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  1. Hi all im currently employed but i am looking to set up a business. I wanted to get a little advice and some information so i know where i stand. Im looking to set up business with a parner(business). We possibly have enough work to be bringing in from around £1000 to £2000 a month. I live in a privately rented flat have 2 daughters who stay with me from Firday evening through to Monday morning every week. My partner owns his house (paying mortgage) and has a duaghter who is with him for approx 50% of the week. Unfortunatley it seems to start with we are going to be on low wages hopefully not for long though. The first question is what would be the best way to set up the business e.g Ltd company or partnership and why. The second question is will be able to get help from the goverment to subsidise our low wages until the business is earning enough money to pay a full salery thanks in advance simon
  2. I did plough through it all its heavy and there isnt a refference to the "breach of contract" although it is stated that their current terms and conditions arnt written in a way that makes them clear to joe public
  3. Signed up with pipex 2 years ago and did my 12 months stint. Christmas 06 i get a call from there accounts department saying i owe them £200 and something. They say its there fault and because its christmass they will let me pay it off in 2 installments. Thanks Pipex at the time i was flush so i paid it in the 2 month period. Roll on october 07. I get a letter from pipex saying they dont have a record of any direct debit's for my account please fill in the form. I check with the bacnk the DD has been set up for ages. No one has taken the money though. I fill in the DD mandate and think nothing of it. Jan 08 wham bam pipex take the direct debit but take just short of £500. Whoooo nelly! My mrs gets in a tiz so i do a little resaerch and tell her to phone the bank and request the money be returned as we where not informed of the hike in the price for the DD. As allways my broadband is still working and i must not have paid for it in over 18 months. They are idiots
  4. sidcom

    Restart a Claim?

    Cheers for the advise. Inga is the one who told me i had refused abbeys offer. She is also the one who did not reply when i asked her for proof on the matter. Im gonna have a read over simon vs abbey for some pointers.
  5. Once the test case was announced i recieved word from the courts that my case was to be stayed untill the end of the test case. I was unable to object the stay with my court as im currently working 2 jobs to try and get myself out of the debt im in. Every month im over my overdraft limit with another bank. Im just about making ends meet treading the fine line that i am. My question is if there is anyway i can get the courts to hear my case. The costs i incured taking the case to court helped drive me into the not so good financial state im in not to mention the thousands of ££'s Abbey have shafted me for. I told abbey that i would like to accept their previous offer but they told me i had replied to them via email stating i had refused the offer. I asked them to send me a copy of this mail and havnt recived anything since it all went dead on the communication front from that point onwards. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I need to get out of my current financial situation as any unforseen future cash problems will be the straw that breaks the camels back and probaly send me bankcrupt. Thanks in advance sidcom
  6. I hope thats why they have only allocated 10 mins. Seems silly that abbey would reject an offer to settle for less knowing that going to court they would have to settle for the full amount. The mind baffles.
  7. Same thing happend to me. Carry on as normal. Send abbey a letter stating that you will deduct their payment from the final figure and will still be pursuing legal action. There are some templates for the reply hanging around on the board
  8. Im a lil down in the dumps in the words of han solo "ive got a bad feeling about this" Court Date is 0ctober 2nd. I asked for the courts to strike Abbys deffence as per the keep the pressure on thread. Alas it seems that has been ignored and im set to go to court for october. My case has only been allocated 10mins and it says they may even move it to a different location. Thats ok but i dont drive and i know there isnt any courts close by. Im worried about the whole situation and im feeling like i should maybe accept abbys 65% offer or making a counter offer seeing if they will pay 80-90% This whole thing is sapping my finances as it is, I know its for the greater good but october seems so far away and im getting poorer and poorer every month i hope i dont have to pay any more court fee's in the run up to this. Been racking my head for the past week or so when i recieved the letter, cant even think of any content for a letter to send to abby asking for more (feel like oliver twist) Help Me Obi Cag Kinobe your my only hope!
  9. sidcom

    Help With AQ

    Well i scanned in the AQ and printed it at work this morning. Just hope everything gets to where it should be now. Ohhhh i have little faith in the postal service. But dont get me wrong i love posties nothing against the front line postie. Prob should have sent it all recorded delivery but when your into abbey for just under £5,000, cash is not freely flowing especialy after i had to fork out another £100 to file the AQ. Roll on the court date so i can donate the site some cash, put food on the table and be merry!
  10. sidcom

    Help With AQ

    You guys are *'s I printed out the attachments twice i just need to photocopy the AQ Need to find somwhere to do it tonight Eek Need to have all my stuff sent in by the 6th
  11. sidcom

    Help With AQ

    Hi guys and thanks for your help. Im sending the attachments in the abuse order post http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/87766-abbey-abuse-orders-keeping.html I have another issue. Im supposed to send the AQ with attachments to the court and also to abbey. I only have one AQ form do i need to send a photocopy to abbey or do i just send the attacments?
  12. sidcom

    Help With AQ

    excellent i will be sending it tomorrow
  13. sidcom

    Help With AQ

    Hi there I need to fill in my AQ, i was thinking of using the new abuse order method. Can anyone please help me with the items i will need to attach to my AQ I think i need to proide 3 copies of the information in the Abuse orders thread. Do i also need to provide a court bundle to accompany th AQ Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi pal been reading some more of the forum i got a letter of abbey telling me they will make a goodwill gesture of £685. After reading some threads mainly this one im off to buy nappies and tomorrow will be sending my n1 minus the £685 remeber to just subtract the ammount rather than deleting the charges so you can have your interest of the charges too. Hope that helps you too nitrous
  15. Im in the same boat as you mate. Abbey have paid £600+ into my account clearing my overdraft and leaving me wth £500 in my account. I only found out the cash was in my bank today after reading through a few threads on the forum. Id like to know if i can do anything with this money or will doing so imply that i accept their offer.(i could do with using some of the money as my partner has just lost her job and im realy poor at the moment nappies to buy and the likes) If i were to use the money can i still claim for my charges or the charges minus the sum they paid. The full claim is worth over £4500 wich im obvoiusly eager to get back but im also eager to put nappies on my kiddies bottys! Any help is greatly appreciated. Ps sorry fo the thread hijack
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