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  1. finally got offer from DG fo full amount plus MCOL costs 8 days before due in court
  2. did anyone else read the article in the sun about the audit of abbey mortgages and that for the sample that was selcted the interest on all of them were calculated incorrectly and surprise surprise all were in favour of the bank (ie over calculated interest)
  3. did anyone else see the article in the sun about the audit of abbeys mortgages where for the sample selected all the mortgages had their interest calculated wrong and all were in favour of the bank!
  4. hi all i cant seem to find anything on the website about these but does anyone no about reclaiming mortgage redemption fees, not the exit fees that have already been looked into and the mortgage companies have to pay back the difference but the large amounts you have to pay for ending your mortgage early. i have seen some forums elsewhere saying that some cases under £5000 were won. anyone any info on this ta
  5. just spoke 2 some1 in another department at DG and they have confirmed that the number they give 0121 455 2701 is not answered and you need to leave a voice mail and they will reply.
  6. really? what number was 0121 455 2701?
  7. hi all iam having absolutley no luck getting hold of any1 at dg solicitors. does any1 have any contact details for people other than those listed on this website
  8. second claim from barclays settled in full plus costs. best of all got another charge on tuesday and they added it to the claim
  9. HI ALL Benn trying to get hold of a rachel tomlinson for a few days now as got a court date soon and am trying to get my claim settled but depsite numerous phone calls and emails i havent got through to her. does anyone have any other contact details as the ones listed on here all redirect me to her
  10. Ok so Barclays have settled in writing but i need to inform the court and let barclays have a copy. do i just write a letter? Is there a template or a specific form i use. The funny thing about this is barclays still deny that the charges are wrong and that they are only settling as the amount involved is not worth going to court for. so if this was the case why not just pay up 6 months ago when i wrote to them
  11. Barclays have settled my claim in full including court fees. my trial date was not until 13th July 2007.
  12. thats interesting as i have other commission charges usally around £4-£5 dating back years which i havent put on my claim
  13. not sure if anyone else has had this but barclays are now calling the £30 charges commission. how does this affect us claiming these back. i had one the other day that was still shown as charge and this was refunded the same day
  14. Cheers amanda always good to get some re assurance. i have no fear that i will get the money as with everyone its just the timescale, it seems to have dragged on forever. I have written to the solicitors again with a breakdown to see if it may prompt some action
  15. thinking about it these pre trial reviews sound bad news as surely they are just delaying things even longer. I mean i have had this date since march and its only pre trial so surely that means barclays would not be forced to pay up until the case actually came to trial?
  16. ok from what i have read evrone is at cambridge court on the 13th July although some people have already settled. Are there letters on here that i should use to try and speed this process up.
  17. Hi all got 3 claims all going on at same time 2 v barclays 1 v hsbc. All 3 now have a court date of 13 july its says on the letter pre trial review. This seems different to what everyone else is getting ie aq's etc any1 got any ideas
  18. hi i have a court date/ pre trial review date now. I guess its the standard procedure they will wait until the ,last minute then settle so little point me contacting them at moment? do u think it is worthwile me emailing a breakdown of the charges to them as they had a copy when i wrote the inital letters but nothing since. Thanks
  19. hi all couple of quick questions. 1.) I have my court date/ pre trial review date 2.) None of the paper work i have had from the court make refernce to the allocation questionnaire or court bundles i hear everyone on about. Do i need to do these? If so any help would be appreciated. I have tried emailing and ringin this Krysta but she hasnt repsonded (very busy i can appreciate) cheers
  20. court bundle? not heard anything about that can you help
  21. Hi all got a court date through as i have read alot of you have. What is the next step i have read that writing/ ringin barclays and trying to settle works at this point? any help will be appreciated
  22. hi there i currently have a mcol claim against hsbc which is coming close to the 28 days they need to enter a defence ( i know they will leave it till the last minute)! Has anyone got contact details for their in house solicitiors or people who are dealing with these claims i.e phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers, postal addresses, was gonna give it a shot at settling quickly for a reduced amount instead of them dragging it out thanks
  23. oh yer does anyone have the address to send the schedule to barclays as its there in house solicitors that need this info!!
  24. yer i read that was the case. thanks for that i will send them of. Do you think i should send of a detailed letter with the schedule like the ones this website basically going into more detail than on the mcol claim? or does this not really matter as the courts know whats going on?
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