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  1. as he could turn up first thing tomorrow morning with a van and may incur more charges.... initial bill was £239.27 and already gone over £500... £185 to pay and dont want more costs if he turns up. jusyt worried to be honest as we cant afford to incur more costs...also to get him off our backs as our lives not that good at the minute and would be a less worry
  2. sorted money and trying to pay the guy to get him off my case...but going straight to answerphone???
  3. found a letter from before april 2014 where the bailiff added £44.90 for enforcement costs..... does this mean they were wrong to add £235?
  4. bailiff already added £44.90 and £235 to a 200 odd bill we owed...getting ridiculous now. thought partner was paying this off until today
  5. Thankyou.... no vehicle on finance wife's car worth £2000ish. will they charge me more if the turn up tomorrow with a van? Can they break in?
  6. when we called council tax they said that the bailiff had taken his charges and has not paid then the money we paid to pay off the bill on that day.
  7. hi can i please have some urgent advice..... Paid the council tax bill off same day they added £235 for a charge by the bailiff. they still chased for £235. Girlfriend said she would pay £50 a month as pressured. She paid the first one the missed the last couple as didnt have money. Now got a letter saying van tuning up tomorrow?? unless we pay £185 in full and call the enforcement agent. What can they do?
  8. will supply Rossendale's with a letter for depression from my doctor and of also our benefit awards notice with this letter.
  9. Sorry for such a late reply. I am sure of the £44.90 fee which has been paid in full with the outstanding bill but not sure of the breakdown. I have now received another letter telling me that I still owe £235 and this is a final letter stating that more fees will be charged when the officer turns up as stated on their letter. I have just written to them stating I am a vulnerable household as they know and asking why are they still attending for a bill that has been fully paid. (except the £235 enforcement fee). I will also write to Hastings Borough council telling them of the
  10. I was paying before april 2014, can you please explain levy goods? I never let them in my house and he walked away and five minutes later a letter went through my door explaining he had been and a 44.90 fee had been added to the account.
  11. Been paying Rossendales for months following an initial visit and £44.90 visit charge from a bailiff. Not had anything from them since they said I had broken my agreement when I tried to pay 2 days late. Until today?
  12. I called rossendales and they said the £235 stands and I have to call the enforcement agent to arrange payment so apid through their automated service. If £235 does not get added then the bill is paid in full. Will they chase me for just the £235 even though there is no original debt left??
  13. I have just borrowed the money and paid in full the £141.77 remaining debt and paid by Rossendales automatic online payment. (before reading comment....sheer panic rather than get into further debt The letter only came an hour ago. Ive prob just done the wrong thing AGAIN :'( Do you think I will still be charged the £235 enforcement agent visit???
  14. Hi All I have been paying Rossendales regularly with an outstanding council tax bill. I missed a payment by 2 days and tried to pay online. I put in the wrong card details and they blocked me from paying online. I did call them and they wouldn't take the payment over the phone as said I needed to speak with someone that wasn't in the office regarding my broken agreement. Today I have received a visit from an Enforcement Agent who left a letter for me adding £235 on top of the £140 outstanding bill. I am unemployed and now getting in more of a panic..... Please help
  15. can I do this even though it has gone further than a judgement order and gone back to court for something like an enforcement execution order (if that's right)?
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