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  1. Can anyone advise please. My son has just phoned to say the Bailiffs have visited and want £450-he thinks it might be council tax but not sure. He's asked me to lend him the money which I can and I can pay over the phone but it's a mobile number and I'm very wary. It's Bristow & Suter btw.
  2. Getting up at 7.30 am on a Saturday (after being at work all week) to try and get tickets for Peter Kay next year. Took me 2 flipping hours:D
  3. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post. Hubby bets regularly so he's not a novice. However, he placed an accumulator in his regular shop the other day (well known chain). Stood in the queue to place his bet and was told his first horse was a non runner. Clerk said to quickly re-write his slip with another horse which he did. Bet was accepted. All horses won. When he went to claim his winnings there was a disputute as to the time the first race started. They say the bet was placed too late:confused: and they will only pay out on the result of the 2nd & 3rd races-a difference over £100.00. Can he appeal & to who? Area manager has said they will not pay out the full sum:(.
  4. Anyone remember lotto extra? I never entered my numbers. They came out one week. My OH was very philosophical about it-if you're not it, you can't win it.
  5. I take it you have no PPI's on any of your committments? Bearing in mind you might have paid or are paying them without realising?
  6. Big NO to the Payday loan. They have their own thread. You should have a read in case you get tempted in the future;).
  7. OMG-thought we were the only ones to see this. Son was in hospital and was advised not to use an antespetic wash on his BRAIN. Also cartons of MILK apparently contain MILK:confused:
  8. Well, if they were more widely available more people would buy them. Unfortunately I don't shop in Sainsburys or Oxfam so no don't haven't one. Although I have contributed. If they want to generate the maximum amount of cash, why aren't red noses more readily available? I shop every week at Asda and would quite happily add one to my trolley every week if I could.
  9. This was sent to me a few years ago in a chain email by a friend who had lost a daughter to a drink driver. It affected me deeply then and does now. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to reach the right people. I forwarded it to my son who was banned for drink/driving seven years ago to remind him of what could have been. It had the desired effect.
  10. My OH has a disciplinary hearing at work on Monday. He was having a private conversation with 3 mates in his works canteen a couple of weeks ago and inadvertantly mentioned a religious group. Won't mention it but I think its one of the biggest and apparantly he was disrespectful. The guy overheard the conversation-it was not directed to him or at him. It was shop floor banter and the chap who has now made the complaint even laughed about it. My OH is not in any way racist and could now face the sack after 20 years service. Our country has gone mad.
  11. Thank you Tilly. I was listening to a program on a local radio station the other day and this was the topic but I tuned in half way through and had to switch off before it finished so although it sounded like a good idea I couldn't understand how it could be so useful, they kept referring to 'ice' but I couldn't work out the acronym
  12. Wondered how long I'd have to wait for a foot spa-my wish was granted this year:D.
  13. BTW-meant to agree with Bookie-why don't providers fall over backwards to keep ther loyal existing customers.
  14. Well, we have SKY tv (full package) currently costing me just over £60/month cos we have multi-room. We've been with them for years. Phone & broadband connection is through Virgin Media. As a long standing customer again (originally Telewest Broadband) we are currently paying £42.20/month service charge for our broadband service (L) & telephone (exc. phone calls). I don't have a problem with the service I am receiving from either provider except for the fact that I am subsidising the cheap deals being offered to new customers:mad:. Why don't they reward me?
  15. Hi GM how you? Woolies is/was the only store in our town to offer a wide range of goods on demand. We have an Argos but its Call & Collect (order one day collect the next). We have a small Boots,Iceland & Superdrug. Woolies was great for Ladybird kids clothes:)
  16. Never use spellchecker. I rely on the good education I received in the 60's. Gilbert, with regard to JC get a life.
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