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  1. Hi Caro, No, I phoned court twice to check recently and they had not applied for stay, even Judge was surprised that they had not turned up
  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes Georgieboy Went to court today and was very surprised to see that there was no one from YB there! Got called to see Judge and thought I was on to a winner.... Judge said that because my bundle contained over 100 pages that he would have to set aside 4 HOURS to read it all, and commented that he had seen this kind of evidence before, copied from a consumer site( it wasnt copied,lots of things were changed to suit my case:rolleyes: ) It was obvious that he was biased towards the bank and said that due to the OFT case in january, that Judges could not continue making judgements now that a case had been announced and that people seem to think that if the Defence does not turn up then they can say a few words and win by default:( Anyway it has been stayed by the Judge until outcome of OFT case. Not happy. MM
  3. nothing in the post today:( surprise surprise the hearing is tomorrow at 10. They either want to defend:roll: or more realistically they will be applying for a stay. will keep you informed..... MM
  4. thanks for the reply Ross;) Does not sound too good for me next week does it? I wonder if its worth phoning the court to find out whats going to happen, or at least if they know about a stay application.last time I spoke to them they said they had no record of stay being requested and that was about 3 weeks ago. Will keep you informed.......
  5. hello people, disappointed not getting a reply in my time of need but struggled through and sent bundle to YB and court,21 days before court date. Should have received documents from YB by today(7 days) but of course there is nothing in the post:rolleyes: Have heard nothing about application for a stay so presume case is still on for next thursday 20th. Paperwork that i received from court on 8th july stated that if any party wished to apply for a stay, or for it to be set aside, to apply within 14 days OF THAT DATE. Maybe this is why it looks to be going ahead. have the defaulted by not supplying the paperwork on time?? Many Thanks MM
  6. please help!! need to send bundle tomorrow but need witness statement for YB. Found one for Abbey but a lot of info needs finding and changing. does anyone have a copy for YB please:)
  7. many thanks priorityone:) i will get down to my local Dixons ASAP:smile: and see how the land lies......
  8. a million thanks hedgey06:) i think i have found most of the above the only thing that i am struggling with is T & C s. where do i find them?
  9. thanks Hedgey06 for your quick reply! Below is what I have received from court: 1. This case is one of a number listed on the same date.both parties must be ready for trial on that date. 2. Any party may rely as evidence on a statement of cases (if verified by a statement of truth). Evidence of witnesses will be given in writing only, by way of a sworn affidavit or witness statement verified by the truth. 3. Any witness evidence or documents to rely on by the claimant must be filed at court and served on the Defendant no later than 21 days before the hearing. Any witness evidence of documents to be relied on by the Defendant must be filed at court and serve on the claimant no later than 7 days before the hearing. 4. Each party must provide its documents and written evidence (inc. a copy of any statement of case relied on) in a single bound and paginated bundle clearly marked on the front with the case number and names of parties. I hope this helps you to help me!
  10. Hi folks, I bought a new Toshiba Equium laptop last may from Dixons and a few months later the left hand mouse key became faulty and I sent it off to be replaced under warranty-no problem I have now had it 1 year and 3 months and the warranty has finished. Since then the laptop overheats and cuts out and now the power adapter has packed in, I have just had a quote of £60 for a new lead:rolleyes: Do I have any comeback with Dixons and what bit of legislation should I quote? many thanks:)
  11. Hi Folks I have just received a court date of 20th sept at Preston county court(my birthday:) ) Had a letter from YB in july telling me that they would be applying for a stay. Phoned court today and they say there is no record of this, so to carry on as normal. I have printed basic court bundle with statements etc but am not sure what else needs to go in bundle.I have read on the forum that a statement of evidence should be included, and also the T&Cs. Is this the case and what else do I need to include:confused: I have looked for these items on site but am struggling to find them All advice is gratefully received:)
  12. many thanks georgieboy:) i read somewhere that MCOL are doing away with AQs:?:
  13. i received defence on 30 th may just wondering how long it takes for court date to come?
  14. Hi folks i'm claiming back charges on behalf of my other half as she did not want the hassle of it......at times i can see why! filed at MCOL 30.4.07 claim for £210 plus interest and cost: £300 in total received letter on 21.5.07 offering £200 in full and final settlement:roll: sent rejection letter next day;) received 4 page defence today from Kirsty-she's a busy girl! she just got it in before 28 day deadline... not sure what happens now- will i get an AQ or if not then what will i get next? all help very gratefully received!!!!
  15. hi folks, I started claim with MCOL and acknowledgement was received on 8th may from Yorkshire, intending to defend the claim. My claim is for £210 plus interest of £60.63 plus £30 costs, a total of £300.63. I have just received an offer of £200 through Jeremy Sutcliffe & Co Solicitors of Leeds in full and final settlement. If I was to reject this offer will they offer eventually offer interest on top of my claim or am I going to be holding out for another £10 with the risk of having to go to court:rolleyes: When I read rejection letter 6 it does not mention the interest also owed. many thanks!
  16. 16.1.07 sent statement request 22.1.07 replied-dealing with request 1.03.07 replied-high no. requests statements not yet available 21.03.07 statements arrive after phone call to leeds 22.03.07 wrote detailing charges- £210 30.03.07 replied- looking into complaint 5.04.07 replied- usual story not repaying charges:mad: 7.04.07 wrote asking for cash within 14 days or court action 26.04.07 replied as follows: "RE: Reopening your complaint I refer to your recent letter and as requested I have reopened the complaint and a further review is being undertaken. My understanding of the further issues you have raised are as follows: >initial complaint not fully investigated >no refund of charges levied to this account I hope to respond to your complaint shortly.I will write to you as soon as possible, once I have had an oppertunity to review the above. Every effort is being made to bring your complaint to a satisfactory conclusion." 1/ the complaint should not have been reopened as it was never closed:confused: 2/the complaint was surely fully investigated when the sent me a copy of T&C s saying " not prepared to refund charges" I got this letter today on the 14th day.I was going to start court action today.Should I wait for reply or are they just playing the game and trying to delay? many thanx, Motormouth
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