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  1. Talking to a Solicitor is the Next option, with the following proviso: Solicitors/ Lawyers who are fully trained and approved by the Law Society, who fully understand the current regulations and could deal with such Banking issues, current cry off from taking on new clients as soon as one of the major high street banks is mentioned as an adversary. They do not want to upset the hand that feeds them, as most practices are heavily involved with the major banks in lucrative debt recovery operations these days. But I have found one who has kindly offered to write to the Bank on my beh
  2. The UK Bank in question still “TOTALLY REFUSES” to talk about the Frozen Current Account. The Financial Ombudsman Service complaints service is ONLY interested in cases where the Bank has acted UNLAWFULLY, which they say does not apply in this case. As far as the Financial Ombudsman Service are concerned, they would write to the bank, but if the bank declines to talk to the Ombudsman about the account, then “C’est la vie”, there is nothing they can do about it..!! Currently UK Law gives full immunity from prosecution in a Court of Law to any Financial Institution that can sa
  3. Problem supposedly arises when bank clerk, asks the following questions, on trying to withdraw money from the account: 1. What is the money going to be spent on, that you wish to withdraw from the account? 2. What was the money spent on, that has previously been drawn from the account? 3. Where are the receipts to substantiate the last purchases on this account? On informing the bank clerk, that I do not consider it’s to banks role in life to monitor exactly where/why/how and what customers do with their own money, I have ended up with a suspended account. Alternati
  4. Any ideas to help find a resolution would be most welcome. How long can the Bank suspend the account without providing justification to the owner of the account?
  5. It's a private UK current account........ a UK chaps transfer took place between two UK BANKS.... on the current account statement the transaction is shown as an INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTION.... this is incorrect and in error...... i therefore suspect they are trying to investigate an International Money laundering [problem] or whatever they think the INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTION entails..!! Where do i go for help when the Bank refuses to talk to me about the Frozen account..??
  6. Most Likely the Bank suspects Money Laundering, as were previously asking questions regarding “International Transactions” which was how a UK to UK CHAPS Transfer ended up recorded on the relevant online current account statement. What recourse does one have if the Bank refuses to discuss the matter? Who does one contact in the UK to try to find out if indeed a Legal investigation is taking place?
  7. SUBJECT: FROZEN UK BANK ACCOUNT A UK Bank Current Account has been frozen by one of the "Big Five" UK National Banks. Where can I go to get information regarding rectifying such an incident and/or compelling the bank to justify their actions / release the money? Issues applicable to this case: 1) UK National Bank. 2) Bank Freezes customers UK current account. 3) Bank refuses to explain the reason why account is suspended. 4) Bank Manager Sends letter stating – "unable to enter into further discussion on the matter". The questions I am trying to find answers to are
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