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  1. Re: CCA request from HFO - I sent a letter requesting a true copy of the Barclaycard CCA in March 2007 and guess what? They still haven't bothered to send me a copy. I changed my phone number, which means that the numpties at HFO can't harass me all hours of the day.
  2. I've just contacted the OFT. Apparently, HFo Services have renewed the Consumer Credit Licence.
  3. Why should people on a low wage who may be only able to work part-time hours have excess income taken off them. The amount the government says a person can live on is ridicously low; you don't see any government minister surviving on £60 a week. Maybe Tax Credits should be disregarded and people who work part-time allowed to earn say £400 excluding Tax Credits before any income is taken off them.
  4. Why is it that if you are self-employed but working part-time hours, local councils reduce Housing Benefit - for every £1.00 earned a person loses 65p? Can I claim any benefits that will help meto increase my income. I have some ailments which mean that I'm only capable of part-time work. I htink it's unfair that people who work part-time hours are penalised and I can understand why people don't give all the information to agencies!!
  5. The Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank are part of the same banking group. Instead of a Solo or Electron card, they offer all Basic Account Customers a Maestro card, which apart from guaranteeing cheques, is the same card they give to their non-Basic Account Customers. The interest on the Instant Access Savings accounts is a bit lousy, but the call centres are based in Scotland and the Customer Advisors are very helpful.
  6. I emailed John Varley yesterday to see if Barclays could write off my debts (even though they have been sold on) as it is known that banks can write off bad debt. I also took the opportunity to mention in my email HFO Services Ltd; likewise, when I spoke to one of his team, I told her what HFO Services Ltd are like. If you want to email John Varley to tell him of your experiences with HFO or any other DCA which is giving you grief over a Barclays debt or a Barclaycard debt, his email address is: [email protected] Hopefully, the more people email him, the chance is that he will do something!!
  7. Re: HFO and possible tax 'evasion', I've contacted the Tax Evasion Hotline!!
  8. nope don't have a digital camera either!!
  9. HELP!! I have a Barclaycard Application form from 2002 along with the T&Cs. Although the signature is legible, other parts of the application are not. Likewise the T&Cs are legible. Given that I have an application form and T&Cs, do I have a true, original copy of the CCA? Cheers
  10. Just a quick question: I have looked at the so-called CCA that was sent to me by Barclaycard and the Date of Signature is 25.08.02. Barclaycard has sold on the debt to HFO, so can HFO chase me for the debt? I think I last made a payment to Barclaycard a few years back, so does that mean the date of my agreement doesn't matter?
  11. Whilst I believe that HFO Services should be brought 'to book', unfortunately, the directors would still be able to set up another DCA should the OFT decide to revoke their licence. Mr. Harper and his cronies would set up another company and just draft in some people to become directors. Given that Mr. Harper is allegedly a discharged bankrupt, why is he still allowed to be a director of a company? Despite people writing to Watchdog and complaining to the relevant authorities, the directors will probably find ways to still make money out of vulnerable people. They will still be able to persuade companies such as Barclays to sell debts to them. Mr. Harper and his fellow directorscannot be stopped because the various sanctions that are meted out are not sufficiently draconian to prevent them from setting up other dcas!
  12. to stop the HFO numpties, and I mean you Mr. Atkinson and your employess from harrassing you, just change your number. I changed my number and haven't had any more calls from them. Neither have they sent anything in the post to me, apart from that stupid First Logistics card. With regards to making complaints to the HFO Directors, then don't; the Director who I complained to, yes you Mr. Atkinson, was patronising and completely and utterly obnoxious. If anyone posting on the forum lives in West Yorkshire and they have a complaint to make about HFO Services, don't pin your hopes on West Yorkshire Trading Standards, they're about as much use as a tricycle towing a caravan!! By the way, Mr. Atkinson, or whoever from HFO is reading this post, the copy of the CCA I received from Barclaycard is illegible, therefore, any debt that I am supposed to owe won't be paid!!!
  13. Windywoo, change your phone number!! If this outfit calls you again, just put some music on and play it loudly down the phone. Alternatively, phone HFO up and just leave your phone off the hook!!
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