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  1. My boyfriend is getting regular letters from his former mobile operator, 3 and debt collection agencies employed by them (DLC) for a debt which is not owed. He has sent them letters explaining to 3 and DLC that no money is owed, asking for evidence of such debt to be sent, and to go to arbitration to determine how much (if any) is owed. These have all been ignored, and the demands keep coming. He has informed them that he regards continued demands in the absence of any response to his legitimate queries to be harassment - every time they make a new legal threat he is distraught and it usually takes me a couple of days to convince them that they are bullsh*tting and to cheer him back up, which like harassment to me. In the last letter he warned them that if another demand was received then appropriate action would be taken against either or both of the companies involved and possibly against the individuals concerned. Well yesterday he got yet another demand, and frankly I have had enough, and intend to take that action. My question is, do we make go through the courts to get some kind of injunction against them, or do we report their behaviour (which I regard as criminal) to the police and let them deal with it. If it is the former, any ideas how we go about this? If the latter do we report it to our local police force or 3's and DLC's local force? Hope someone on the board can help. Cheers.
  2. I sent Halifax my preliminary letter (requesting back £2,721.43 including statutory interest) giving them 2 weeks to respond. After one week I got a letter back from them saying they would reply to me no later than 4 weeks time. So do I stick to my original deadline or to I accommodate them (showing willingness to do so for if it ever gets to court)? Thanks for any advice.
  3. This happened to me when trying to get my data, I phoned up and instead of chasing it up, I just asked at what address I should serve court papers for my imminent claim for non-compliance - this seemed to get their attention. I eventually got through to a lady with the job title of "Data Protection Consultant" in the "Business Risk - Retail" department, who was very apologetic and helpful. I got my statements through by special delivery by 9am the next morning.
  4. Your best bet is probably to speak to your credit card company, tell them that they have been charged you for a service you have cancelled and ask for the money back. A "Chargeback" is what it is called. Companies hate them cos the Credit card companies not only take the money back but charge the company a fee for doing it. (I am guessing companies aren't covered by the consumer credit act - so these charges may actually be legal :o) This should spur Sainsbury's into actually doing what you originally requested them to do as it then becomes their problem, not yours. Good Luck.
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