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  1. I would have thought any CCJ court claim would not be issued until after I was evicted so what would be the point of sending them to an address I no longer resided at.
  2. Checked both Noddle and ClearScore and there are no CCJ against me. Surely if they did they would have already come looking for me as it's not like they don't know where I'm living. Plus the letter I got from the HA 2 years ago and recently (day before RCS letter arrived) both only state the arrears balance asking for payment. I never attended any hearing. If I add the address to my CRA file will that not impact on my credit rating? I'm down to 2 defaults which are due to drop off at end of year and don't want to mess it up again.
  3. I've had an email reply back from HA saying they will put note on my account that I'm starting payment plan from 1st April paying directly to HA. They also say they have told the DCA this. They go on to say that if I don't keep up with the payment plan they will refer me back to Regional Collection Services. I do have it in writing (by email) that they were first refusing to take my money at first but not sure if email counts or if it needs to be on paper.
  4. Thanks all, I have emailed the HA again and told them that I will not contract with the DCA and that I will be paying the payment plan with them directly. Just waiting to see what they say now. I'm happy to deal with the HA to clear this debt, I just don't want some "Bailiff" coming to my door as the letter tries to make out. As it's been made clear on here that they are just a toothless DCA then I can sleep better tonight.
  5. Doesn't show any linked addresses but I was never on the electoral roll at that address. I am at this address and it shows all my current and old accounts from last 6 years.
  6. I've just checked my Noddle report (first time in 3 years, I really should do it regularly!) and there are no CCJ or any court claims listed.
  7. I had already left before the eviction date but I won't know if they sent any court papers to the address after I left. There are no extra costs on my rental statement balance. Just the rent due up until the date I was evicted which was 4th Jan 2016.
  8. I was evicted as I could no longer afford the rent although I left and handed the keys back before I was physically evicted.
  9. The HA are Bernicia Group. They had me over the Bailiff bit, I have a car parked on the driveway and I was thinking they would clap it if they turned up at my address. Which would be a nightmare.
  10. Sorry I blanked out the amount in case I could be identified by that. They have added £390 to the amount I owe the HA + £25 + VAT as stated on the letter. I have no idea where they have got that extra £390 from. HA don't mention anything of it, just the original balance.
  11. PDF of the letter attached. Not checked my credit file in a while but I doubt they have a CCJ on me at the old address as I moved out over 2 years ago and the HA have my current address. I am also still able to log into my rent account on the HA's website and it only lists the rent arrears on the statement, no court costs or anything like that. RCS letter.pdf
  12. The top of the letter says they are "Certificated bailiffs and Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers". Their website is http://www.rcs.org.uk The letter says that if I don't pay in full within 48 hours of the date of the letter they will pass my file to their "Bailiff/Debt Collector" then it gives the name of the said Bailiff/Debt Collector as "Mr Mitchell" and his mobile number should I want to discuss this.
  13. Not sure if this is the correct board to put this, sorry if not. I had a tenancy with a large Housing Association which ended 2 years ago and I left owing over £1K of arrears. The last 2 years I haven't heard anything from them (they knew my contact details so not sure why) and as such I just buried my head in the sand until now. They have passed my arrears to a bailiff company called Regional Collection Services based in Sunderland, who have added £390+VAT in costs to the arrears. I've contacted the Housing Association by email asking to set up a payment plan directly wit
  14. I logged into Moneyclaim this evening to file my defence to Bryan Carter/Lowells. I already logged in 2 weeks to acknowledge the claim and that I was going to defend. Tonight however, after logging in, all I get is And there is no option to file my defence. Does this mean I am too late? Any way around this? I CCA Lowells with a £1 postal order but they never responded with a copy of the credit agreement. Thanks
  15. He hasn't made a CCJ claim yet. Just a threat of one. CCJ 6 years ago was the fault of Natwest saying they had not issued court proceedings and had sent debt to a totally different DCA.
  16. I know they are the same company. I only phoned as I am trying to avoid another CCJ as Bryan Carter got one on me 6 years ago this month which is due to drop off credit file anytime now. I really do not want another one as I am trying to improve credit record. I fell behind with this debt due to reduced income and last payment to the credit card company was early last year. It is on my Experian and CallCredit (noddle) credit files. Not checked Equifax. Credit card was taken out in 2009 so I assume it is all legal and above board.
  17. I've had default notice, assignment letter, lots and lots of letters from Lowell/Red/Mckenzie Hall/whatever they decide to call themselves/etc. I even tried to set up a payment plan with Mckenzie Hall last autumn but at the same time I was getting conflicting calls/letters from Lowell saying they knew nothing of Mckenzie collecting the debt. In the end I didn't start paying the payment plan because of this. Then recently I got a letter from Fredrickson dated 6th May then 1 from Bryan Carter dated 14th May. Fredrickson/Carter say they are collecting for Lowell not Vanquis who the
  18. Thanks, I will SAR Vanquis. I know the debt is made up of a lot of charges but unfortunately I don't have the statements anymore.
  19. Vanquis credit card debt. It is not statute barred as it only spiralled out of control early last year.
  20. I received a letter in the post today from Bryan Carter regarding my Vanquis debt that was with Lowell then Fredricksons. It says they will issue court proceedings on the 28th of May if I don't make payment of the balance of £3000. I don't have that amount of spare cash just to pay off. I phoned Bryan Carter today to set up a monthly installment plan, the call centre chap went through my SOA (which I already had pre-worked out) and accepted my offer of installments. I offered to make a first installment today via their website (which I have done after registering
  21. Checked my Noddle account and for some reason it doesn't appear on there. I know it was on my £2 Experian report which I got in April but it was still with Vanquis for sure back then.
  22. Thanks for the advice, no direct debit has been set up. I would never allow that hence I asked them for their bank account number and sort code so I could make payments directly myself and be in control. I will dig out my paper work and see if the debt was sold or not. If it is still with Vanquis, then I will make payments directly to them.
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