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  1. I used the address that my account is held at Good luck with your claim!
  2. Thanks dpick I have a current balance of approx £2500 on card with a limit of £2000. I am currently paying this via a debt help agency who have managed to get them to freeze interest and all that garbage. My claim would be for £1056.30. My aim would ideally be to not owe them anything. Forgive me for being dull is CCI the same as CI which I believe is 34.9% for cap! SO, should I now just send them the prelim letter? Anyone?
  3. Hi Is there anyone out there who is able to advise me on my next steps here? Would like to get the ball well and truly rolling on this one now. To date the only letter I have sent to Cap 1 is CCA request, surprise suprise they replied with the T&C's, they are now well beyond their time limit for compliance and have now commited a criminal offence (i think) Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  4. Hi Anni Seems like you having as much luck getting help in here as I was. Not much help really here Anni as I never got this far but if my memory serves me right I have read on plenty of other posts that peopel accept offers as part payment. I'll have a look through some threads to see if I can find one for you. Maybe someone will come along who is better informed than me to help you - I hope so! Good luck
  5. Well guess i'm destined to stay in this thread and sink to the bottom eventually - hey ho! If by any chance you are a mod reading this could this thread please be moved to the WON thread - Thank you!
  6. Hi I would like to meet you all however, due to my circumtances I am unable to give a definate yes (or no for that matter) until prob the day before so.... as I live nearby anyway i'll just turn up if I am able to. Is this ok?
  7. Hi annie With regards to your aunties claim - out of interest what is the start date for page 41? Did you request ALL statements or last 5 years? That may be the issue (not sure). If the ones that are missing are (for want of a better word) relevant for her claim perhaps you could phone them to ask where the 1-40 are or even why they have been omitted? With regards to your claim, unless you are in an immediate hurry why not go about collating all your material (or thinking about it) prior to compleetion of N1/MCOL maybe you will hear something during this time. If you look on my thread you'll see that I should have sent off N1/MCOL but got the jitters but then a couple of weeks later was ready to get going again and luckily for me I got the letter of offer through to door prior to completing forms - Just a thought but ultimately it's your choice. I must add I am by no means an expert on this and had very little help getting my claim sorted, and i'm sure someone will say different to what I have just said. Good luck though!
  8. Hi Is there any MODS about these pages these days??? Does anyone know? Perhaps I should give you the donation littlesally?
  9. Rory32 you have confused me here, which is not difficult to do I admit or were you replying to what glav wrote? I just want to get my money in the quickest way possible (as does everyone I know) Getting my money back would write off my debt which is the ultimte goal - debt free!!
  10. CONGRATULATIONS TWOSUE ON YOUR WIN!!! I'm really please that you got a result
  11. That's great news Twosue - Well done! Littlesally little surprise i've been overlooked yet again!!! MODS - Please move me to the WINNERS board - Tank you!
  12. It is as simple as that just follow the instructions & copy the template letter adding what you need to where. Make sure you keep a record of your timelines/timescales when next stage is due etc makes life a little easier I've done it - so can you Good luck - not that you'll need it
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