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  1. My claim was for just over £3,000. I know what you mean about confidentiality. We had just paid loan off in bulk and once that had gone through we were closing the account which was pobably on our file. i think in light of what is going on we will sign
  2. Hi I just thought you might be interested I issued my claim at court on 24th July which was served on 31st July and I received a letter from Martineau & Johnson to say they will settle in full with interest and court fee for the last 6 years which will be debited to my business account providing I agree confidentiality and that its a final settlement. This should be ok as loan cleared on account and no overdraft is in place. I only had £150.00 plus interest to claim beyond 6 years and I figured it would be worth waivering for quick settlement. Any one see any reason why I shouldn't settle. Ermie. Can now use one of these
  3. I just though I would update my thread for all those who have followed it. On 24th July I issued my claim against LLoyds which was served on the 31st July. I recived a letter from Martineau Johnson on 14th August offering to settle in full for last 6 years plus interest and court fee. Money not in the bank yet but still very hopeful. I hope this inspires others. Ermie
  4. Sorry Peter Anderson must have confused you, I have statments just T&C I don't have. Ermie
  5. Fantastic link PeterAnderson finaly found what I was looking for although it doesn't have the year I want, at least I can stop looking. Went into branch to-day to request T&C again and they put me through to bank manager in Birmingham who informed that although I'm a signatory on account I can't request info like that. Explained that Lloyds customer service lady infront of me had letter signed by my husband requesting info and he then told me he didn't know what I meant by T&C. I explained and he then informed that because my account had been opened longer than 6 years that the information I was requesting had probably been destroyed. I assured him it was probably in an archive somewhere. He then told me he would request info but couldn't promise anything. I don't think I will hold my breath. I have decided to proceed to court stage without them as I have been advised I can request them "pursuant to CPR Pre-Action Protocol 4.6©" here's hoping Ermie
  6. Photoman & Peter Anderson sorry for harping on about T&C but I have looked in CAG library and Wiki site & can still find nothing to do with T&C. Found Wiki site very useful out of interest has anyone gone and sat in on small claims court and more importantly one to do with bank charges?? Love the reference to cricket made me laugh!! Ermie
  7. Not changed the account since i opened it in 2000 so will try and get hold of them. I think I will go onto final stage and submit to court. I was reluctant to do this without T&C because I was under the impression that those that had failed had done so because they did not have them. Ermie
  8. Thanks Steven will do. Do I need T & C for every year since I opened account or just the year I opened them? Ermie
  9. Celicaman & Photoman thanks for replies. I have no T&C yet, my account was opened in Oct 2000 am I right in thinking that I need T&C for every year? I will have a look in the library but I seem unable to find any at all. I think I must be looking in the wrong place. I am going to try my branch again. I'm hoping if I annoy them too much they will just give them to me so I go away. I had a look on Lloyds web site but could not find them. My computer keeps disconnecting as well which is not making this very easy. Ermie
  10. Hi I don't know if anyone can help but would like to proceed to court stage but I am reluctant without T&C. I have a business account with LLoyds Oct 2000. I have heard that those that have failed with their claims have done so because they have no T&C. I have asked my bank but funnily enough there was no-one in the business sector there the day I went in however will try again. Ermie
  11. Hi I'm trying to get T&C for LLoyds business account Oct 2000 I have looked all over various sights to no avail can someone point me in the right direction??? Desperate to go onto court stage but am reluctant to do so without T&C. Ermie
  12. Can anyone help i am desperate to go onto my final court stage but do not have terms and conditions for Lloyds business account Oct 2000. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have tried getting them from Lloyds and visited my branch last week but there was no-one in the business section that could help me surprise surprise. I am reluctant to go onto the final stage without these as I hear that those that have failed have done so because they have not had terms and conditions?? Please help.
  13. Thanks Celicaman, what about T&C, this is my biggest concern as I don't have them and I have just had a second trip to my branch at LLoyds to ask for them and funnily enough there was no-one in the business sector as they were all at a meeting they have taken all my details and will send something through. I'll believe that when I see it. Ermie
  14. I'm at the final stage and before going down the court route I've been doing a fair amount of reading and I wonder if anyone can help with terms and conditions to LLoyds business account Oct 2000 I have looked on the T&C link but can't find the information. I have asked LLoyds for it but they sent me through a business application pack (like I need one of those). I am also unsure as to what the court bundle will involve and I am reluctant to comit myself to a court date if I don't have all the information available to me. Also as a signatory on my husbands account can I go to court instead of him?? All advice gratefully received. Ermie
  15. Trying to trace terms and conditions for LLoyds business account sole trader Oct 2000 if anyone can help. I have had an interesting conversation with LLoyds as I figured there was no harm in asking them for my terms and conditions and they did not know what I was talking about. Someone phoned us back and it will be interesting to see what they send through. I am going to post a request on the business link as well.
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