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  1. Good luck (when the action happens) - and be prepared for all sorts of diversionary tactics. LOL
  2. "Charges as Notified" does fine! Indeed, on some of my statements that is the phrase that HBoS used!!! Sauce for the goose ........
  3. I'm very well, thank you. Just back from a week in Tenerife and was mooching around to see where we were all "at". It seems that it is drawing to a conclusion . . . Just wish that the OFT would get on with things!! I'm still rubbing my hands in anticipation of getting the balance of £21k!!!!
  4. Just hanging around, waiting for The House of Lords!
  5. That is one way of extracting the information that is rightfully yours. For 3 of my accounts I went down the road of the Information Commissioners Office. It took some time, but was successful.
  6. HO! HO! Only your 5th one, SSL? I get the gold star, then! Seriously, the increasing arrogance of the Banking "profession" (sic!) beggars belief! I have the suspicion that - eventually - they are going to receive their come-uppance! You and I have both been around here long enough to know that persistent patience, in the end, wins the day! Sorry that you've been at the receiving end of more grief. PS. Can you imagine what might happen to CAG if you were CAGbotted (or even CAGbooted!)? The on-line petition for your re-instatement would crash the system!!!
  7. Wise move! And since SSL is *in the know* - I guess it won't be long until they are back here. Just another thought . . . I wonder under what Terms your previous claim was settled? In the past some of the Banks included a "rider" which said something along the lines of: "OK. We (grudgingly) return the cash that is (rightfully) yours. But just behave yourself from now on. We won't be as generous again." I'm sure that SSL will advise.
  8. Yes, SSL, I am back. I think that for months and months we were all in limbo - but now that matters seem to be progressing once more (albeit grindingly slowly) - it was time that I returned. After all, during my absence, the total that HBoS owes me (incl interest) now stands at a massive £22k (having already received some £11k back before the Test Case). Two more account details have surfaced and there are, I think, two more to extricate from the sticky fingers of HBoS! (Sorry, *fishes* - for hi-jacking your thread!)
  9. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/ Yup! But I have copies of the OLD templates stored on my PCn - if they would be of use - just PM me. But, caution ..... The Mods obviously removed them for re-drafting for a reason!
  10. I'd guess that there are (at least) two possible ways forward: 1. Stick at it - Write back with supporting evidence (I know you have already supplied them with it - but, from my experience the right hand often doesn't know what the left hand has done). 2. It's astonishing that they use the phrase: "regardless of any Court finding...." Is HBoS really saying that they are totally above the law? I think that the Ombudsman might have something to say about their cavalier manner.
  11. Ah! Bigmac, two of the folks I suggested should be here (and joined) are dealing with business accounts...... However, I'll have to check with them to see whether they were arranged as and under *Personal Account* status. Thanks for the RED alert there!
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