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  1. Have received payment for my claim going back 6yrs to 2001 without court action and did not sign away my right to issue further claims against the bank. Have statements going back to 1998 can I issue another claim for these earlier yrs on the same business account? Have all the statements.
  2. Just received my cheque this morning for amount claimed no court action needed and altered the acceptance notice so I have the right to claim again. Starting claim number 2 against the Northern .
  3. Just got the cheque for the amount claimed from the Northern Bank without court action today and I REFUSED to sign the acceptance notice giving up the right to claim again. Will start claim number two against the Northern soon.
  4. Hi Glav Just received my cheque from the Northern this morning for the amount I claimed having altered the acceptance notice I have the right to lodge another claim. Just awaiting cheque clearance.
  5. Hi Glav Great news will send my amended acceptance letter today. Enjoy the money. Thanks Doyler
  6. Hi Glav Any response from the Northern Bank on your claim ?
  7. Hi Glav thanks for the information I have 30 days to answer please keep in touch with the outcome of your case. What bank are you claiming from? Good Luck
  8. Had a business account with the Northern Bank claimed back 6 years amount claimed before interest was 1580.00 first offer was 768.00 declined sent 2nd letter This time the response came from the head branch asking for more time 20 days. Next day received another offer of 1487.00. This I would accept but I have to agree not to claim against the Northern and sign the same. I can go back another 3 years this would amount to 1000.00 before interest Happy with the latest offer how can I accept this without giving up my right to claim for the first 3 years ?
  9. I have had a offer from the Northern of half my claim I am sending the next letter asking for the full amount or court action will be taken. The bank would not be offering this money if it thought it was in the right would it?
  10. Thanks noomill060 the response was very friendly asking me for more time to complete their enquires with a time scale given for a decision. Will not call the manager as he is the person who was my business manager.
  11. hi i am claiming against the northern sent the first letter and had one back before the deadline. Asking me for more time to fully investigate my claim and inviting me to contact my manager they have asked for a further 20 days what should I do?
  12. Hi I had a business account with the Northern from 1997 to 2003 I have all the statements. The total charges total 5k before interest so I am going to fight them on the last 6 years first before trying to get the rest back later. I need some help please. Having filled out the spreadsheet with the various charges IE SD unpaid charges & referral charges I then deleted the 8% interest column as I had read you could not claim this at the start of a claim. This is where I loss the plot because it states in the 1st letter (business type) insert amount of charges then insert interest and add both together for the total. Could someone please advise.
  13. Hi My business account was opened 1998 and closed 2003. During this period I have charges of 3K not inculding interest.Has anyone claimed back more than 6 years against the Northern Bank?
  14. Hi Todge Sorry I gave you the wrong dates the account was closed 2003
  15. Hi New to the site so need some help please.I had a business account with the Northern Bank in Northern Ireland from 1998 to 2003.Have all the statements.I am going to claim back 6 years.When filling in the schedule of claim for charges form do I enter the full charge as on the statement ie SD UNPAID CHARGE 25.00 and dont add the 8%? Would like to claim from 1998 but will start with a claim back to 2001.
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