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  1. My credit report shows a balance of £2000 and my account is now £0. I would like RBS to update their monthly update to Experian, as I am applying for a mortgage by the end of this week. No one at Branch can help me as they say they can't do it. Does anyone have the relevant person's contact details???? It's a long shot.
  2. I got so busy with graduation and my new job that I forgot about First Direct. Got off the phone with First Direct just now and they will offer me 88 pounds. I'm just waiting for that offer in letter and once received I will reject it requesting the full amount!!!
  3. jamjaruk

    Bank charges

    Hi, I no longer live in the UK and would like to know if I can still claim my bank charges? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have debts of under 10k at the tender age of 21 , having just graduated and bagged a good job I'm in a position to clear my debts. All my debts are interest free with the exception of one overdraft and one credit card whose interest free has recently expired. I'm in the position to pay these two debts of 1,800 off but am tempted to tart again and move this debt to an interest free virgin credit card (15 months) and save the cash I have in an Egg ISA - interest of 6.05% gross. I'm not sure if this is a good idea! Can anyone please advise me? I have two options - tart for 15 months or clear some of my debt now rather than 15 months down the line. Many thanks
  5. Just a quick question. Can I ask for a list of my charges through smiles secure message service?
  6. With the £175 charges I have calculated the compounded interest to be £60.74 with an interest rate of 13.92%, can I claim this interest?
  7. *UPDATE* Received the statements this morning and the total amount they owe me is £175. Damn, thought they owed me more than that.
  8. I will do. Once again thank you so much.
  9. Hi all, Finally, I got through to someone at First Direct. The parcel was sent via courier but because I wasn't at home, it was then forwarded to my old address! Thanks First Direct, for increasing my risk of fraud. Nontheless, I've got them to print off another batch and post them to my new address.... now waiting for the courier.... if it shows up
  10. Many thanks. case won! woo, now on to my next prey!
  11. Hi all, Thought i'd update everyone with whats happening. Barclaycard have still not removed my £56, it's twice now that I've asked to remove the money. And yes, I did send a letter before action, And just this morning I received a pile of statements from them, I found this odd. Anyway, when I take this issue to court can I still ask for the full amount even though some of the money is in my account? I want them to remove it but not having any luck with it.
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