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  1. hello everybody, i used to have an account with lloyds tsb. It was closed about 4 years ago as i went overdrawn because of all the charges. I have paid the debt off now which was sent to a debt collection agancy. Has anybody got any letter templates for closed accounts and the address to send them to. thanx jen
  2. hi, thanx for the fast reply but the links dont seem to be working i cant open them up, does anybody have anymore. Also as i had the credit card so long ago i dont have any account numbers or address to send them a letter has anyone else been in this situation and what i can do about it thanx jen
  3. hi could anybody help me. I had a credit card with capital one about three years ago. I went over my limit one month and ended up paying £650.00 to the debt collention agancy even though my credit limit with capital one was £200. Can i still try to claim some of the money back even though it went to debt collection and if so how.
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