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  1. Yes they asked me to sign a letter and inform the court to stop the hearing, i think they got scared because the asked the judge for the court date to be postponed for a month and the judge wouldnt do it for them i had sent draft direction in with my aq he didnt grant them but let me have my court date wihin three weeks rather than letting yb have there one month postponed date. but anyway im not signing anything untill the cheque has cleared just to be on the safe side.
  2. Hello not posted much on here but read alot of information, i had my court date for the 22nd of june, and this morning 8days before court i recived full and final settlement for £1,593.58 that includes court cost and intrest. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. AT LAST its been on going since december! just a bit of advice anyone ? my partner is worried because in feb i had an offer of yb for £160 i kept the cheque and didnt cash it in i didnt write and say i wasnt going to except it either? So i put that cheque in the bank as well do you think it could mess things up like the settlement for full and final been unable to clear ? i dont think so but he is worring about it ? they have also asked me to contact the court to stop the hearing but i think im gonna wait untill it has cleared ! :razz:
  3. Hello everyone i have recived my court date this morning after i asked the judge for draft directions. yb had asked the courts for it to br postponed for one month in there ac wich i recived a copy of only a week ago. the judge has said "the hearing will take place at 12.30 on the 22 june and will take no longer than 30 mins it also says each party shall deliver to the courts copies of all documents no later than 14days before the hearing. The original documents shall be brought to the hearing." " I am so excited and scared at the same time" I have read through so much information my head is spinning with it and i am still no closer to find out how to set my bundell out for court if someone could give me some advice please i want to set it all out today and send it off asap. thanks becky xx
  4. hello i was hoping someone could help me i have recived a copy of ybs aq yesturday. They have put they want it to be postponed for one month so that either party can attempt to settle the claim. Can you tell me what may happen from here if any ? and Also can someone tell me how i put my bundell together for court and what i need in the bundel please, i am waiting for the judge to make a decision on the draft directions and want to make sure i make no mistakes. becky.
  5. Hello everyone !!!, can someone please help me ?? i have recived yb draft directions this morning so i phoned the courts up to find out about the draft directions i asked the judge to consider, the courts said they havnt recived the draft directions yet which is 2days late her words not mine. and she said the judge wont make a decision untill the d/d has been loged on to there system. Also they have said they want it to be postponed for 1 month so that either party can make an informal discussion etc ? What i want to know is what does this mean ? Also can someone please give me some advice on how to but my bundell together and what i need is it a case of i need to get all my statments and highlight them ? and is there anything else i could add. PLEASE IF YOU ARE READING THIS MSSAGE CAN YOU REPLY AS I NEED THE HELP IM JUST READING PAGE AFTER PAGE OF THINGS THAT I DONT UNDERSTAND !!!!!! THANKS BECKY.
  6. Alternatively the jhudge may have shares in Lloyds
  7. I believe that the judge was firstly having a bad day and secondly getting fed up with his time being wasted in court by all the people claiming their bank charges back. Unfortunately he realises that the courts cannot stop the banks behaving like they do in the courts so he has decided to pick on the 'little man'. He cannot make the big corporates bend and so tries to make the 'small man'. He should have taken a leaf out of the London Judge. The London judge threatened the banks thatb if they kept failing to appear to court and dragging the whole thing out, then he would start awarding damages to we the claimants. THAT IS THE WAY TO GET THE BANKS TO CO-OPERATE. Hope Martin Lewis does keep his word and he helps you. That would make him a national hero in my books. Good luck Kev
  8. thanks for that you have been a real help, do you think i should just send one anyway or wait to see if they ask for it ?. thanks alot becks
  9. hello again thanks for thr advice what is this draft order for ? not to sure what im doing now so if you could please tell me, thanks becky .
  10. you are right thankyou ! if u havnt have told me that i would have been in a panic, i recived transfer this morning saying : A defence to this claim has been filed. the claim has been transferred to the court covering the area where the claiment lives or carries buiness. please read the accompanying documents carefully. then crossed out next to that it did say :and note the allocation questionaire should be returned to the sheffield county court, but that bit doesnt apply to me. SORRY if u think im a bit slo im not really just want to make sure im doing it right and understand fully what im doing. on the next page it says ** please note that an allocation fee may be payable in this instance. please contact the court of transfer for further details ? does that mean they will give me a court date etc.
  11. hello, went on money claim today to find that my j by default has been rejected as u all said because of the bank hols , so how long does anyone know it will take before the A Q to come and then what happens after that will it be a court date and how long will that take i go on my hols on the 4th of aug was wanting the money for then ?
  12. thankyou for doing that for me i had been on here all day trying to find out to start a thread and then were to do it, how long from now do you think it will take before i get my money ? im getting sick of it all just cant wait till its all over.
  13. hello ! im in the middle of taking yb to court for bank charges they sent me a letter on the 9th of march saying they were defending the claim ? they then had 28days to write a defence which was up on good friday so i entered judgment by default which was excepted by the courts. Then this morning 4days late i got a copy from the bank dated the 5th of april of there defence but the court was entering judgment by default at 10am this morning so i want to know if anyone out there knows what will happen as all this is getting on my nerves now its been going on for toooooo long ..
  14. will someone please tell me how i start a thread ? im new on here and dont know how to start one ,
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