsman Service to investigate your complaint, so long as you do so within six months of the date of this letter." Has anyone else had a letter like this?, the £652 is my original claim b4 it went to court. I only got the letter on the 22nd June and I haven't received a penny. I'm at the AQ stage and sent it in last week. I would appreciate any advice/help on this matter many thanks everyone for a great site. tcw 76
  15. It wasnt a formal letter of settlement. more of a paragraph in a letter telling me that I was goin to get some of my claim back within 10 days. it required no reply and when ive tried to contact the recovery centre its impossible to talk to anyone at all. sent off my aq the other day, so its just a waiting game.
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