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  1. Tierisch,


    Ok... I am guessing not on this one, have MBNA issued a Default Notice??

    If the answer is no then also request it when you send the CCA.

    Link will then go quiet for a while a suspect.


    Do not contact Link by phone only written communication.

    Time scales for CCA 12+2 working days then one calender month.

    No response after this Link are in default and can only enforce the debt through the Courts whereby they will have to produce the ORIGINAL Agreement.


    Should no agreement be produced then the debt is not enforceable.

    This is very important if you are a homeowner.


    Regards Cashin

  2. Tierisch,


    The letter from MBNA did they give correct account number in the letter they sent regarding the sale of the debt to Link-Financial.

    It appears that the common practice for MBNA is to issue a random number.


    If this is the case Link-Financial have no grounds to ask you for payment, and in any case if Link-Financial are unable to supply copy of original Agreement the debt is unenforcable until such time as a copy is produced.


    I suggest you CCA Link-Financial not MBNA as MBNA will comply if the debt is post 2002.

    MBNA also on sale of accounts to DCA usually delete customer records so this can make it very hard for Link to obtain copies of origional doc`s.





  3. Pandora,


    I had the same enforcement notice, just sat on it for a week or so. Then they sent a Default Notice, now I CCA request Lloyds, times up soon and all is quite. I believe they will default and accept my offer of £5.00 per month. Then I will go for refund of bank charges.

    Don't panic Pandora, just play the game and watch your time scales. I am enjoying the game. Just one thing though set yourself up a basic account at another bank so no transactions go through Lloyds. Also don't phone them only communicate in writing. My creditors dont have my phone number and it is realy grinding them down as they dont like replying to my correspondance.





  4. Hi Vikkib,


    Sorry yo jump in, but have you been in contact with the CCCS Consumer Credit Counseling Service. If so you should have been given a client No, NEXT like dealing with people who have this client No. When I contacted NEXT and informed them I was dealing with the CCCS NEXT accepted an offer of £5.00 per month and all interest and charges were frozen.

    I suggest you try this first and save the CCA request for a later date.

    A lot of companies will provide your CCA request, but if you wait until the Default Notice is sent, then they instruct a DCA (Debt Collecting Agent)you should then CCA the DCA as in a lot of cases the DCA takes longer to respond and in some cases not at all and will default on your CCA request making the debt in dispute. Therefore no action can be taken until they comply with your CCA request.





  5. Tedsbird,


    Dont panic, if your hard skined hold out with these clients, just pay token payment £1.00 per month. Dont contact them by phone only by written communication.


    They will eventually pass on to DCA at this point CCA the DCA and wait.

    Dont CCA MBNA they will most likely reply.


    Wait for 12+2 days then DCA are in default and the debt is not enforcable until CCA request is complied with.



  6. Hi everyone,


    Sorry to jump in, but I have had dealings with RMA.


    They do back off if you get agressive by letter, especially if you have not had instructions by thr origional creditor and you tell them so in no uncertain terms. Also they do not like CCA requests they cannot usually produce the goods.


    Look out for the post card from them about calling, its a joke they dont even put the date they will be calling just the day and time.....


    You will then find the debt will be refered to another DCA


    Cashin:D :)

  7. Hi everyone,


    Thanks for your replies, now just trying to establish the uk address for Golbal Vantedge. Their uk address on their correspondance they sent is somewhat vague and not listed at companies house or obtainable via yell.com???? so I am presuming if I use this ???address I might not get a singed receipt for the recorded delivery.


    I guess they do this so you have to phone them. Does anyone have their correct registered uk address please.





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