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  1. I did think of raising a PayPal dispute. Wondered if there is any legislation which trumps the sellers terms
  2. My partner paid for it but I believe her paypal is linked to take funds direct from her current account.
  3. Hi Citizen, You would like to think so but they have no intention, simply referred me to their terms and told me to read them. I was prepared to be reasonable about it but I'm really annoyed now. They haven't even offered to refund the express delivery supplement. Not impressed by them.
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks for the advice. Regarding the distance selling regulations I don't think this applies as the item was made specifically for me and is therefore excluded. My issue is with the courier company but my contract is with the seller who specified this courier. Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, I wonder if anyone can provide me with some advice regarding an issue I have with an online vendor. The company sells bespoke canvasses where you specify what is printed on the canvass. The one I ordered for example was for my mothers 80th birthday and had her date of birth, names of grandkids etc. We had struggled to find a suitable gift for my mother and this seemed ideal especially as we were running out of time and the website stated the following regarding delivery: "We have 2 shipping options you can select from at Checkout. The first is St
  6. I can see that my action may seem hypocritical however I think you need to consider the bigger picture. I have been hounded by HFC for nearly 6 years over a debt which was not signed for by me, the loan documentation was removed from the branch and signed off site and the whole loan process was littered with errors. The bank's only real argument in their favour was the loan was paid to my joint account which I was unaware of. I wanted them to take me to court years ago so I could have closure but HFC never had the bottle to take that step so I have been left in limbo until the debt became s
  7. Thanks Broke... My understanding is that not all correspondance is an acknowledgement of the debt. If the letter is simply to contest the debt for example this cannot be considered an acknowledgement. HFC have spoken to the police but as my ex was not prosucted due to lack of evidence they will not drop the case. However they don't seem to want to risk taking me to court and I don't have the funds available to take an action against them so we are in stalemate. I would love to have my time in court as the whole loan application process is riddled with errors. So stat barred is the only ro
  8. My understanding is that as the debt is statute barred on 11th May it will be irrelevant if I recognise the debt or not they simply cannot recover the funds. Bearing in mind that HFC have never recognised my claims of fraud. As what repayments were made appeared to come from my funds then I believed that a claim may be made,
  9. Hi, Even though what payments were made came out of a joint account? Thanks
  10. Hi Everyone, After 6 years of arguments with HFC/Household bank I am now a week away from my 6 years anniversary since last payment was made. The debt was fradulently taken out by my ex-wife which had been proven by the police at the time but HFC rejected this stance as the money went through a bank account I had access to. In December 2011 they issued a default notice against me, although this doesn't appear on my credit file. In response to the default notice I sent them a recorded letter demanding they answer 5 key questions before proceeding further. However the n
  11. Hi dbabylon, Its an unsecured loan of £25,000 I have reported the ex to the police and they have confirmed that I didnt sign the forms but had insufficient evidence to prosecute her. HFC's stance is that the money was paid into an account I could access and that they had conversations with me on the phone. I have explained to them that my ex went out of her way to cover her tracks including having our mail redirected. As for the phone calls they simply weren't me, their system shows that they were discussing the loan with my wife when we were married and she continued to discuss i
  12. Hi Andy, Yes they're whole claims process seems flawed but I am no expert. I sent a SAR in some time ago, when looking through the credit documentation there are some real anomolies: The signatures are not mine, they are a reasonable forgery by my ex wife. The police have been involved and confirmed that they are not mine On the Managers Checklist there is a section which says "I confirm the customer is happy with the loan provided, has signed all the paperwork provided and left the branch with their documents on....." the date has not been entered and the form is unsigned T
  13. Hi Andy, Does that mean even if the loan docs were then signed off the premesis and returned I'm out of luck? Cheers P
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