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  1. Hello BF I found my oid thread it's under simmo66 verses abbey don't know how to post a link to my thread sorry i have emailed you regards simmo66:-)
  2. Hi everyone i have been stayed at court for over two years now, i've not heard from the court or abbey so what happens next, any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi I have Abbey bankcharges they have been stayed at court for over 2 years, Iv'e not heard anything from abbey yet don't know what to do next:wink:
  4. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! You have been miss sold i got my first plus loan reset to as if i did not take out the ppi in the firstplace which wiped £10,500 off of my outstanding balance i also got all my ppi payments repaid to me plus 8% interest, and my loan payments went down £79 per month, get over to firstpluscomplaints.co.uk we are a group of people all in the same boat as you,i took my complaint to the ombudsman {it's free} it took me 8 months but i won on one point alone and that was firstplus DID NOT TELL ME THAT I COULD GET CHEAPER AND BETTER COVER ELSEWHERE, so go for it, you will win good luck:) Iv'e not had any problems with firstplus since whooping there but
  5. go for it yesterday i got a letter from the ombudsman and i won my case against first plus my loan was for £34000 my p.p.i was £6,776.20. he stated that first plus have to reset my loan as if i had not taken out the p.p.i. and he also told first plus that they have to pay me £500 in compensation, if they offer you a goodwill gesture don't accept it, the ombudsman stated in his conclusion that the p.p.i policy that i purchased could have been purchased much cheaper elsewhere and first plus did not tell me that so good luck:D
  6. hello i got a full refund of my ppi from egg with 8% interest, all i did was make two phone calls, my policy was sold to me over the phone when i rang up egg to pay my cc bill i told them as i did not ask for the policy i was miss-sold and i gave in to high pressure sales good luck
  7. hello i'm having a bit of a battle with first plus i had an argument with one of their customer i dont care reps today. i believe i was miss-sold ppi totalling £6,776.20 on a loan for £34,000 the horrid man i spoke to today said that he had listened to the tapes and that i was not miss-sold, i understood that i would get all the ppi premium back after 5 years if i did not make a claim, but i was not told that the ppi was front loaded on to the loan he said i was and that single premium policys are not front loaded which the one i have is, i declared that i had stage 0 breast cancer and i thought that meant i was only excluded from breast cancer reoccurance cover i now understand after my conversation with the first plus rep today im not covered for any cancer at all but he still insists that i was not miss-sold he even said to me today that i did not have breast cancer and that i had pre cancer when i informed him that i have had my breast removed and that my surgeon did not cut my right breast off for fun, i informed him that stage 0 cancer means that it has not spread not that its not cancer he had the cheek to tell me he had medical training sorry im still angry any way as a goodwill gesture he is offering me £3000 to go away what do i do any advice would be much appreciated oh ive allready got the fos on the case:confused::confused: [[email protected]?subject=Reporting post http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showpost.html?p=19241213][/email]
  8. thankyou for your help i will ring the court tomorrow:D Dawn
  9. hi sue i will use the poc wording on this site but do i hand it in with my court bundle? simmo66
  10. 1.Between 29th march 2001 and the 15th december 2006 the Defendant debited numerous charges from the claimants account 2. The charges are an unfair penalty under the unfair terms in consumer contracts regulations 1999, because they are a disproportionately high sum in compensation compared to the cost of the purported breach 3. Under the law of penalties the charges are an unlawfull extravagant penalty 4. Under the county courts act the claimant is entitled to interest of 8% per annum from the date they were deprived of the money.This totals £330.67 accruing at the daily rate of 0.021% untill judgement or payment 5. the claimant asks the court to enter judgement in their favour for £1889.05 plus interest totaling £2220.17 this is what i filed on my mcol the dates and amounts have been amended because i was claiming over six years abbey were sent an amended schedule of charges on the 22nd july 2007
  11. i sent to abbey a copy of all my bank charges i used the interest calculator from money saving expert.com website it states the day of the charge and the interest to date. isimmo66:D
  12. help needed please just recieved a letter from bow county court Order 1.The action be stayed untill such time as the claimant files and serves a properly particularised claim identifying .the bank account .the period during which the said bank charges were incurred .and by reference to a schedule itemising the said charges which are to be reclaimed .and the basis upon which the claimant alleged the charges are recoverable from the defendant 2. should the claimant fail to file and serve the aforesaid particulars by 4 pm 10th october 2007 then the claim shall be struck out without further order 2. This order being made on the courts own initiative either party may apply to vary or set aside the same upon lodging such application at court within 7 days of the date of service of this order. does this mean that i can fire up my printer and do my 3 court bundles and deliver by hand one to court and one to shabby, i also have health issues so will it help to get the case heard if i write to the court about my further surgery need for my breast cancer and how i would like to get this over and done with and concentrate on getting better HELP ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE Thankyou simmo66:D
  13. ahh thats sweet bless my hubby just saw all the nude bods on the beach he did not see me till it was time to pay the bill simmo66:D
  14. ive just come back from lanzarote while i was there myself, hubby and my teenage angel went for a chinese on the sea front in playa blanca, the meal was really good while tucking into my first ever duck pancake (yum) i looked up and who was before me none other than nick leeson the chap who brought down barings bank, his wife was wearing an awfull lot of very expensive chopard jewellery.and when we were flying home on sunday night i went through security behind nasser hussein the cricketer, so this holiday i spotted on infamous person and one famous person simmo66 :D who have you spotted on holiday ?
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