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  1. Just into my local branch of the Nat west to withdraw £4500 to pay a contractor, for a new roof. The bank refused to pay this money telling me it’s against the law to withdraw that amount from my account (the account has sufficient funds) they said I need an invoice for the work, before they can make the transaction. Spoke to the manager and he said that it was a new law introduced last year. I have looked for the law on Google and can’t find anything.
  2. Iam having simalar dealing with vodafone since feburary this year I cancelled my contract and took out a new one since then I have phoned them at least 10 times each time I have been told that the contract is cancelled and I owe nothing than low and behold in november I get a letter from a debt collection agency so again I phone vodafone and record the call informing them that the call i being recorded an operator who after telling 3 others vodafone employees that their being recorded talls me I'm not allowed to record calls to them and its illegal which I dispute with him he then promptly hangs up on me vodafone are a joke
  3. At present the contract is still running I don't know when the contract started but he has a termination date of the 25/11
  4. My son has seen out the terms of his contract with Vodafone and although he got into debt has a payment plan which he has been paying he no longer wants to use Vodafone as he's provider and they are demanding £500+ to terminate his contract his debt has been passed on to a debt management company fpc which is part of the Lowell group what can he do? :?
  5. I have found Hastings absolutley apalling same kind of problems they've taken payment in full even after I told them that their insurance was far to expensive and that I would not be renewing it before the date renewal was due I recieved a renewal notice 3 days after it was due for renewal on this they made an error with the no claims bonus and when I spoke to them about this they said that my no claims would be corrected and sent to me but they would charge me £25.00 for admin fees to cancel insurance that I told them I did not want or need needless to say I was not happy and asked to speak to a manger (Rob Stack) he was busy and would call me back what a joke still waiting for his call 3 days now.
  6. I recieved the new terms and conditions for my halifax account today and I was wondering about the legality of these charges? As its a charge and not intrest
  7. Hello the Fairy I recieved exactly the same letter today only differant amount I phoned the haliprats and said that this was unacceptable they got some one to phone me back who asked me what I would accept i told them no less than the full amount I was claiming and they agreed and said it will be credited to my account within the next 14 days
  8. No didn't get as far as filing the n1 they paid £1,156.50 into my account and sent me a letter with the usual full and final offer etc I phoned said this was unacceptable they phoned me back an hour later asking what I would accept I told them no less than the full amount and they agreed straight away job done.
  9. Phone call off the Halifax today offering the full amount to be paid into my account within the next 14 days. Big thanks to everybody on cag who helped me muck through. donation on its way as soon as they get the money in my account. 8)
  10. Phoned the Halifax to turn down their offer and they said they would phone me back. Just recieved a call from them offering me the full amount
  11. Further developments I have recieved a letter from the Halifax today offering me £1,152.50 roughtly 1/2 what they owe me needless to say I'm not going to accept this as full and final and will be phoning them to let them know I am going to proceed. I also checked my account and the moneys there already so fingers crossed for the full amount.
  12. This stalking sounds better and better
  13. If it's only harmless I must give it a go I'll try anithing once
  14. Quick question where do I find the address of the county court to send my N1 to?
  15. no stalking on my thread please I've got enough stress as it is
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