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  1. Hi Crazyworld, Many many thanks for the link, greatly appreciated. I'm going to have a nice glass of red wine now, sit at the computer and read through it. Kindest regards Siberianhusky
  2. Hi PPMAN159, I got as far as sending the LBA nearly three weeks ago and not received a reply as yet so wondering if on this basis of them not replying I could go down the ombudsman route Siberianhusky
  3. Hi All, As Nationwide have failed to respond to my request for charges to be repaid I want to contact the Financial Ombudsman for help as I have read on threads that this would also be a good way of re-claiming charges, could anyone point me in the right direction of how to go about this and to whom I should either contact or telephone Many thanks for your help, greatly appreciated Siberianhusky
  4. Hi Trish76, Many thanks for that, much appreciated. Quite daunting really doing all this but hey, it's gotta be done. SiberianHusky
  5. Hi All, Well, just been on MCOL and filling out the details ready to make a claim on Tuesday, just a quick question though, the account is in my name and the charges date back from April 2004 but about a year ago my husband went onto my account so it became a joint account and since then have had more charges. The letters that I have sent requesting money back from Nationwide have been in both names, now on the MCOL form it states individual, can I put both my and my husband's forenames in the same box? Many thanks SiberianHusky
  6. Hello and good evening to all, Just a bit of advice, I sent my LBA to my local branch by accident today by Recorded Delivery instead of sending it to Farnsby Street Swindon, do you think I should do another one tomorrow to Farnsby Street? Many thanks for your time Siberianhusky
  7. Hi Dar£n, Many thanks for that, I'll send the next letter Recorded Delivery, I just thought that if I had a hand receipt with the basic details of the letter on it that it would be ok but your right, I'll send it instead, don;t won't to give Nationwide anything to go on Have a good evening SiberianHusky
  8. One more question, when I sent my letter asking for refund of charges, they had 14 days from the 14th May, (I hand delivered the letter and obtained a receipt), to reply. as I have received a reply today can I hand deliver my next letter in tomorrow ? SiberianHusky
  9. Hi Julie, Many thanks for that, I'll start typing my next letter now!! Siberianhusky
  10. Hi everyone, Hope you are all stress free and having a good day. May I just ask anyone if this is standard. I sent the standard letter to my bank last week with a schedule of charges asking for a refund. I received a letter back today basically stating that they understand customers experience unforeseen financial difficulties, blah blah blah!! On page 2, now this what has had me confused, it states ' After careful consideration of your request, we're sorry that we can't agree to your charges being refunded. Only in exceptional circumstances do we refund charges and on this occasion w
  11. Good Morning everyone, Just a quick question, I applied for copies of my Nationwide statements on the 5th April with a £10 cheque enclosed, it was hand delivered and I made sure I got a receipt for the letter and cheque. I was just wondering if anyone else has waited this long to receive them as well Have a good day
  12. Hello everyone, Firstly, many many thanks for the replies, it is most appreciated. You are all quite right, I have just been on to the County Court which dealt with the bankruptcy and they have confirmed that the bankruptcy covers this debt. They have been really helpful and will today send details of the bankruptcy to the debt collection agency, but in the meantime I'm going to phone them up and tell them, in polite words of course, that they cannot chase me for this debt. Once again, thank you so so much Have a good weekend Siberianhusky
  13. Hi Scott, Many thanks for the reply, I'll get onto it first thing in the morning Siberianhusky
  14. Hello, Can anyone offer some advice please? I was declared bankrupt in August 2003 and last week I received a letter from a debt collection agency asking for payment on behalf of a phone company. I have been in contact with the Courts who have sent me a copy of my bankruptcy, there were a few debt collection agencies listed but without the amount of the debt so I can't tell if this debt was included. The debt dates back to June 2003 so is before the bankruptcy by 2 months. I have read an article on Myvesta website which states :- If you went bankrupt in years before and a credit
  15. Can anyone help me please!!! I hand delivered a letter to Nationwide last week requesting 6 years statements etc. I'm quite willing to take the bank on but unsure as to my position if they close my account, I was made bankrupt 4 years ago and if they close my account I cannot get another bank account, I've already tried just in case they close. Any help would be most appreciated. Many thanks Siberianhusky
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