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  1. Hi ims, thanks for the reply I have used a spreadsheet that I had previously, however, doesn't look quite right, can't seem to find the CAG one? Thanks
  2. About to submit my Bank of Scotland Loan PPI claim, what claim form do I submit? Thanks
  3. 25.11.2013: Subject Access Request sent by Recorded Delivery. 26.12.2013: Subject Access Request received, what a bundle, will take a bit of time to go through.
  4. SAR sent today by Recorded Delivery. Will await their reply with bated breath.
  5. I am about to send of my Subject Access Request to the Bank of Scotland, I have looked through the CAG Forum and there appears to be a few, have searched on-line and came across the following, Data Subject Access Request Dept, Lloyds Banking General Insurance, Tredegar Park, Newport, South Wales, NP10 8SB Has any body else used this address succesfully? Thanks
  6. Looking to buy time until they respond, will be interesting if I can source my statements and compare with the banks,
  7. Thanks for the reply ims, The loans were more than six years ago, I think I will send in a SAR and await their response, whilst I await a response I will search out my statements. Thanks again, much appreciated
  8. Hi ims, You state that there is no time limit in PPI claims, however, I have read that you can only go back a set amount of years, what is the criteria? Will a SAR request be enough? I am going back to 1997 & 2001 for two loans that were taken out, will I have to look out the statements or will the original paperwork be enough? Apologies if this is a bit lengthy, any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi, Thanks for the replies, I have the original paperwork that was drafted for the loans with the Insurance figure included, will I need the statements showing the payments on the loans? Thanks
  10. Good Evening, I am not sure if I am posting on the correct thread I have come across paperwork for loans that I had with the Bank of Scotland in 1998 & 2000, it includes "Insurance Loan - Services being financed, Creditcare Insurance Premium (Cash Price) Does anyone have any experience of these? Thanks in advance,
  11. Hi HB, Thanks for the response. The advisor said once my Company Sick Pay ran out I could claim on the Standard Life Plan, at the time I took out the plan my Company Sick Pay had a maximum of 6 weeks on full pay, the advisor recommended that to continue to meet my commitments that this plan would do this. Thanks
  12. Hi, Took out a Standard Life Income Protection Plan in 1995, after reading some of the post's regarding these plans, now believe it was not required as I was entitled to Full Company Sick Pay. at the time it was sold the Financial Advisor informed me that I could use up my Company Sick Pay, then apply for the Income Protection when the Sick Pay ran out, can this be deemed as mis-selling Thanks in advance
  13. Just received a response to my letter asking for a full refund of premiums and interest from Capital One. "Following our investigation into your complaint, we are comfortable that the policy was sold appropriately. You clearly indicated that you wanted to purchase the policy, and from the information you gave us you were eligible to do so. We are confident that all appropriate documentation and information was disclosed to you during your application. Therefore, we have decided not to uphold your complaint, we understand that this may be disappointing for you. However, our investigation has shown that you were given enough information to make an informed choice of whether to purchase PPI; you were eligible for the product and chose to purchase the product. Financial regulations require me to advise you that this is my final response in relation to this matter. However, you still have the option to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service within six months from the date of this letter." Any assistance as to my next step would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hello Dusary Received the exact same letter earlier in the week, checked out a couple of threads for the next course of action, a few called the bank directly with some positive results, I went down this road and called Customer Relations in Dunfermline, they were very helpful with a lot of info. I was told that this letter was not a final decision and as I called they would send both claims back for re-evaluation!
  15. Hi Kenny When I spoke to the FOS they did say if you are the sole account holder use the one claim form for multiple accounts if it is for the one institution. Not sure about this point as I have yet to submit the form, I currently have two claims with BoS running and put them on the one form, the FOS did say if there were any problems with the form they will be in touch? If it is for a joint account you can use the FOS, because of Data Protection the form does contain a section for joint complaints for both parties to sign. Read what chocolatte had to say regarding the FOS, maybe the time it takes is due to the demand as they did say they are snowed under with complaints. The moneysavingexpert site in there latest newsletter is now recommending this route, maybe this is lengthening the time scale. I have read elsewhere on various threads that other claimants are using the "until service" part in correspondence, this is for until a final settlement figure is received and accepted, better to ask around as I am not to sure about this. Hope this is some help, if not please reply and I will try and help Further to my claim with the Bank of Scotland, I called the Customer Relations Dept. in Dunfermline 07/06/07 after receiving the complaint declined letter, they were very helpful and are re-evaluating my claim, did say that the declined letter is not final? 06.04.07 Prelim Letter sent. 19.04.07 Response from BoS, investigating complaint. 25.04.07 LBA sent 13.05.07 Response No.2 from BoS, still investigating complaint 30.05.07 Response No.3 from BoS, complaint declined. 07.06.07 Called the bank and they are re-evaluating claim.
