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  1. I wasnt happy with the amount they said so ive phoned them up and talked to a arse on the phone he wasnt to sure when i told him that the 5% ERC was ok even after i told him i was in my 3rd year so should ahve paid 4% he then told me talk to FOS so after a phone call to them I should get a letter soon from them. Not letting these ****ers get away with it.
  2. Got a letter back today off them saying after all the charges that were added to my account only £40(plus 8%) was unfair so they want my bank details so thay can give me the £55. Im not happy with this so whats the next step?
  3. Got a letter today saying they acknowledge my letter sent in 6th august 2012 and are going to look into my complaint and i should hear something in the next 4 weeks. Does this mean they will look at my charges and say yea they are all ours we owe you nothing or will they be honest and give me them back???? only time will tell.
  4. quick update phoned them today after hearing nothing from them after sending a letter stating how much they owe me (over £9k) sent the letter recorded but they cant find it (sent 03/08/12) the letter has been signed for but they have no idea were it is, ive gave them a week to find it or i go higher.
  5. I need a little help with welcome i missed a payment due to a pay cut at work i phone welcome and told them what was happening and that over the past 5 years i never missed a payment but was starting to find it hard to keep up my payments i missed 2 payments but did pay a lower amount for 1 of them since then ive had welcoem phoning me every day after money that i dont have. I spoke to my account manager yesterday and said i might be able to make a payment but have been told by her my account is now going to be increased by 10k all because of this and all she could tell me was we all a large
  6. Ive sent off the letter with the total amount of charges plus the 8% on top over 2 weeks ago, where do i go from here do i ujsut sit and wait and see what happens or do i go down the legal line?
  7. ive gone through my mortgage statement and found charges, what im not sure on is things like arrears management fee £50, early repayment stmnt fee £115(there is four of these some are £15), repayment charge £140, early repayment charge £3057.72 which of theses if any can i claim back.? Ive done the cissheet and added all the charges would some 1 mind looking at if for me to see if its ok or if ive added something i shouldnt have.
  8. i was charged £50 for every month i was in arrears plus interest on the arrears they also added 1% interest to my mortgage as well am i right in thinking i can claimn all these back ?
  9. Just a quick update got the info pack from acenden today makes for fun reading seems my arrears totaled over £3500 which i paid off they added £50 every month i was in arrears and added £100 fee every time, im not sure what i can claim back out of that but the best part after reading all the letters the last one dated 21st august 2009 2 years after i sold the house and cleared the mortgage i was £2.52 in arrrears and they were going to start repossession of the house and added a fee of £175 this is the first i ever knew about this. Can one give me any info on what to do next, im a bit of a l
  10. well ive been onthe phone 3 times so far trying to get some info about my postal order i sent, they still havent sent it back and will only take my £10 payment with my card i did manage to get a very bad copy of my agreement.
  11. Gets better got a letter today saying my signature doesnt make what they have on file and i need to send my passport or another ID type to them, i phone and talked to them and asked why i cant send a copy of my passport seems u need to get a lawyer to stamp and sign it to say this is you. Any one else ever have this many problems with them?
  12. got a letter back today saying they dont take postal orders so ive got to do a bank transfer as my account dont have a cheuqe book
  13. letter sent today the clock is rolling.
  14. ok thanks for that tip miz i would have forgot that bit.
  15. do they ahve the same address
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