  16. Hi kennythecelt The FOS have asked me to forward the complaint form with any relevant details, once this has been looked at they can then make comment on the situation. Have been told that the claim can go back six years from the date of the initial approach to the bank (Prelim Letter), no further info if it can go back further, I will await the FOS investigation and see what comes out in the wash. Chocolatte's post is correct and is the tried and tested method, but I think I will give this route a go, court action is always there as a last resort, by trying this method I think I have been more than reasonable if it does go to court. Further to the FOS complaint form, if submitting a complaint form for multiple claims, you can use the one form providing it is for the same institution and you are the sole account holder. Hope this info is helpful.
  17. Further to the FOS debate regarding how far one can go back, I spoke to an adviser from the FOS on 05.06.07 and his take on my complaint is, that I submit the date of the "advice, transaction or poor service" part from my complaint to the date of the first charge, this being 23/05/2001. This has yet to be confirmed by the FOS as they do not have all the details of my claim. I am about to post the relevant paper work to the FOS and see what comes back. This seems yet another way to go before court action but only time will tell, the interesting comment from the FOS is, that they are and have been involved in these complaints and to date have not had to enforce their decision as the bank's have paid up in full. Something to do with the FOS asking for a breakdown on the true cost of the charges! Have put on the FOS Complaint Form for info. FOS Doc 1.doc
  18. Thanks Again Dusary Had a look at the complaints procedure for the FOS and see this is as yet another way to go before court action. Contacted the FOS and they are very busy at the moment, I wonder why . Informed that I complete a complaint's form downloaded from the FOS site and submit any other relevant details. General opinion from the FOS seems that once they have asked the bank for a breakdown of the cost to return an item, the information is not forthcoming and they settle without giving up the information. This seems to be quite a successful route, but time will tell. Letter of complaint to the FOS ready for posting and I await a reply. Regarding the interest and costs part, I have to await the FOS complaint's procedure to be completed. Financial Ombudsman Service 06.04.07 Prelim Letter sent. 19.04.07 Response from BoS, investigating complaint. 25.04.07 LBA sent 13.05.07 Response No.2 from BoS, still investigating complaint 30.05.07 Response No.3 from BoS, complaint declined. 06.06.07 Letter of complaint sent to the FOS. :wink:
  19. Hello Further to Dusary recommending the FOS route, does anyone have any information on how this works? Also is there a template letter for outright claim rejections? :?: Any info would be appreciated. 06.04.07 Prlim Letter sent. 19.04.07 Response from BoS, investigating complaint. 25.04.07 LBA sent 13.05.07 Response No.2 from Bos, still investigating complaint 30.05.07 Response No.3 from BoS, complaint rejected.
  20. Thanks Dusary. What is the procedure for the FOS way?
  21. Hello Received 30th May 2007 response from Bank of Scotland. "Thank you for your recent complaint about the charges which have been applied to your account. I am sorry you are unhappy. Our Investigation I have carried out an investigation of your complaint and I am satisfied that the charges have been correctly applied to your account. This letter explains the reasons behind my decision. We apply these charges because when customers have insufficient funds in their account to cover a payment they have asked us to make , this means additional work for us. As a result, we feel it is reasonable to charge for this service. So on, so on, so on. Outcome I am sorry to advise you I am declining your complaint. I hope I have explained the reasons for my decision." Response as expected, will send my response asking for a breakdown of the "Additional work for us" part. I know already what the response will be and see this as further ammunition for the court process, as they will not disclose the breakdown of the costs. Quote in their letter "we feel it is reasonable to charge for this service", sure I read somewhere on the site a thread regarding service charges? Can anyone offer advice on any of the above, and is this is the way to go Been on holiday hence the time delay. 06.04.07 Prelim letter sent asking to refund bank account charges. 19.04.07 Response from BoS, investigating complaint. 25.04.07 LBA sent. 13.05.07 Response from BoS, still investigating complaint. 30.05.07 Response from BoS, complaint declined.
  22. Hello I am about to submit my small claims action against Barclayshark with the Sheriff Court. I have read a thread on the site that, at the court stage you only add the 8% and not contractual interest, do I add the contractual interest, and can I submit the wasted costs letter along with the court action costs? Any advice would be appreciated 12.04.07 Prelim letter sent. 20.04.04 Response from Barclayshark, offered half my claim. 26.04.07 Rejection letter sent, accepting partial settlement but will pursue the balance. 02.05.07 Response No.2 from Barclayshark, still offering half and "no more". 12.05.07 Retaliation from Barclayshark, reduced credit limit and no UK cash withdrawals.
  23. Hello I used the LBA letter from the templates library and changed it to suit my situation, I have not yet posted the LBA as I am currently checking the site for a more relevant template letter, failing this I will go ahead and send the one I have. Maybe someone can let us know if there is a specific letter on the site for this type of situation, the claim is for charges on an expired loan taken out through the Associates and then taken over by Citifinancial. Can anyone help 26.04.07 Prelim letter sent. 17.05.07 Response from Citi, sod off! 18.05.07 LBA ready for posting.
  24. Thanks for that Gizmo Will be sending the LBA Friday 18th May 2007, I await their reply with bated breath. 26.04.07 Prelim letter sent. 17.05.07 Response from Citifinancial, sod off! 18.05.07 LBA ready for posting.
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